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What is the benefit of Dead Sea Salt in Soap?

25 Jan

First, Do you know what the Dead Sea is?  It’s the lowest place on earth. Can you imagine?  It’s about 400 meters or 1/4 mile below sea level. That’s what I said “1/4 mile below sea level.”
The most fascinating fact to me is that you cannot sink in the Dead Sea. Literally it is not possible. Why you ask? The answer is the salt content. The salt content  is so high that nothing can live in it. There is no plant or animal life at all. Hence, the name the Dead Sea. It’s water and lots of salt, Dead Sea Salt. Now, that you know a little about the Dead Sea let me tell you some benefits.

The Dead Sea has more than 21 minerals. That are all beneficial and therapeutic. These minerals have been known to help with acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, skin aging, & skin allergies.

If you want to feel relaxed. I suggest getting some Dead Sea salts and add them to your bath. Even better grab a bar of Dead Sea Salt soap. You’ll notice a difference with your skin in no time at all. If you have any dry patches, they’ll be gone. You skin will feel the benefits of Dead Sea Salt after the first use.


Ever wondered How To Make Milk Soap?

17 Jan

In these past few years soap making has become more popular. Soap-makers are adding virtually anything to soap. Salt, oatmeal, poppy seeds and I’ve even seen bananas. Could you imagine people from back in the day? They’d probably have a heart attack (I’m trying to be funny)…..

But some things haven’t changed, for instance people still make milk soap. I think there is absolutely nothing better than a good bar of old-fashioned Milk Soap. It nourishes the skin in ways other soaps can’t. There is also variety with goat, sheep and cow.

Imagine a nice bar of milk soap with colloidal oatmeal added to it. Talk about your skin being pampered. Just picture it!
You take a bar of Milk Soap and go over your skin. While your doing that your Skin is Saying “AH!!!!! That Feels Good

The best part to milk soap is it’s so easy to make. You still use oils & butters the exact way that you would with your regular soap recipe. The only difference is you will add milk instead of your liquid.

I have learned that the best thing you can do is Freeze the Milk first. Why? Well, it’s just easier to work with. Trust me you want to Freeze the milk. Then do as you normally except you will be using frozen milk. Remember to follow all the safety guidelines for Soap Making.  Now you know how to make Milk Soap!

My first post on my New blog…..

9 Jan

Whew! I can’t believe that the New Year is here! and that it’s been here for what (2weeks) already. Wow-How time fly’s.

Did you ever have a dream? A dream so intense you just couldn’t stand it? Well, I have one of those dreams.

It’s a dream that every person can experience the feel of “real” soap on there skin. Why? Because it’s sooooooo much better than bar soap you get from the store.

Think of French fries. Now picture a Fast Food French Fry and picture a Homemade French Fry. Which one would you rather have? I’m going to take a “huge” guess that it would be the Homemade French Fry.

Why? Because Homemade is so much better isn’t it? It’s the same for “Homemade Soap.” Homemade Soap is awesome and my Goal for the year is to have every person become a believer!

This blog is going to be a place where I can gather my thoughts and share with as many people as I can my knowledge of “Homemade Soap.”