The BEST moisturizing Facial/Body bar EVER!!!

18 Nov

SoapBoxCan you believe that the winter’s almost here! I can’t. You know what comes with the winter? Heat. And what comes from the heat? Dry skin and do you know why? because

Dry heat = Dry skin


You know what the BEST cure for dry skin is? It’s a bar of my customer *Top Rated moisturizing soap.

This soap recipe is extremely moisturizing and can be used as a Facial bar or a body bar.

Okay, enough with my babbling lets get to the recipe:


( This recipe is for a 2.5 lb batch)


run this and any recipe

through a LYE CALCULATOR!!

& if you’ve never made a batch please read this.

Coconut Oil   363g     (32%)

Olive Oil          340g    (30%)

Hemp Oil        272g     (24%)

Shea Butter    108g    (9.5%)

Castor Oil        34g       (3%)

Beeswax           17g       (1.5%)

Lye (sodium hydroxide) 159g

Mix together Buttermilk 250g  Distilled water 141g then freeze to slushy stage!

As always if you have ANY questions give me a shout🙂

Happy Soaping!!!



YES or NO to Soap Recipes?

11 Nov

Wow, has it been a long time. I’ve been sort of relocated. I’m not able to create any soaps (which I’m dying to do) as of yet. I have to say I miss sharing ALL of my creations and/or soap recipes with you.


Can you answer this for me…..

**Should I start posting my

tried & true recipes?**

These would be my own created recipes that I know my customers love!






Well here it is……

23 Dec

This has not been easy but  I made the Major Announcement a few weeks ago.

But for those of you that don’t know here’s the link to explain.

Major Announcement

I hope to get soaping sooner than later!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & May each of you have the BEST New Year ever ::

BIG Announcement coming JANUARY 1st!

2 Dec

Ahhhh, it’s already December 2nd. How did that happen? I mean really has does time fly by that quickly?

Anyway, life has gotten really stressful in a exciting & great way. Sometimes, we have to make the hardest decisions in order to move forward with the next chapter in our lives.


Come JANUARY 1st I’ll have a HUGE announcement!



HUGE day tomorrow, the day after and the day after that!

19 Nov

 I’m getting ready for 3 BIG days in a row!

Day 1:  November 20 (tomorrow)

The Mountain Lakes Club


10am to 3pm


6pm to 10pm

Where there will be high end crafter’s/products.  I have to say I’m a bit nervous that I’ll be with the best of the best AND I have to be honest that I secretly chuckle at the thought of P.S. I Love Soap Co. being one of them. I feel so honored! So, if you live anywhere near North Jersey particularly:

Mountain Lakes: 

(it should be a great show & great time!)



Join us at the Mountain Lakes Holiday Boutique on Thursday, November 20th at The Mountain Lakes Club, 18 Lake Drive, Mountain Lakes. I and 30 other vendors will be offering unique merchandise that is perfect for your holiday gift needs.

Daytime shopping hours are 10am-3pm for a low $5 admission price. We amp up the festive fun for the evening hours, so bring a couple of friends and make it a ladies night out!

From 6-10 pm, shop, wine and dine with us as you enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, appetizers and a raffle ticket included in the $20.00 admission. Admission is payable at the door.  All proceeds benefit the community grants program of the Town Club of Mountain Lakes.

Day 2:  November 21 (Friday)

Rockaway Valley School Harvest Festival

Hours 3:30pm to 8pm


It’s never too early to plan for the holidays! This season, consider Rockaway Valley School’s Class of 2015’s Harvest Festival Boutique as your shopping destination and save the date for Friday, November 21st for our newly revamped Holiday Boutique! The one-day only event will feature a wide array of vendors offering everything from apparel and jewelry to handmade wares and Food & Seasonal Treats—there’s something for everyone on your list! Admission is free and open to the public, and the proceeds from all sales directly support The RVS Class of 2015 trip to Washington DC.


Day 3 November 21 (Saturday)

Valleyview Middle School

Hours: 9:45am to 3pm


Holiday shopping at it’s very best! With over 30 vendors you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list! Plus, with a  raffle of over 70 prizes you’re sure to win!


And the best  is:

ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE VALLEYVIEW PTA: to help fund class trips, awards, scholarships and classroom equipment


Hope to see you there!


Happiness = Getting rid of SOAP SCUM!

17 Nov

I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy!! Being the Soapmaker that I am I’m always using lots of Soap.

What comes with SOAP?


That dreaded chalk like substance that you just can’t get off of the tile, shower doors or the shower floor. It’s awful well I thought it was awful until I found Fabulessly and their fantastic tutorial about removing Soap Scum with 3 ingredients. I have to say I was skeptical but I figured it was all of 3 ingredients and a bit of my time. So, I tried it and guess what? It Works it really works! I’m  so excited I just have to tell everyone!

If I would have known how well it would work I would have taken before & after pics. Even the hubby noticed how clean and let me say Shinny the shower floor was. And the best part is you spray and walk away for about a half an hour, then come back and wipe it down. That’s it!

So you ask, what’s the recipe?

You can click here to see the original blog post  from Fabulessly  or keep reading and I share their recipe!


1 cup of Vinegar mixed w/ 1 tbsp of cornstarch heated in the microwave for approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Add 2 tbsp of liquid dish soap to a sprayer bottle.

Then pour the vinegar-cornstarch solution to the sprayer bottle. Shake. Now you’re ready to spray and get rid of that dreaded SCUM!

Don’t forget to tell everyone even your cleaning person!

Happy November 1st!

1 Nov

I just can not believe how time fly’s!


I’ve been extremely busy with the soap business and my personal life. And I just realized at this very moment (well, probably  ten minutes ago) that it’s November 1st! It’s November 1st and I haven’t written a post in like forever.

So I started thinking what could I share with you that would be a wealth of information.  AND Boom I remembered reading this awesome blog post about *ORGANIC and what that means written by The Sirona Springs Blog. You can read the post here. You need to go and read this post! Ruth Esteves really tells you everything you need to know when it comes to ORGANIC and soap products! She is the owner of Sirona Springs onlne and the co-owner of The Nova studio where she gets to teach what she loves to do.

Anyway, I hope you do go and read her post about what ORGANIC really means!

Primitive Bat Halloween Hanger Giveaway

10 Sep

LOOK a Halloween giveaway!


Bat Giveaway photo

Happy Friday everyone! Can’t believe another week has passed us by already…

I am happy to announce my first ever giveaway for this awesome little bat hanger, a Chesnut Junction pattern and a favorite with customers….very simple to enter. Just follow this link to my facebook page, like my page, comment, and share. The winner will be chosen on Monday September 15th.

Hope that everyone has a blessed weekend!

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I (P.S. I Love Soap Co.) made the NEWS!

11 Jun

The beginning of the Farmers Market has begun. It’s a brand new year and this year we’re decided to do two markets. The Boonton Farmers Market – every Sat between 8:30 & 2 and the Pequannock Farmers Market – every Thursday between 2 & 7. It’s already been a lot of fun. I Love when customers come right up to the table look around and say ” okay, what’s new?” It just makes my day……

But, not only have the Farmers Markets opened but The Daily Record (local newspaper) did an awesome article about my journey  and my soaps! If you want to know why and how my business happened,   You can see the article here.

I’ve been incredibly busy and inspired this year in a great way! What inspires you?

Why using Lanolin in Soap ROCKS! for dry skin…..

22 May

The Boonton Farmers Market  is starting June 7th, 2014. So, you know what I’m doing…I’m getting ready! This will be our third year. Wow, did I just say that? yes I did. I love being at the market. There are lots of great people!

Sometimes those people (our customers) give us reasons why they buy the soap they buy. There is one customer that gave me a lesson…..The first time she (I’ll call her Mary) Mary came to the table she asked if I had any Lanolin soaps.  Mary told me nothing beats Lanolin soap for dry skin and she won’t use any other kind. Thank God, I did have  some lanolin soaps that day because  she’s been buying them ever since.

Even though I had made some Lanolin Soaps I hadn’t really tested them out. To tell you the truth it wasn’t until recently when I had made some Lip Balms with a bit off lanolin in them. I had a test panel and one of the Testers told me that the lip balm was the best she’s Ever used. She went on to say that it stays on All Day and it moisturizes her lips like no other Lip Balm out there. (she’s a true Lip Balmer) That really peeked my interest.

So, what is Lanolin exactly and why does it Rock?

Well, I found out  it’s a waxy substance which can be called Wool Wax, Wool Grease or Wool Fat. It’s extracted from Sheep Wool….(don’t worry the sheep is not harmed in any way)


Eid_Sheep-coloredThere are chemical similarities between lanolin and human skin. AND it prevents moisture loss and it re-hydrates! Now, that ROCKS!!!!

No wonder that Mary and the Lip Balm Tester LOVE the products with Lanolin. No wonder Mary will only use Lanolin Soaps!

Because Lanolin is chemically similar to human skin it makes it perfect for Soaps, lotions and skincare products! You can READ more about Lanolin at

****Please be advised some people are allergic to Lanolin****