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Halloween is coming! and dirt soap does just the trick…

25 Oct

I can’t believe it’s almost


can you? Anyway, I’ve been cleaning off some shelves to make room for some new soaps. I have 4 Bars of soap that SMELL just like dirt, it’s the weirdest thing. But, the kids and Adult Men love it for some reason although they like the little worm that comes with it.

Ingredients include Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Coffee and Cocoa Powder

These 4  lonely bars NEED a home. I’m asking $13 and it includes the shipping (USA ONLY)Worm in dirt1 If you are interested send us your email address at so we can send you a Paypal invoice!

Have a great weekend!


Brrrr….It’s getting cold! Time for yummy recipes!

24 Oct

Brrrr….It’s getting cold! Time for yummy recipes!.

Brrrr….It’s getting cold! Time for yummy recipes!

24 Oct

Good Morning!

Here on the east coast it went from a bit cool to ~  O’ My it’s darn cold! Good thing I took out the Down Comforter last night. How was your weather this morning?

Well, now that I’ve had my *morning Joe aka Coffee it time to get moving but before I do that I thought it would be a great day for a couple of recipes.

First up,


(If you’re never had them O’ boy then You NEED too!  They are so good)

Recipe Cards1And the second recipe is a YUMMY recipe for a bar of soap your skin will love!

Cold Process Lanolin Soap Recipe


Please if you’ve never made a batch of Cold Processed Soap before take the time to read Smart Soapmaking by Anne L. Watson and make at least a few batches then Make sure you READ * LYE SAFETY*


1. Coconut Oil   329 grams

2. Palm Oil          328 grams

3. Palm Kernel Oil 91 grams

4. Shea Butter   23 grams

5. Lanolin            57 grams

6. Olive Oil          397 grams

Distilled Water   360 to 390 grams

Sodium Hydroxide (LYE) 160 grams

Fragrance 42 grams

FIRST, Add the Lye **Slowly to the Distilled Water. Once dissolved put it to the side to let cool.

THEN, Melt the Coconut, Palm and Palm Kernel Oil together. Then ADD the Shea butter and the Lanolin to the warmed oil. Then ADD the Olive Oil..

When both mixtures have cooled to below 120* add the lye solution to the oils/butters. Pulse with your stick blender until trace. ADD fragrance. Pour soap batter into the mold. Insulate overnight!

If you have ANY questions please email us at

It’s Monday!

21 Oct


This is exactly the way I feel today! Boy, O’ Boy! these weekends are going by faster and faster, aren’t they?

Well, at the Boonton Farmers Market they’ve been having these wonderful little Alpacas….




Aren’t they just the cutest ! I would LOVE to take one home with me 🙂

It’s Friday and a GREAT Day for a….

18 Oct

It’s Friday and a GREAT Day for a…..

It’s Friday and a GREAT Day for a….

18 Oct


One of the MOST searched terms on this blog believe it or not is for a Palm Free soap recipe.  So, I’ve decided to give you what you want a Palm Free recipe section. ( this will be the first recipe in this section)

If you’ve never made a batch of soap before you might want to read Smart Soapmaking by Anne L. Watson. It’s ONE of my ALL time favorite books…..

If you have made a few batches then you can proceed~  You may want to Read  LYE SAFETY one more time!

Okay, Are you READY?


Coconut Oil 10 ounces

Cocoa Butter 10 ounces

Rice Bran Oil 10 ounces

Avocado Oil 2 ounces

Canola Oil 2 ounces


Distilled Water 11 ounces

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)  4 ounces

(remember always add lye to the water)

Whew…It’s Friday eve day!

17 Oct

Whew…It’s Friday eve day!.

Whew…It’s Friday eve day!

17 Oct

This week flew by! I mean it really flew by. I’ve been so busy trying to get holiday soaps made for ALL the events we’ll be doing. The festivities start next week with this…..


Sounds like fun huh? This is also the Kickoff to the Boonton Holiday Boutique! (which is across the street) The Holiday Boutique will be open for 2 months as a consignment store (for us)

Needless, to say I’m not sure how our soap will be displayed and I’m not sure how much to stock the store with. This is completely uncharted territory for us.

In the meantime we also have 2 other smaller craft shows and then our big one at the Gingerbread Wonderland, which we did last year. It’s for 2 FULL weekends.

I’m am SUPER SUPER excited!


Whew!!! So much going on and so this was my short break…But I also wanted to share my new soaps! and if you by some chance would like a bar email us at

Dirt1Bubs1Firt snow1aLav CloveaSticks1holiday1Gingerlime21Okay, my break is over! Hope you’re having a great day!!!!!!

This post is ALL about Halloween….

14 Oct

For some reason this year I’m really into the Halloween thing. I’m not sure why, other than it’s just a Fun day! and for ALL ages.  I’ve been on a search for the worms I use in our Dirt soap this is the TUTORIAL…and this is the Etsy listing it’s an older version but still Great with ALL ages..

But, I haven’t had ANY luck trying to find them. We usually purchase them at Michael’s. The last time we bought them there were only two packs left. AND to some surprise it doesn’t look like there coming back. AHHHH… I need those worms for that Dirt Soap. I don’t think it would be safe to use fishing bate. So, I’m on a hunt! If you know of any place I’d be very grateful if you left a comment below…….

While I was looking I came across these worms…If you’re into Halloween like I am maybe you’ll make them. they look like so much fun!

Is it a bird, a plane?

10 Oct

Nope, it’s none of those….it’s

*Monkey Farts*

Monkey Farts soap that is! 

(lol) and yes you did read correctly!


believe it or not it’s One of our *BEST sellers with Kids and Adults.

It has a Clean Berry scent. Here’s a few Pictures……

Monkey Farts2aMonkey FartsaMonkey Farts1a

Today I’ll be making another Kid favorite. Dirt soap w/ worms! It one of my favorite soaps to make. I’ll post pics tomorrow.

Have a GREAT Day 🙂