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Pinch me! P.S. I Love Soap Co. made it to our first Photo Shoot!

31 Jan

It seems the busier I become the faster life is passing through my eyes.


Maribel Kalata   (owner)


Eight Tree Street

Which is a contemporary boutique​ floral art design studio located in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

(She does the most amazing arrangement and bouquets I’ve ever seen)

asked me if I would be in her photo shoot that was being taken


Teresa Wood Photography

You can visit her portfolio here

of coarse I said YES! Here are a few pics from the shoot!



Don’t you just love them?


Yay! It’s Friday and the start of a GIVEAWAY!!!

25 Jan

Howdy everyone!

It’s been soooooo cold here in Jersey and throughout the country,

that I thought it would be a great time for a


What do you think?


The contest is on Facebook so you’ll need a FB account….Here’s the LINK. Tell your friends too:)

Have a GREAT Weekend!!!!!!!

It’s Tuesday time for a Soapmaking TIP!

22 Jan

I’m going to show you how to Line  ANY Mold but first~

Hope everyone has been having a Great week so far.

I’m not sure how the weather is by you but by me it’s freezing.IK! I thought now would be a great time for a few updates.

First pictures of some new soaps that will be ready in 6 to 8 weeks.



Frank N Berry

Frank N Berry






Here’s how you line any mold. For me this is THE easiest way ever to line any mold.

Equipment needed:

Scissors, Freezer Paper & pen the pen is optional

Scissors & Pen

Scissors & Pen

MOLD you are going to Line


Take your finger nail or pen and you’re going to imprint the inside of the mold onto the paper.

(see how my fingernail is on the inside of the board not the outside)

Make impression of the mold on the freezer paper.

Make impression of the mold on the freezer paper.

After you have the imprint on the

Freezer paper you are going to cut 4 straight lines. (at the corners) See below…


take scissors and cut

take scissors and cut

This is how the

freezer paper looks  after making the 4 cuts…..


Now for the fun part…..

Place the paper into the mold by folding the paper around (like a flap) See below…..


Here’s another angle…..


Here’s the finished Lined MOLD! and the best part no leaks!



My newest Cold Processed Soap — Will be ready in 6 weeks……

17 Jan

Well, I finally did it!

I made a batch of soap…I know I  asked for suggestions and Darilyn of

The High Note 

gave the suggestion of Tuberose. Unfortunately, I have some Tuberose soaps in my inventory.  So,

This is the soap I made…….But I need a name now,( it’s an orchid, wood, spices & Lemon)

Anyone have a suggestion?


Trying to get motivated Tuesday!

15 Jan


I’m getting prepared to start making soap Tomorrow! Yes..I haven’t made any soap in a few weeks mainly because I just haven’t been feeling like it. But, I’m over that and now I want to make some awesome soaps!

But FIRST I need some…..ideas

 ideas…What kind of soap would you like to see?







If you have any ideas leave them in the comments! and if I use your idea you may get a surprise!

Is everyone’s New Year going well so far?

Valentine Sets are ready!!!

8 Jan

Well my life does seem to be in a whirlwind these days…..

If you’re looking for that PERFECT way to say i love you….What better way than a

“LOVE” Gift set!

Hand-poured candle named “Love Spell”  (a chocolate caramel cherry) Uhmmmmm!


a heart shaped bar of soap ( Chocolate Truffle) Could there be anything more delicious?


Click on the picture to purchase!

Having a “Special Tuesday” Sale!!!!

8 Jan

Hi everyone because it feels like this week will go on forever….

I’ve decided to break up the week by having a Tuesday


I’m not sure about you but a sale always makes me HAPPY!!!!! Especially one after 2 short weeks…This week feels like it’s taking forever. AH!!!!!

Buy ONE bar of Soap get ONE FREE!

This is how it works! When you buy two or more bars of soap at P.S. I Love Soap Co.

I’ll reimburse you the cost of the lower bar or bars.
buy 3 bars get one for FREE
buy 4 bars get 2 bars for FREE
You will initially get charged for the Free bar/bars but I will reimburse you!

Soaps that will be featured at Savannah Hope Vintage!

7 Jan

As the New year starts taking off. Thought I’d hurry up and post some of my ALL Natural soaps.

By ALL Natural I mean the scent is natural and the coloring is natural. I myself prefer other ways of scenting soap and coloring it via fragrance oil & colorings (like mica’s). I can be a lot more creative and make Happier Looking soap.

This past spring, summer & fall at the Boonton Farmers market I did a test. What I found was truly amazing. You know how people say you eat with your eyes first? Well, it seems to be the same with soap. I had a fairly large tray with my ALL Naturals and I even put a large sign saying that tray was ALL Natural.

My customers & potential customers would ask about the tray. (at the time there was  no price difference) you know what? Every single customer & potential customer veered away from that tray. They went to the soaps that made them HAPPY!

Which makes me Happy!

I will at one point work on the ALL Naturals but for me right now Ah….I’m not in a rush. But, I did make some for

Savannah Hope Vintage

Located right here in Downtown Boonton,NJ

This one I call:


A combination of Lavender, Pink Grapefruit and Tea Tree Essential Oils


This is:


combination of Lavender, Blood Orange & Petitgrain Essential oils


Uplifting & Balanced is this One!

Rosemary and Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils

Rosemary Grapefruit1

This is is called


It’s a combination of Ylang Ylang and lemon


P.S. I Love Soap Co.’s first “REAL” event!

5 Jan

Like I said in my last post things are changing for my business. This is just the beginning.

My friend Tiffany Palisi who owns the ( Domestic Goddess Ltd.) A candle company. Who makes the BEST candles in the world…

(She’s lucky to have a Dad that is not Only her Dad but a Perfumer.) To date I haven’t found a better scented candle. Well worth the price!

Anyway, she has been kind enough to work with me on a project Along with Erika Domanico (Culture Cabin.)

Here’s part of the project.

If you live around Morris county Save the date and join us for a night of FUN!


My First ever Newsletter!

4 Jan


I finally did it. my first newsletter! I didn’t know how to do it but I did it.


in the newsletter  I have a “Super Deal” for ALL of my customers whether there an Etsy or Local customer. If you are a customer that reads my blog you can sign up for my Newsletter here. and if you not a customer you can still sign up:)

Here are some soaps that I’ve worked on the past week or so.

These Soaps we’ll be selling at Culture Cabin Boonton,NJ Feb 9th

This one I called FRISKY!  (It’s a champagne soap scented w/ rice flower & peppermint)



This one I call  CHAMPAGNE & ROSES (It’s a champagne soap scented with tea Rose)



This one is MOUNTAINS of LOVE 

Mountains of love

Mountains of love

This one we call HEARTS! Obvious why, right?



These will be selling ONLINE after Feb 9th

This is my RAINBOW scented w/ monkey Farts