Did you Know? You can use more than just distilled water for CP Soap Making….

19 Jun

Hi Everyone!


Hope everyone is having a Great week so far!

It’s Tuesday right? yeah, I guess it is. Well, yesterday I had the chance to make a few batches of soap. A Silky Shampoo soap, Oatmeal Honey Face soap..(that’s selling like Hot cakes at the Farmer’s market) and a Lovely Lemon Verbena soap.

When I made the Lemon Verbena soap my mind was elsewhere. I guess you could say that I was day dreaming! Sometimes when you daydream you forget things…or at least I do. Not only did the batch start to seize—then I had to hurry—I also forgot to add the fragrance…Which I had to incorporate and then cross my fingers! I was so upset I threw some pink salt  on top of it…….

I think crossing my fingers worked!!!!!! It’s not exactly what I wanted it to look like but at least I didn’t loose the batch. Here’s what it looks before and after:

Lemon Verbena in the mold






Lemon Verbena Out of the Mold and Cut






Now, that I have that out of the Way I can get onto the Did You Know?

Did you know? You can use more than just distilled water  for CP Soap Making.

This is one of the Best parts to making your own soap. You can be creative! Instead of using distilled water substitute any one of these or get creative and create your own idea:

1. You can use coffee which will make your soap a nice rich brown!









2. Beer – Make sure the beer is FLAT- otherwise you will have a volcano and you don’t want that trust me:)










3. Aloe Vera juice….This is a Great choice as Aloe Vera has healing properties.









4. Cranberry Water…Boil the cranberries in distilled water and then strain the cranberries. Use the liquid! It gives the soap such a lovely red color!

4 Responses to “Did you Know? You can use more than just distilled water for CP Soap Making….”

  1. eighttreestreet June 19, 2012 at 1:37 PM #

    I love this, Aloe and cranberry, how sweet!

  2. Pink Ninjabi June 19, 2012 at 8:49 PM #

    Lovely post, and the honey face bar sounds delicious! I mean, awesome! Woo!


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