Can you Make a Soap Band using Microsoft Word?

9 Mar





Well, this week I was on a search.  What kind of search, you ask? O’ a search to find out how to make a soap band using Microsoft word…Not Microsoft  publisher just good ole’ word. To tell you the truth it was not as easy as I thought it would be…..

I searched and searched and searched… all over the internet. Trying to find out the easiest way to make a soap band using Microsoft word. Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to make a soap band with Microsoft Word? Maybe I am. I’m not as savvy as I’d like to be with computer programs…..

I actually thought I was loosing my mind. I kept thinking to myself everyone makes these soap bands. How hard can it be?  Why? Am I having sooooooo much trouble.

Okay, so halfway through the week…..I had someone show me. Dah! Is all I can say. It is super simple and I can’t believe I didn’t know how to do it to begin with.

But, If you are like me pulling your hair out. Stop right now and keep reading……..

Okay, first things first.

1. Open a New Word Document.

2. Go to the Page Layout Button and hit Orientation and switch to Landscape.

3. Then Go to Margins – Then scroll to the bottom and hit Custom Margins.

4. Set margins (you can set these to what you want) this is what I did…
Top 3”
Bottom 1”
Left .63
Right .63

5. Find the Insert button and click on it.
6. Then click on table. Then click on insert table. Then you’ll need to put how many rows and columns. This is what I used….

Row 1
Columns 5

Then click ok.

Now, you are set to type your info that you want on your label. You can copy and paste on each column.

Then print!

How easy is that? If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout! I’ll see if I can help……..

P.S. By the way you can change the colors if you want. Once you’re done inserting the table notice above table Tools – Design…Just play around. It’s pretty Cool!


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