Recap of the past week…….Here are the Cold Processed Soaps I listed on Etsy!

6 May

These are the soaps that I listed on Etsy this past week…..

1. This is my Whipped Ginger/Lime soap. It Floats just like that “Well known” Brand name soap that floats……You know the white pure one—-except mine is way better. Mine is detergent free and smells so good. And is Good for your skin!

Whipped Soap Scented w/ Ginger Lime


2. If you’re a person Looking for Palm Free, here’s my Palm Free soap. This is also One of my Favorites! It consists of one oil (coconut oil) and one butter (cocoa butter.) Super moisturizing and very hard bar of soap. O’ and there’s a layer of Hawaiian Black Lava Salt in the middle…..Love it!

Palm Free Soap scented w/ Drakkar


3. Here’s my Swirled Acai Berry & Satin. This is one of those bars that the moment you touch it you fall in love. It’s like silk! Smells incredibly delicious!

Swirled Cold Process Soap scented w/ Acai berry & Satin


4. Salt Bar – Hawaiian Green Jade Salt. This bar looks and smells good enough to eat. It has a light scent of Vanilla Pear! It’s creamy and moisturizing. Doesn’t it look good enough to eat? Yum….

Salt Bar – Hawaiian Green Jade Salt Soap


Hope everyone has been having a Fantastic weekend as I’ve had………Monday is coming too soon. What do you think?


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