Busy like a bee!

4 Jun

Where have I been? I’ve been making lots of GREAT scrubs and soaps and I’ve been getting the new web store (Yesssss, new web store) up and running. SO we can have a SUPER SCRUB sale (coming soon)! My fingers are crossed that I have everything the way it should be.


Oh and guess what????? 

I’m SUPER DUPER excited about our new product this:

Activated Charcoal – Clay facial mask

Packed with Coconut Activated Charcoal and 2 kinds of natural clay that make your face do the, *happy dance* I swear your face will really be doing the, *happy dance* (LOL)!

  This facial mask glides onto skin like silk. Leave it there for 5 – 10 minutes and when you rinse it off your skin **POOF**  your pores will instantly look smaller and your face will look brighter!

I’m super excited about the results! 

Can you tell?




Woot Woot, it’s Friday!

19 May

WOOT WOOT!!! Today is Friday!!!!

Are you as excited as I am? I am super duper excited!!!!

This weekend I will be organizing my plan to making scrubs,

lotion bars & my famous Lip Balms( YES, they really are famous!)!!!!!! This is my plan so far…

SUGAR – original LOVE Scrub which is Lavender & then I will also make Orange Creamsicle which is orange and vanilla,

DEAD SEA SALT (Salted Margarita),


WHIPPED FOAMING (not sure what scents yet)

Lotion Bars (by by Buggie & unscented)

Lip Balm (always unscented but THE BEST lip balm you’ll ever try I pinky swear)

Jersey Shore, this is how I do it….

24 Apr

I know many of you are dying to know how I make the ever popular,


So I figured what the heck why not just show you how I make it.

Check this out:

Boy, it really has been a loooooong time!

19 Apr

Today I decided to make a batch of


It’s a soap that smells exactly like:

The Jersey Shore (even looks like the ocean and has shells)

 if you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about -and if you haven’t THINK Hawaiian Tropics.

I have been making soap for 10 years (couldn’t make it for 2 1/2)I figured it would be like riding a bike…HA, the joke was one meeeeeeee…..

Never in a million years

 would I have thought I would have encountered SO many problems. —

(from now on: notes, lots of notes, and I mean lots of very, very, very detailed notes.)

I have written many notes that I thought were great the only problem is they’re on the first maybe second batch and then I never added it to the computer software. Dumb Dumb Dumb. But a lesson learned!

Here’s the flopped soap in the mold.

The next day when I went to go and check and this guy it was not  a happy feeling. It was the complete opposite. It was the feeling of OH MY!

Here is the flopped soap out of the mold.

It may not look that bad in the pic but believe me, It’s AWFUL! Just AWFUL! But that is okay because I remembered how I used to do it!!!!

Wish me luck on my second batch!

Are you ready to have some fun?

7 Apr


making and selling soap and bath products.

And now I get to have great discussions with you on FB. 

COME on over and join

PS: I Love Soap Co Group-ie page! Click here

It’s going to be a lot of FUN!!!!!

It’s time for a……

11 Mar

Well it’s been weeks since I’ve made and taken orders for soap. Just the other day when I was working in the yard pulling out vines pricky vines with large,large,large thorns (ouch!) I was thinking I need to give some updates because I’m sure everyone wants to know whats going on.

I have been faithfully turning and checking on the batches of soap. I want to make sure when you receive your orders that the soap is that long lasting bar you remember. I want to make sure you are 100% happy. Because if you’re not happy either am I ❤

Drum roll please!!!!!

The soap should be done and ready to ship the:

week of April 10th!

In the meantime if you have ANY questions you know you can always FB message me or Email me @ psilovesoapco@gmail.com

Whipped *LOVE Butta has arrived!!!

17 Feb

Woo-hoo what a great way to end the week! Making and listing in Etsy the famous Whipped LOVE Butta! I can’t believe I haven’t made this in like forever. I SOOOOO forgot how moisturizing and non-greasy it is.


My fingers have been dry and cracking. As a matter of fact this morning my finger split open.  SO, after I was done making the BUTTA (because I wear gloves while I’m making it) I took the little that was left in the bowl and rubbed it into my fingers. I swear the finger that split open this morning feels and looks 100% better. It’s probably a fluke but I’m amazed at the difference with my hands and fingers.

And this time I made a new scent Lavender/Citrus that I am telling you I could smell ALL day and ALL night it’s that good! It’s a clean fresh scent. I could eat it it smells THAT good!

***Make note to myself NEVER stop making the Butta the *LOVE Butta!***

Woo-hoo, Valentine’s Day & Updates!!!!

14 Feb


Oh, don’t you  just LOVE the day of LOVE! I mean really is there anything better? I don’t think so and btw no you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate. It’s a day to show everyone you know (even complete strangers) how them being in your presence matters. 

For me getting up Valentines morning  and seeing my soap creations works for me. Because as many of you know I’m  a positive please-er type of gu-rl. I love to make people feel good. And with my soaps as they lay there curing on the racks I know that when customers receive the bars they will be thrilled! AND to tell you the truth that makes my ❤ SMILE!

This is also a day for some updates! So here I go…..

You already know LOVE Scrub, First Snow, FRESH,  Drunken Stupor (special order) are SOLD OUT! There are going to be some happy customers just look at them!










Black Raspberry Vanilla (1 jar left click on the pic if you’d like to purchase)


Avocado- Argan Facial Bars w/ Lavender Essential Oil PRE-Order

(Only 8 left click on pic if you’d like to pre-order)


LOVE MY feet Callus Soap Pre-Order (ONLY 2 left to pre-order click the pic)


AND the final update is,

I will be making LOVE Butta once again! CUSTOMER FAVORITE for helping them with dry skin. AND I’ll also be making Oatmeal & Honey Facial Soap. Again another CUSTOMER FAVORITE!

Keep an eye on the ETSY SHOP!

AND if you’re dying for me to make something feel free to contact me OR leave a comment down below 🙂

Okay well I think I’ve given a pretty good update! Thanks as always for being here!!!!! ❤


2 Feb

O’ My I just cannot wait until tomorrow for my next soaping shipment! I swear it feels like I’m waiting for Santa to come. Except there is No Santa just a big box of supplies..

YES!!!!!! So excited!!!

I just cannot wait! But I have to wait 😦


SO what’s going to be on the Soaping Board? These will be on the  soaping board:

FIRST SNOW (SOLD OUT) – I can see those SMILES already they’re SO big!

DRUNKEN STUPOR (SOLD OUT -special order)

Black Raspberry Vanilla WHIPPED Scrub (5 left)

Avocado Lavender Facial Bars

LOVE MY FEET Bars (Has fine pumice to remove calluses and a BEST seller!)

I just can’t wait!!!! Can you?

31 Jan


What’s your guess? ❤ to see comments below!