Here’s a question I get asked a lot…..Why Should I use Handmade Soap?

3 Feb

The answer is pretty simple. First off, anything is better handmade. I mean think about, really think. Would you rather have bread in a package or would you rather have “fresh” bread out of the oven? To me it’s the same with soap. It’s like comparing apples and banana’s…..You can’t.

So, back to that question. Why should you use handmade soap. Well for starters it has glycerin. See, when you have a bar of handmade soap the glycerin is not removed. Grocery store soap though they remove the glycerin. That’s why if you have dry skin it’s the worst type of soap to be using.

Plus, when you have a bar of handmade soap the soap maker usually super-fats the soap. What does that mean? Well, they leave extra oils in the finished product. That way your skin is always moisturized. My soaps are between 5% and 7% superfatted.

The best part is you have a wide variety of soaps. You can get goat milk, sea salt, tea and countless others…..Why should I use handmade soap because it’s Awesome~!


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