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Can shredded Loofa (Luffa) in soap clog a drain?

30 Jul

Can shredded Loofa (Luffa) in soap clog a drain?.


Can shredded Loofa (Luffa) in soap clog a drain?

30 Jul

This was a question we got asked a lot last year at the Farmers Market. Then when we were looking at our Blog statistics we noticed people were searching for the same answer.  I’m guessing it’s because other soaper’s (people who make or sell soap) use shredded loofah in their soaps.

I admit last year we made one batch of soap that had shredded loofah in it.  Clogging the drain never came into my mind when I was making it. The first day we added the shredded loofah soap to our table Our customers noticed….

They would ask ~ well they would state I think this will clog the drain. For us it was better to be safe than sorry and we pulled the soap off the table.

Now, when we create a soap we keep  the drain in our minds…. the more we thought about it the more we would hate to hear that a soap clogged a drain. Now, we don’t put anything in our soaps that could possible clog a drain.

We want our customers to be happy!!



20 Jul

I think it may be the heat because I’m a day late announcing the Winner.

First, I  want to THANK EVERYONE for entering! Because without entries there would be No giveaway!

With that being said the


of the





Vanessa Vazquez


**Please contact me within 48 hours (you have until Mon. 6am) at add WINNER to the Subject***


Crafter’s this is for you!

18 Jul

Crafter’s this is for you!.

Crafter’s this is for you!

18 Jul

Good Morning!

Here’s what’s happening today! I’m in the process of making a Soap Basket for a tricky-tray.  I decided to search the internet for some Great Ideas..


I found one right off the bat. It’s definitely not what I was looking for but it’s pretty awesome.

It’s called a Braided Soap basket! (A Budget Craft)


Meijoy’s Joy

and I’m quite sure ANY crafter will see endless possibilities! CHECK it out….

Seriously, I am in LOVE with this peice of equpiment!

17 Jul

Seriously, I am in LOVE with this peice of equpiment!.

Seriously, I am in LOVE with this peice of equpiment!

17 Jul

I’ve been struggling with mixing colors into oils/water for over 7 years.

And then BOOM! I hear about  this tiny little mixer.

When I say tiny I mean tiny. I mean it’s ONLY 7 inches long and about an inch wide. It’s cute! and if you mix colors into oils or water it’s a Necessity!

Here’s a picture of it….


This tiny piece of equipment makes mixing unbelievably easy. Let me also say at  this time it’s “ONLY” for mixing colors there’s not enough power for it to do anything else. But, it’s defiantly worth the money if you’re making a lot of soap.

This mixer can be found at Bramble Berry  or Wholesale Supplies.  You may also be able to find one in a Walmart or Target type of store….Wherever you choose to get one that’s up to you!!

Once you get one and use it (for colors) I can almost bet you’ll be thanking me…. 🙂

UPDATE: A reader was kind enough to tell me of another Type of mini mixer that they say works better than the one I’ve been using….It’s the

Cuissential SlickFroth 2.0 – Electric Milk Frother, Cappuccino Maker

*****Don’t forget ONLY a couple of days left for your chance to “WIN” Key Lime Pie!

What do you think? Time for a GIVEAWAY!

11 Jul

What do you think? Time for a GIVEAWAY!.

What do you think? Time for a GIVEAWAY!

11 Jul

Good Morning!

Have we told you lately,

you are the


Everyday we look at the stats. And everyday we are amazed at how many views our blog receives.

And to say


were having a giveaway.

Key Lime Contest

WINNER will receive *ONE* bar weighing approximately 3.5oz

***FREE Shipping to USA ONLY

(if you live in another county you will have to pay the shipping costs keep that in mind when entering)

Here’s how to enter:

– Answer the question. I LOVE handmade soap because_______________! (leave answer in the comments below)

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Giveaway ENDS JULY 18th, 2013 We’ll announce the *WINNER* on Friday JULY 19th.

***Winner MUST Contact us at within 48 hours


another Winner will be picked…..


Just checkin’ in to show off my NEW CREATIONS!

10 Jul

Just checkin’ in to show off my NEW CREATIONS!.