LOOK the bars are done!

24 Sep

Well, I didn’t get the Beer Soap done. That’s because I answered the phone. *note to me – don’t answer the phone when soap is needed to be made.

I did get the Salt Bars made. Although, I didn’t think that was going to happen. I mixed all the ingredients. Filled the mold and was Super excited because the soap was coming out the way I had envisioned.

Then I went to do some cleaning up. That’s when it hit me! I forgot to ADD the Fragrance! I couldn’t believe it. How am I going to save this soap? I decided to just dump the soap batter into a stainless steel bowl (because you never want to use Aluminum) add the fragrance as gently as possible. Then dump it back into the mold. Well, it’s not exactly the look I was looking for but I think it came out okay……

Check them out!

Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt scented with Tuberose (customer Favorite)




and here is the other bar.

Pink Huimalayan Salt1

scented with SPA!

Today, it’s time to finish the Beer Soap and work on some others…..

Have a Fantastic Day!


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