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Trouble with a Batch of Soap?

29 Oct

You have your lye solution ready. The oils & butters are melted. All the extras such as fragrances and colors are ready to go.

You start putting it all together



it seizes….and becomes UN-pourable.

It’s happened to all of at one point or another. It can be very frustrating.

Can it be avoided?

For me most of the time it’s a fragrance that I’m not familiar with that gives me the problem.

The number ONE thing to do is (believe it or not) write every detail of your soap process down.This way if you come across a fragrance that speeds things up you know not to use it for certain techniques.


Number TWO check your Temperatures! Sometimes oils & butter & lye solution need to be a certain temperature. Some oils/butter work better at a cooler temps and sometimes they work fine at a higher temp.

Make sure and Write Everything down. It will help you in the long run….:)


How to make LOOFAH Cold Process Soap!

22 Oct

Happy Monday!


Here’s how you make Loofah Soap.

If you have never made cold processed soap before make sure to read

LYE SAFETY and use a Lye Calculator it may be wise to read this Make your Own soap in a snap

or Smart Soapmaking before starting! or to have a few batches under your belt:)

Also, if you’re not new to making soap use a recipe that’s easy to work with.

You’ll also want to make sure the Fragrance doesn’t accelerate the trace.

Cover with plastic wrap and let it sit 15 to 18 hours. Then un-mold.

On occasion it does tend to stick in the mold if that happens

throw it into the freezer for a bit and boom it will slide right out!

Cut bars with a serrated knife.

What are your Favorite Fall Recipes?

15 Oct

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Here in New Jersey we’ve had some quirky weather over the weekend.

It started off with the coldest Saturday morning that I haven’t felt in a year.

Ahhhhhh, Cold and refreshing that’s of coarse if you’re not standing at the Boonton Farmers’ market @ 7:30 am setting up. LOL. it did warm up on Sunday though


it got me thinking about Fall recipes.

I have 2 favorites! One of coarse is a soap recipe and the other is an absolutely fantastic Apple Walnut Bread w/ a streusel topping. (if you like that type of thing)

I’ll start off with the Apple Walnut Bread

(preheat oven 350*)



2 cups apples

2 cups sugar

3 cups of flour

3/4 tsp baking soda

3 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg (freshly ground)

3 eggs

2 sticks melted margarine

3 tsp Vanilla

1 tsp salt

3/4 cup chopped Walnuts

1/4 cup white raisins (optional)


1/2 cup flour

4 Tbsp Butter

4 Tbsp Sugar

1 1/2 to 2 tsp Cinnamon

Mix together to make a Crumble !

Putting it together:

1. Combine Sugar, eggs, margarine & apples.

2. Add ALL dry ingredients mix until moistened.

3. Divide mixture into 2 loaf pans & add Streusel to top

4. Bake for 1 Hour


Now onto the Soap recipe….If you have never made Cold Processed Soap before I suggest reading a book like:

Smart Soapmaking

Don’t forget to read  LYE SAFTEY and remember to ALWAYS use a LYE CALCULATOR!

(I can make mistakes too!)

I love this Salt Bar recipe.

Alaea Hawaiian Red Salt Bar


Distilled Water: 15 ounces

*pinch silk threads diluted into the lye solution

Lye:  164 grams

Olive oil: 397 grams

Coconut Oil: 341 grams

Palm Oil: 341 grams

Shea Butter: 56 grams

1 pound of Alaea Red Hawaiian Salt

Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil of your liking!

Coloring of you choice too.

Putting it together….

1 –  Add the Lye to the water (set aside to cool)

2 – Melt Coconut & Palm Oils together (I usually stick it into the microwave for 3 mins – if you do just make sure it doesn’t boil you just want to melt the oils)

3 – Add the Shea Butter to the warm oils  – dissolve the Shea Butter slowly into the warm oils

4 – Once the Shea Butter is Melted ADD the Olive Oil

5 – Add the Lye solution to the Oils

6 – blend to a light trace

7 – take approximately 3 to 3 1/2 cups out the mixture and place it in two other cups.

8 – add coloring to one of the cups

9 – Now, you are going to have to work quickly!

10 – Add fragrance or essential oil to the 3 mixtures

11 – Add Salt to the original container (it has most of the mixture)

12- Now pour 1 – 3rd of the salt mixture into the mold

13- then pour (stream) some of the colored mixture & uncolored unsalted mixture on top

14 – Then Add more of the Salt Mixture

15- do that until you’re finished with All 3 containers.

16 –  Cover & insulate – I usually un-mold and cut within 3 to 4 hours. That way I avoid cutting crumbly soap and getting aggravated. You can leave it longer. If you decide to un-mold early make sure to where gloves as the lye is still there!

HAVE QUESTIONS? Shoot me an email:)

Whew! It’s Friday!!!! Want to buy some soap & have the proceeds go to a Great cause?

12 Oct

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week.

Not sure where the week went as usual but it’s Friday again. Yippee!

If you are interested in buying soap or other items and having the proceeds go to a Great cause check this Auction out! and click here for the direct auction link to my soap Bids starting at $9.oo…Happy bidding!

On a lighter note here are 2 more Christmas Soaps curing!


Fudge Brownie

Couple More Gift Soaps!

11 Oct

Rosemary Mint Exfoliating SALT Bar


Sneek Peek ~ Christmas Soaps!

11 Oct

Ginger Bread Cookie


First Snow




Coffee Mocha

Lemongrass Sage

~Colorants for COLD PROCESSED soap~

11 Oct

Hi everyone!  Hope your day is going well:)


Yes, I’m going to try and talk about colors a bit.


Who doesn’t LOVE colors?

Not me,

 I “LOVE” colors and I love colors that really Pop!

Most of the time I use  manufactured colors.

But, I have been trying to work with natural colors more.

For this Blog post I’ll be sticking to the manufactured colors though.

MICA”S:  (powdered) Natural minerals (quartz-like) that have a sparkle to them.  Colored mica’s usually have  been coated with  FDA approved dyes or pigments . They come in a wide variety of colors. Be careful when using them. You don’t want to use too much or your bubbles can be very colorful too…. You need very little to color your soap. 1/4 to 1 tsp per pound of soap. Depending on what your desired outcome is.

**I mix mica’s w/ a little bit of avocado or sweet almond oil**

OXIDES & ULTRAMARINE’S:  These are Pigments. Although, there are natural pigments from the earth (such as iron) the kind used in soap making are Man made and FDA approved. Here’s a list of  ingredients that may be in them: koalin, sodium carbonate, sulfur, silica, carbon & resin

**1 tsp per pound of soap** You can use more depending on your intended results

It’s FRIDAY!!! Yipee Yahoo….Some more Soaps!

5 Oct

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone has been having a Great week…

If not, don’t worry the weekend is here…YES!

I want to know what YOU want me to talk about in my posts…

If you could  leave your ideas in the comments section below. Then I’ll just write blog posts regarding your ideas. Sounds Good right?!

For now, here are some more soaps on the cure racks….4 to 6 weeks to go.





Pink Himalayan Salt


Black Hawaiian Lava Salt


Check Out this Cold Processed Soap Recipe!

4 Oct

Well, I just discovered this

100% Coconut Oil Cold Processed Soap Recipe……

I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds really interesting!

I figure I’m going to give it a try but why not share the recipe with you.

That way “we” can try it together!

100%Coconut Oil Soap Recipe

Looks interesting right?

If you decide to give it a try, let me know how it worked for you:)

This is my newest Cold processed Soap!

4 Oct

Hi Everyone!

I can not believe to tell you how busy my brain has been these days.

I’m hoping to get a really nice blog post with pics soon…

But for now…… is my newest creation.

BAMBOO Scented CP Soap

BAMBOO Scented CP Soap

They’ll be cured in 4 to 6 weeks!

Now, it’s back to making soap and hopefully I’ll be able to get that blog post done!