2 of My Favorite Ingredients for making CP Soap!

9 Aug

Happy Thursday Day!

So, you want to know about ingredients that are used making CP Soap?

Here are 2 of my favorites.

Coconut & Palm


  • Coconut Oil is obtained from dried coconut meat.  A percentage of coconut oil is moisturizing but if too much is added then it becomes drying. I keep my percentage around 30% depending on what other oils I’m using. It makes a Hard bar of soap and is the ONLY oil that can produce a fluffy lather even in salty ocean water.


  • Palm Oil comes from the Oil Palm. It’s made from the Pulp of the fruit. When used with other oils makes a wonderful bar of soap. The finished bar will have a firmness that will last. Some soap-makers refuse to use Palm oil because they feel it’s killing the rainforest. See, some countries are burning the rainforest and planting Oil Palms. I feel it’s no different than clearing land in Hawaii and planting a pineapple or banana field. I love my palm oil! If you’d like more info regarding palm oil you can read this !

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