I can’t believe it’s Thursday! Can you?

12 Apr

Whew! Tomorrow is another day but for right now…..

Did you know Salt soaps are becoming more and more popular every year. Maybe you don’t even know what a Salt Soap is? Well, it’s a bar of soap that is virtually full of salt. Now, maybe you thinking how can that clean your skin?

O’ it can and better than cleaning your skin it exfoliates your skin. What does it mean to exfoliate? Here’s the definition: Exfoliation: To remove (a layer of bark or skin, for example) in flakes or scales; peel.

The Best thing about Salt Soaps are not only do they exfoliate but they also moisturize your skin! Here is a Pink Himalayan Salt Soap that I’ve just listed in my Etsy Shop…….think you might want to try a bar? Click here to purchase a bar.




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