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Whew! I’ve been playing with Soap All day!

30 Jul

Okay, I haven’t really been playing with soap! I’ve been playing around with my Website. IK…It always seems to take me ALL day and I have sooo many batches of soap to get done. Feeling a tad bit overwhelmed!

Anyway, just put this in my store!

Monkey Farts!

Everyone having a Good? Hope you are:)


It’s Monday Great day for making some soap…But first I’d like your opinion!

30 Jul

Color Soap naturally, with what?

27 Jul

I know most people don’t think about how soap is colored. But, if you’re a soap maker (like me) you have to think of these things. Some people want naturally colored soaps and some people don’t care. Eye appeal comes from the colors of the soap. We all know how important Eye Appeal is with food well, it’s the same with soap.

I figured I’d go over some of the natural colorants that can be used.

My “All–Natural” bars of soap are just that “All-Natural” which includes the colorings too. (I have an example at the bottom of this post where I used paprika).. Here are some of the natural colorants that can be used to color soap. I’m sure you have some of them in your cabinets right now.

Always try and do a Test prior to using it in an entire batch. Take lots notes let me repeat Take Lots of Notes. As with anything in Soap Making “Notes” are important. With Ground spices and herbs I start with about ½ Tablespoon per pound of soap – depending on the recipe I’m using. You don’t want to add too much or certain ground spices or herbs can make for scratchy bathing. That’s not something I think most people like. So, when experimenting w/ natural colorings hold off adding too much to the soap. Here’s my list of Naturals…….

***Sometimes steeping is better than just adding a powder to the soap. Experiment and have fun trying new ways to color****

Alkanet – steep in oil – dark purple to muted blue

Allspice – Brown

Annatto Seed – steep in oil first – yellow orange

Bentonite clay – off white to a light ivory-green

Calendula Petals – yellow

Carrots – pale yellow to pale orange

Chamomile – Steep first yellow to beige

Chili – Orange

Cinnamon – Light Brown (be very careful with this one can be irritating)

Clove – Brown

Cocoa powder– brown

Coffee – light brown to black

Curry – Yellow

Kelp, seaweed – green (not too much or the soap will smell like the ocean)

Madder root – pinky red – purple

Nutmeg – Brown

Paprika – Orange

Pumice (finely ground) – grey (Don’t forget this is stone be careful)

Ground Rose-hip – light tan to deep brown (not too much of this one or can be scratchy)

Rosemary – Green

Saffron – yellow

Spinach – light green

Turmeric – Yellow

Here’s my example of a Naturally Paprika Colored Soap! Beautiful isn’t it?

ALL Natural Litsea Cubeba/Tangerine Soap

I’m going to have a Busy week making Soap, especially Loofah Soap!

24 Jul

I had another busy week at the Boonton Farmers market. The funny thing is that my online customers buy completely different soaps than my farmers’ market customers. I just can’t figure out why? But they do……

Anyway, I’m almost “Sold out” of all the Loofah soap I made. People are just  loving it. Who knew?

Loofah Soap

This is what some of them said:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the loofah soap

“Keep stock on that loofah boy, I love it!

(of coarse I’m not a boy but I understood what they were saying)

I’m just amazed and thankful that they are loving it! So guess what I’m doing the next few days? Yep! making Loofah Soap. I am so happy that people are loving my soaps. I guess it’s because I’m a people pleaser. It just bothers me when someone isn’t pleased w/ one of my soaps that I have to make it right……

P.S.  if you are interested in buying a bar – this is where you can buy Loofah Soap!

Have a great Day! I’m off to make soap:)

Bibb lettuce Soap REALLY?

20 Jul

Yep! can you believe it? Well it’s not really made with actual Bibb Lettuce  it’s the fragrance that makes it…..

 It’s fresh and clean. It’s become one of my favorite.

So, you’re probably saying ‘ what the heck would that smell like?”

Well it has notes of Arugula, Blooming Cyclamen, Soothing Bergamot, Fresh Basil, White Lily, Green Leaf Accord, Key Lime and it’s quite refreshing!  I love it! If you’re looking for the perfect gift or you are one of those people that love clean crisp scents this is it……

Crisp Scented Bibb

In case you’re interested in buying a bar…I’ve just listed a bar you can find it here.


Do you Need Lye to Make Soap?

20 Jul

Happy Friday!

First let me say. This is Last day to receive 25% off your entire order at:

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Okay now that I’ve said that I Hope everyone’s had a Great week.

So one of the questions I get asked at the Boonton Farmers’ Market is:

“Do you need LYE to make Soap ?”

LYE also called (Sodium Hydroxide)

If you don’t know what Lye (also called Sodium Hydroxide) is,  it’s a caustic substance. Years ago it was used as a Drain Cleaner. When it’s dry there’s no problem. But, if it comes in contact with the tiniest bit of moisture (humid days and lye don’t mix since the lye will attract the water) it gets very Hot.  How hot? Hot enough that if it comes in contact with your skin you can get Burned.

(This is why Soap Makers wear Protective eye-wear, gloves and long sleeves).

What most people don’t realize about soap is  it’s the  product of a chemical reaction.

At the Farmers’ market, I had an older gentleman customer. He said he used to make soap many years ago.  He the gave me  the Best description of Making Soap.

This is what he told me.

You take 2 separate substances combine them together and you end up producing a 3rd substance which would be soap…..

This was the Best description of Soap Making I’ve ever heard!

Do you Need Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) to make soap? the answer is “YES” you need lye to make soap. There are however less dangerous ways to make soap. You could buy a melt & pour base or use a pre-made base.

If you are interested in making soap the old fashion way check out Soap Making the Easy Way!

Just Listed ~ Fresh Ginger Lime scented Soap!

19 Jul

Hello Everyone!

I was going to post some pictures of my newly created soaps. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble taking those pics because of the light. It’s somewhat cloudy here today in New Jersey. Every time I try and take a picture it comes out looking awful…..So, I decided to list a new item in my shop instead…..**Fresh Ginger Lime**

Fresh Ginger Lime

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Wicked hot Wednesday! Whew, good day to get SOAP orders ready for shipping…..

18 Jul

I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately but it’s HOT! I usually like the heat, but this humidity is kicking my butt.  lol:) Although, my tomato plants are loving the heat and humidity….

I  managed to get Soap orders packed and ready for shipment…..and I also managed to get a few batches of Soap done the past few days. I feel as if I’m in reverse when I need to be in Drive. AH……… Hopefully, I’ll get pics of my newest soaps posted soon………

Anyway, good thing I still have my Sizzling Hot Soap Sale! 25% off entire order:

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I’m having a Sizzling HOT Soap Sale!

17 Jul

Good Morning Everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day so far………

Well, here on the East Coast it’s going to be another sizzling day. If you read my post yesterday you know I couldn’t get moving. (Although, I did manger to make a few batches of soap.)

The funny thing is I feel exactly the same way today (I can’t get moving!)……

So,  I figured it would be a Great day for a Soap Sale!!!!

25% off any order on order at or



But you have to Hurry offer ends July 19, 1012

For ALL who live in the on the East Coast make sure to drink Plenty of water..It’s going to be a HOT one!

Whew! It’s Hot and I can’t get Moving…..

16 Jul

Okay, this past weekend was Awesome at the Boonton Farmers’ Market. With that being said…I have many batches of “Sold Out” soaps to Make! I can not believe the overwhelming response I’ve been having at the Farmers’ market. It’s a Wonderful Feeling!

Today,  I was supposed to get my butt out of Bed and do my normal routine. Then start making the batches soap that are needed.  Well, it’s like after 10 am and I still haven’t started making my first batch! AH………………………………….

I’m going to try and accomplish that right now. maybe I’ll be back later to give an update. I’ll have to see:) Hope everyone who is in this heat will stay COOL…….