It’s Tuesday time for a Soapmaking TIP!

22 Jan

I’m going to show you how to Line  ANY Mold but first~

Hope everyone has been having a Great week so far.

I’m not sure how the weather is by you but by me it’s freezing.IK! I thought now would be a great time for a few updates.

First pictures of some new soaps that will be ready in 6 to 8 weeks.



Frank N Berry

Frank N Berry






Here’s how you line any mold. For me this is THE easiest way ever to line any mold.

Equipment needed:

Scissors, Freezer Paper & pen the pen is optional

Scissors & Pen

Scissors & Pen

MOLD you are going to Line


Take your finger nail or pen and you’re going to imprint the inside of the mold onto the paper.

(see how my fingernail is on the inside of the board not the outside)

Make impression of the mold on the freezer paper.

Make impression of the mold on the freezer paper.

After you have the imprint on the

Freezer paper you are going to cut 4 straight lines. (at the corners) See below…


take scissors and cut

take scissors and cut

This is how the

freezer paper looks  after making the 4 cuts…..


Now for the fun part…..

Place the paper into the mold by folding the paper around (like a flap) See below…..


Here’s another angle…..


Here’s the finished Lined MOLD! and the best part no leaks!




2 Responses to “It’s Tuesday time for a Soapmaking TIP!”

  1. dramaqueenseams January 25, 2013 at 11:36 AM #

    They look to yummy!!! They also look like they smell wonderful.

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