Have I gone over, the equipment needed for soap making?

17 Feb

I don’t think I have. So, what equipment is needed to make soap? I know there are lots of answers out there. The net is full of all kinds of answers. I guess because everyone has there own way of doing things…..

Here’s my list of equipment needed for soap making. You can also check this site out!

First safety!

1. Safety Goggles

2. Gloves ( I use chemical resistant ones)

3. Long sleeves – a lab coat works wonders

4. A Scale (a digital that measures in grams)

5. Measuring cups ( I use a variety of sizes from 1 cup to 8 cups)

6. Measuring spoons ( Sometimes I use a couple of sets depending on which soap I’m making)

7. Stainless Steel pots (make sure they are stainless steel or something the lye will not eat through)

8. Spatulas (at least 3)

9. Plastic Slotted Spoons
10. Stick Blender (this helps a lot)

11. Molds

12. Fabric softener Sheets (I use these to stop static cling with the lye. I go around the top of the jar of lye)

Hummm Did I forget anything? I probably have. I’m hoping that I haven’t. But, if I forget something I’ll be back to update the equipment needed for soap making!


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