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Re-batched Soap!

30 Sep

Happy Monday!

The weekend went by so fast didn’t it?

Anyway, We’ve had this batch of soap (Guinness)soap that has been around for a bit. Mainly because we had forgotten to add the fragrance. We sell a lot of beer soap but believe or not Men actually like that added scent. Who knew, right?

So, what we needed to do was re-batch the batch we had made. What’s re-batch? It’s the same as Hand-milled soap. You take soap that has already been made (Great for anyone that doesn’t want to work with Lye) and melt it. Then you can add  fragrance and/or color of your choice. It’s wonderful way to make ALL Natural bars using essential oils.

For us it’s not our favorite way to make soap but it works especially when you forget something like fragrance! LoL 🙂

Since I take the pics by myself sometimes it’s hard to get just the right pictures that i was looking for…If you have ANY questions Please ask 🙂










Happy Friday!!!!! We made it…..

27 Sep

I have been so busy this week words can not even describe.


 I still have lot of stuff to do even as I type this. Yesterday I made a very beautiful soap (on the outside) and wasn’t sure what it would look like on the inside.

It’s one of our *ALL-NATURAL* Soaps.

It’s made with Essential oil of Patchouli and it’s colored w/ Alkanet Root Powder, Parsley Powder & Annatto Seed.

Here’s what the outside looked like.  beautiful right? Patchouli

Being that I used a rectangle mold I wasn’t sure if I’d see any of the flower or not. So as the clocked ticked I couldn’t wait to um-mold it to see what it looked like.

Guess what?

To our surprise it can out pretty good……


Time to Label….

26 Sep

Time to Label…..

Time to Label….

26 Sep

Happy Thursday!

I have lots to do today. First thing on our list? Is to Label this soap! (it’s already been shrink wrapped)  It’s soap that was made for a Fundraiser for the local High School.  Now, that I’m looking at the picture, I have to say it looks 8000 x’s better in person. O’well…… 

blog pic1

Second thing on my list is to make some more Beer Soap and some White Zin soap. It’s time for me to get my butt into gear. Since before we know it the Holidays will be here. 


Speaking of the Holidays…..Did you know we are doing *Special Trees*?

Here’s a picture.

For more information click here.

Christmas tree2

Have a GREAT DAY!!!! Make your Dreams come True!!!!

Red Wine Soap?

25 Sep

Red Wine Soap?.

Red Wine Soap?

25 Sep

Yes, can you believe it? Soap can be made from Red Wine.

Here’s a bar right here….finished barLooks pretty good right?

Check it out…..












Insulated overnight. Then un-molded and cut….

Here’ s the finished!!!!!!!15

LOOK the bars are done!

24 Sep

Well, I didn’t get the Beer Soap done. That’s because I answered the phone. *note to me – don’t answer the phone when soap is needed to be made.

I did get the Salt Bars made. Although, I didn’t think that was going to happen. I mixed all the ingredients. Filled the mold and was Super excited because the soap was coming out the way I had envisioned.

Then I went to do some cleaning up. That’s when it hit me! I forgot to ADD the Fragrance! I couldn’t believe it. How am I going to save this soap? I decided to just dump the soap batter into a stainless steel bowl (because you never want to use Aluminum) add the fragrance as gently as possible. Then dump it back into the mold. Well, it’s not exactly the look I was looking for but I think it came out okay……

Check them out!

Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt scented with Tuberose (customer Favorite)




and here is the other bar.

Pink Huimalayan Salt1

scented with SPA!

Today, it’s time to finish the Beer Soap and work on some others…..

Have a Fantastic Day!

What are you doing, It’s FALL!

23 Sep

fall1Happy Monday and first FULL day of FALL!

First, I want to say **Thank you** to whoever nominated me for the Good Neighbor Award….Thanks so much!!!

After I’m done with my morning coffee I have a Super Packed day ahead. First, I have to do inventory from over the weekend. To see how many Bars of Soap we sold. Then I’m off to make  Salt bars  – HUGE Seller this year!

Can’t quite keep them in stock.

One of the batches will be,

Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt scented with Tuberose (customer Favorite)

Red Alaea

Hawaiian RED Alaea Sea Salt


the other one will be 

Pink Himalayan Salt scented with Spa (another customer favorite)

Pink Himalayan

Pink Himalayan Salt

When I’m finished with those I need to make some

Cricket Hill American Ale Soap.

Cricket Hill is a Local Brewery that has their own soap! You can drink the Best Beer and Bathe in it too… How awesome is that? I’d say it’s pretty darn awesome!

I’m honored that we’re the ones that make it!

Cricket Hill

Have a GREAT day!

It’s Friday the 13th…..

13 Sep

and it’s time to show you my newest creation…

I’m calling this one

Holiday berry

It’s a combination of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil and Mango Seed Butter.

So good for your skin.

Hol Bar1

One thing that really gets to me….

12 Sep

 I have the oils, butters, colors. fragrance and the mold ready to go. I have a vision in my mind of what I’d like to do in the mold. I’m ready!!



AND then it happens,

I go to get the distilled water

and boom.

NO Distilled Water.

Ah, really no distilled water? Yep, as I look again in disbelief — It’s true I have no distilled water. Needless to say it does take air out of my balloon a tiny bit.

Right away, I start thinking Milks, Beer, Apple juice, Aloe Vera and which liquid will best fit my needs.

 I make my decision Buttermilk it will be.

So, I measure it out and put it into the freezer asap. Now, I wait! Hoping to get this batch done. I’ll post pics tomorrow (if it comes out, lol)