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Happy Hump Day! It is Hump Day right?!

27 Jun

This is going to be short and sweet….just listed this in my Etsy Shop! Why not take a PEEK:)

Peppermint Skylines!


I think this is a Great Day to talk about Sea Salt in soap……

26 Jun


Hope everyone is having a Fine week. Mine going fairly well…….No complaints…thank God!

I thought today would be a Great day to talk about Sea Salt in Soap………..Why? because One of the frequently asked questions I get at the Farmers Market is why Salt Bars?

The first few times I gave  “duh” kind of answer and then I realized that wasn’t the answer I should be giving. The answer I should be giving is this:

1) Sea salt contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and iodine which are nourishing to your skin.

2) The salts exfoliate your skin. Which leaves  your skin soft and moisturized.

3) Salts can detoxify your skin.

4) Salts can relax muscles.

*****Dead Sea Salt  is  however different since the Dead Sea has a higher concentration of Salt****

Did you know The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth? Yep…It is! AND the evaporation rate is higher than the water that flows into it.

It’s called the Dead Sea because no life can live it…..No plants, fish, sharks nothing! But, it’s great for people with Skin problems such as eczema.

I like using all kinds of Salts! Here’s what I have listed in My Shop:  Salt Soaps….


Now, onto other things: I’ve started a Soap of the Month Club. It’s a way to sample some of the different kinds of soaps I make. I have a 3, 6 & 12 month club…….

Soap of the Month Club!


Here’s the soap I was making yesterday..Didn’t come quite like I wanted but it’s acceptable:)

White Tea Scented Soap

Happy Monday….It’s a rainy day here in Jersey, Time for the ALL requested Salt Soap Recipe!!!!

25 Jun

Happy Monday!

I have a fully packed day ahead of me..I feel as if I’m lollygagging. I can’t get moving and the “best” part is I need to get moving……..just because I don’t feel like moving doesn’t mean the day isn’t moving…Right? Right…..

So, here are just a few of the things I’ll be doing. I have a few requested soaps that I need to make……and I want to try something different. I have this Great idea in my head but I’m not sure if it will work.

I’ll know more tomorrow and you will too…..That is of coarse if i get my butt into gear!

But for right now here is the All Requested Salt Soap Recipe!

******Make sure you run this recipe (Ican make mistakes too) and any other recipe through a LYE Calculator and read LYE SAFTEY**** Have any questions please contact me:)

Alaea Hawaiian Red Salt Soap!

****Make sure you have your Mold ready to go******


1 1/2 pounds Alaea Hawaiian Red Salt

Distilled Water 15 ounces

Lye 6 ounces

Olive Oil 14 ounces

Coconut Oil 12 ounces

Palm Oil 12 ounces

Shea Butter 2 ounces

1.5 ounces fragrance

any coloring of your choice!

Step 1 – Mix the lye into the water Slowly…

Step 2  – Melt the Oils and butters

Step 3 – Mix the lye solution into the oils/butters.

Step 4- Bring to light trace

Step 5- Add scent and coloring

Step 6 – **Make sure you have your Mold ready to go**

Step 7 – Add the Salt and stir quickly making sure it’s incorporated! Then hurry up and stick it into the mold.

Step 8 – Put it to bed and somewhere between 6 to 10 hours un-mold and cut right away….Otherwise it will be very hard to cut……It will be to crumbly!!!


and if you don’t feel like making a bar you can always buy a Salt Bar here!

It’s Sunday….So, Happy Sunday!

24 Jun



I think this is so funny!


Is it just me or are these weekends getting faster?…..Had a Blast at the Farmer’s market yesterday!

Talked to lots of Great people, made lots of sales,  have a few custom orders come in AND  I couldn’t have asked for better weather! It was just a Great day! Can’t wait till next weekend……

Today it’s going to be packed with doing laundry, mowing the lawn, grocery shopping and maybe go for a walk……..

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!!!!!:)

Tip for Cleaning up after CP Soap! I’m late and Have a GREAT Weekend!!!!

22 Jun

I just can not believe how fast this day went..Just can’t believe it.

It’s almost the weekend and another day at the Boonton Farmer’s Market! Yeehaw!!

Have a lot to do. But I thought I’d give some quick FYI on Cold Process Soap…

Cleaning up the equipment……….


After making a batch of Cold Process Soap your equipment will have an  Oil mixture on it.

Do you know the best way to clean it?

Simple you don’t. You wait until the next day when that oil mixture turns to soap. Then you wash out your equipment.

Makes sense huh? It did to me years ago when I read it…I’ve been waiting ever since:)

YAY! it’s the first full day of Summer…Good day for a 3 oil cold process soap recipe!

21 Jun

This is one of my favorite seasons….Although, I will say here in Jersey it’s  humid and hot! It’s kind of icky! But, other than that I love this weather.

Anyway, I figured today would be a Great day for a 3 oil soap recipe. Quick and simple and you only need 5 ingredients! But, before that I’d like to show you this……..My newest creation:)

Bazooka Bubble Gum cold processed soap!








Okay, since it’s so Hot I’ll cut through the chase and give the recipe! Have a Question, Please contact me:)

****Make sure and put this recipe or any other recipe through a Lye Calculator and Read Lye Saftey!****


Distilled water – 15 ounces

Lye – 6 ounces

Coconut Oil – 14 ounces

Hemp-seed Oil  – 13 ounces

Olive Oil – 13 ounces

Happy Hump Day! Here are pics of my newest Cold Process Soaps…..

20 Jun

It’s Happy Hump day… It’s time to do the happy Hump day dance……..*Whirling around with your hands in the air.*

Anyway, it’s going to be a hot one here on the East Coast–Yuk! So, I figured I’d post some pics of my newest soaps…Just came out of the molds this morning. They both smell sooooo Delicious! wish there was smell O’ computer…lol

Lemongrass Sage – Cold Process Soap

Blueberry – Cold Process Soap

Did you Know? You can use more than just distilled water for CP Soap Making….

19 Jun

Hi Everyone!


Hope everyone is having a Great week so far!

It’s Tuesday right? yeah, I guess it is. Well, yesterday I had the chance to make a few batches of soap. A Silky Shampoo soap, Oatmeal Honey Face soap..(that’s selling like Hot cakes at the Farmer’s market) and a Lovely Lemon Verbena soap.

When I made the Lemon Verbena soap my mind was elsewhere. I guess you could say that I was day dreaming! Sometimes when you daydream you forget things…or at least I do. Not only did the batch start to seize—then I had to hurry—I also forgot to add the fragrance…Which I had to incorporate and then cross my fingers! I was so upset I threw some pink salt  on top of it…….

I think crossing my fingers worked!!!!!! It’s not exactly what I wanted it to look like but at least I didn’t loose the batch. Here’s what it looks before and after:

Lemon Verbena in the mold






Lemon Verbena Out of the Mold and Cut






Now, that I have that out of the Way I can get onto the Did You Know?

Did you know? You can use more than just distilled water  for CP Soap Making.

This is one of the Best parts to making your own soap. You can be creative! Instead of using distilled water substitute any one of these or get creative and create your own idea:

1. You can use coffee which will make your soap a nice rich brown!









2. Beer – Make sure the beer is FLAT- otherwise you will have a volcano and you don’t want that trust me:)










3. Aloe Vera juice….This is a Great choice as Aloe Vera has healing properties.









4. Cranberry Water…Boil the cranberries in distilled water and then strain the cranberries. Use the liquid! It gives the soap such a lovely red color!

Sunday is almost over…..How did that happen?

17 Jun

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had the mindset nor the energy to write on this Blog…….

But, today is a different day as you can tell. I’m planning my day for tomorrow. Here’s my schedule for tomorrow so far….

It’s going to start like this —  in the morning make my **Customer favorite and my favorite too!** Oatmeal & Honey Face soap.

Then it will be onto a Shampoo Soap which I’ve been dying to try!

From there not quite sure yet. I have a few ideas going through my mind. So I figured maybe I’d start with the Fragrance…….



Boonton Farmers Market….was a Blast!

11 Jun

I was soooooo busy trying to get prepared for this past Saturday’s Boonton Farmer’s Market that my brain couldn’t deal with typing a blog post. So, I’m here now to give the updates!


Farmer’s market!

Here’s a pic of my beautiful stall, station, or whatever ya call it……The pic doesn’t do it justice. It did the trick. Lots of customers! Good conversations with some really neat people……..Thanks for everyone attending  and being part of opening day! Yippee……..can’t wait for next weekend.

Boonton Farmer’s Market

Newest Creation:

I’ve also been very busy making lots of  (you guessed it) Soap! Here’s one of my newest creations: This is a unique bar. It is made with cranberry water and those little things on top of the bars are Cranberry Seeds! Cool huh? I think so. This is by far my favorite bar so far……..


Drakkar Cranberry Creation



Finally getting down to the nitty gritty on my Old Logo. Since, Amber of classiclyamber redesigned my logo I’ve held onto some of the Old Logo things….I’m now ready to put the past in the past. So I decided to have a sale…..

4 bars of soap (goats milk) for $15.50 and it includes shipping! You can find that deal here.

Okay, that’s my update! Back to making some soap:)