My first post on my New blog…..

9 Jan

Whew! I can’t believe that the New Year is here! and that it’s been here for what (2weeks) already. Wow-How time fly’s.

Did you ever have a dream? A dream so intense you just couldn’t stand it? Well, I have one of those dreams.

It’s a dream that every person can experience the feel of “real” soap on there skin. Why? Because it’s sooooooo much better than bar soap you get from the store.

Think of French fries. Now picture a Fast Food French Fry and picture a Homemade French Fry. Which one would you rather have? I’m going to take a “huge” guess that it would be the Homemade French Fry.

Why? Because Homemade is so much better isn’t it? It’s the same for “Homemade Soap.” Homemade Soap is awesome and my Goal for the year is to have every person become a believer!

This blog is going to be a place where I can gather my thoughts and share with as many people as I can my knowledge of “Homemade Soap.”

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