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If you live Near or know someone who lives Near Boonton, NJ……

31 May

First,  let me say happy Thursday. Hasn’t it been a long week? It has for me.

Okay, So in my town tomorrow night there is going to be an Art walk


Savannah Hope Vintage

(4pm to 9pm) will be hosting a Champagne reception to kick off her fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Hope everyone is having a Great Day!:)


Did you know? Mango Seed Butter………

30 May

Happy Wednesday! Hope your day and week are going Well:) Mine’s going somewhat slowly……but isn’t that what happens whenever there is a Holiday?

Did you know?

Mango Seed Butter:

Mango Seed Butter

is  rich in beta carotene, essential fatty acids and skin-loving vitamins that include A & E. It’s  ideal for helping to treat dry skin. It also protects your skin  from future dryness.

“my” Favorite Mechanic Soap recipe!

29 May

Mechanic Soap recipe has to be one of the most searched recipes ever. So, being that it’s after the Holiday….belated THANK YOU to All the military out there! Because without you “WE” wouldn’t be who we are today! THANK YOU!

I’ve decided to post my favorite Mechanic Soap recipe! When I started making soap years my husband needed something for his icky hands. He’s a mechanic and not one of the “new” mechanics that has pretty hands because they use gloves. Nope, he’s the old fashion type.  Down & dirty!


FYI – Did you know you could?



Don’t forget to READ LYE SAFETY and use a LYE CALCULATOR! ALWAYS!!!!!






Here’s the recipe:

Distilled Water 15.2 ounces

Lye 5.6 ounces

Olive Oil 13.3 ounces

Palm Kernel Oil 13.3 Ounces

Mango Seed Butter 6.7 ounces

Shea Butter 6.7 ounces


These you add at trace before sticking into the mold.

Pumice (fine) 1 tablespoon

Loofah (Shredded) 1 tablespoon


If you have any Questions feel FREE to Contact me:) I won’t bite:>




What are the differences between MP, Cp, CPOP & HP?

24 May

When I first started making soap, I thought there was only one way. I was wrong! There are actually many ways to make soap.  Here are the descriptions of the ways in which you can make soap.

MP = Melt & Pour

Melt and pour is just that. You buy the base, melt it and pour it.   Pretty simple that’s why it’s a great choice for the beginner.

CP = Cold Process

You mix a specific amount of Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) & liquids together. Then you let that mixture cool to the correct temperature. You then add it to the oils and/or butters at their correct temperatures.  There is no heat applied.  After properly mixing the lye and oils and/or butters together you place the mixture into a mold.  Then insulate with towels…. The chemical reaction (Saponification) will produce heat when in the mold. After 10 to 24 hours you unmold the soap. The Saponification (the chemical reaction that creates soap) is not complete for another 4 to 6 weeks. Those weeks are called the “curing” period.

CPOP = Cold Process Oven Process

This process is the same as Cold Process instead of insulating you place the mold into a preheated 170 degree oven for one hour. Then you shut the oven off, some people leave the soap in the oven overnight others take it out after a few hours.  Some say there is no need for a “curing” period. I’ve never tried this method but I think I’d still cure it.

HP = Hot Process

This is the process where you “cook” the soap.  You mix the Lye and water together. Then you add the lye solution to the oils and/or butters. In a pot or crock pot. I use a Crock pot. The Temperature does not matter because you’ll be cooking it. After adding the lye solution to the oils and /or butters you bring it to a thick trace w/ your stick blender. Then you turn the crock pot onto low and let it cook. You’ll check on it every now and then to make sure it doesn’t cook over the edge of the pot. When the entire mixture looks like Vaseline it’s time to add fragrance or other additives. Then pack it into molds. When it’s hard it’s done. Unlike CP this soap doesn’t have to cure.

Did you know? Shea Butter……..

22 May

Happy Tuesday! Hope your Week is going well………Mine is pretty good so far.

Anyway, did you know?

Shea Butter:

Shea Butter

is also known as African Butter. It comes from the pits of the African butter tree also known as Karite Nut tree which grows in Africa (Central.) The tree can live as much as 300 years. The butter that’s expelled from the nut is a wonderful moisturizer for hands and feet and Great in a bar of Soap!

It’s Monday Already….Time for a Good Oatmeal & Honey CP Face Soap recipe!

21 May

I had the best weekend! The weather could not have been better. Did a little gardening. Got to see my favorites in the yard…Deer, Turkeys, Chipmunks, hawks and my favorite of all the Hummingbirds! LIFE is GOOD! Hope everyone had a good weekend too!

But, now that the weekend is over and it’s raining. I thought today would be a good day for an  old fashioned Oatmeal Honey CP soap recipe.

This recipe is Great for dry skin. I use it a face soap but you could certainly use it for an all over body soap…….

Don’t forget to “READ” LYE SAFETY and USE a LYE Calculator!

Now onto the recipe!

Distilled Water 345. grams

Sodium Hydroxide 116. grams

Castor Oil 78. grams

Olive Oil 829. grams

Add these at trace…….

3 Tbsp Colloidal Oatmeal – (Add first)

3 Tbsp of Honey – The Honey will make the mixture  heat up! So work quickly and make sure you have completely mixed it in……

If you have any questions please contact me:)

If you don’t feel like making it your self you can buy one of these bars!

ALL NATURAL Oatmeal & Honey Face Soap

Where did the week go?

18 May

I guess Happy TGIF is in order. I’ve been so busy this week trying to get things ready for the Farmers market that my Brain won’t shut off…….

Well, I did manage to make some soap. Here are a few batches that I made this week..

#1 This one was  Just for Fun……

Fun Soap!

#2 Caribbean Thrill

Picture doesn’t do this one justice….

#3 Hawaiian Black Lava Salt Soap (Marbled)

I did make other batches but I just don’t have the time to display them…..Hope everyone has a Great Weekend!

And the winner is……

15 May

This is what I did to get a winner!


1. I wrote all the names down…



2. Then I folded the papers:Image


3. Then I stuck them into a ziploc bag:



4. Had my husband pick one:



5. Then had him hand the paper to me:



6. Then I opened it:



AND THE WINNER IS: Sarah Y. Congratulations!!!!!!!

The 1st Giveway has Ended!!!!

15 May

Thank you everyone for New Likes!

I’ll be back to show how I picked a Winner!

P.S. I Love Soap Co – 1st Giveaway!!!!!! Enter to WIN…..

14 May

That’s what I said. This is my 1st giveaway:) To enter to WIN, simply “LIKE” my Facebook page and leave a comment below the Giveaway post……(you MUST have a USA address.) Be sure to share this with your Friends!!! For new LIKE ONLY!

The winner will receive this:

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt Soap

It’s a Sample Size Bar of my Hawaiian Black Lava Salt Soap weighing 2.5 ounces. The giveaway will end tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6 pm EST. Then I will then draw a winner from the comments (under the giveaway feed) and contact the winner for their Shipping info!

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