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Are you ready to have some fun?

7 Apr


making and selling soap and bath products.

And now I get to have great discussions with you on FB. 

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It’s going to be a lot of FUN!!!!!


I (P.S. I Love Soap Co.) made the NEWS!

11 Jun

The beginning of the Farmers Market has begun. It’s a brand new year and this year we’re decided to do two markets. The Boonton Farmers Market – every Sat between 8:30 & 2 and the Pequannock Farmers Market – every Thursday between 2 & 7. It’s already been a lot of fun. I Love when customers come right up to the table look around and say ” okay, what’s new?” It just makes my day……

But, not only have the Farmers Markets opened but The Daily Record (local newspaper) did an awesome article about my journey  and my soaps! If you want to know why and how my business happened,   You can see the article here.

I’ve been incredibly busy and inspired this year in a great way! What inspires you?

Why using Lanolin in Soap ROCKS! for dry skin…..

22 May

The Boonton Farmers Market  is starting June 7th, 2014. So, you know what I’m doing…I’m getting ready! This will be our third year. Wow, did I just say that? yes I did. I love being at the market. There are lots of great people!

Sometimes those people (our customers) give us reasons why they buy the soap they buy. There is one customer that gave me a lesson…..The first time she (I’ll call her Mary) Mary came to the table she asked if I had any Lanolin soaps.  Mary told me nothing beats Lanolin soap for dry skin and she won’t use any other kind. Thank God, I did have  some lanolin soaps that day because  she’s been buying them ever since.

Even though I had made some Lanolin Soaps I hadn’t really tested them out. To tell you the truth it wasn’t until recently when I had made some Lip Balms with a bit off lanolin in them. I had a test panel and one of the Testers told me that the lip balm was the best she’s Ever used. She went on to say that it stays on All Day and it moisturizes her lips like no other Lip Balm out there. (she’s a true Lip Balmer) That really peeked my interest.

So, what is Lanolin exactly and why does it Rock?

Well, I found out  it’s a waxy substance which can be called Wool Wax, Wool Grease or Wool Fat. It’s extracted from Sheep Wool….(don’t worry the sheep is not harmed in any way)


Eid_Sheep-coloredThere are chemical similarities between lanolin and human skin. AND it prevents moisture loss and it re-hydrates! Now, that ROCKS!!!!

No wonder that Mary and the Lip Balm Tester LOVE the products with Lanolin. No wonder Mary will only use Lanolin Soaps!

Because Lanolin is chemically similar to human skin it makes it perfect for Soaps, lotions and skincare products! You can READ more about Lanolin at

****Please be advised some people are allergic to Lanolin****

Huh, What is Kokum Butter?

17 May

hahaha, Glad you asked. I love use using Kokum Butter (pronounced Coke-um) in everything to soaps to lip balms. But what is it? Well, It comes from the Garcinia Indica tree (that’s the botanical name) and it’s from the St. John’s Wort family. But, I like to just call it the Kokum Butter Tree. LoL


It’s  a tree that grows in the Western Ghats region of India.   The tree grows with dense glossy green leaves and produces fruits that look like small plums that are a brownish color.  Under the brownish skin is juicy white fruit with approximately  6 to 8 seeds. Supposedly, the fruit tastes yummy however I’ve never tried it so I have no clue how it tastes.

The Kokum Butter is made from the seeds of the fruit. The butter consists of up to 80% of triglycerides. Which is said to help prevent drying skin. And from what I’ve seen it certainly does. It’s one of my favorite “ALL Time” butters to use.

Soon you’ll be able to check  out our soaps with Kokum Butter here!

What are these?

1 Oct


These are our lifelines when it comes to soaping…..

**(if you are soaping & selling you should be writing!)

It’s the place where we write ALL of the important information down. I know you may be asking why?

Why would you have to have notebooks to soap?

It’s actually simple.

These notebooks contain everything that goes into a batch.

They contain the following:

1. the SOAP RECIPE that has been assigned a BATCH # – 

(You should always assign a batch number so you’ll be able to track a soap back)

2.  Type of color / colors that were used (brand & color)

3. Fragrance / essential Oils (brand & type)

4. Any extras such as seeds, lavender buds etc.

5. clays or salts

Anything that goes into that particular batch gets written down on that sheet of paper.

Which then goes into the notebook. Then when you label the soap it will make life so simple!

**It’s IMPORTANT to know what went into every batch. If you are soaping and selling and aren’t writing. It’s time to start a good practice and get yourself a notebook. Start documenting your next batch. Remember you’ll want to assign a Batch # to each batch and write everything that goes into that batch down.. Have a question? click here!

Can shredded Loofa (Luffa) in soap clog a drain?

30 Jul

This was a question we got asked a lot last year at the Farmers Market. Then when we were looking at our Blog statistics we noticed people were searching for the same answer.  I’m guessing it’s because other soaper’s (people who make or sell soap) use shredded loofah in their soaps.

I admit last year we made one batch of soap that had shredded loofah in it.  Clogging the drain never came into my mind when I was making it. The first day we added the shredded loofah soap to our table Our customers noticed….

They would ask ~ well they would state I think this will clog the drain. For us it was better to be safe than sorry and we pulled the soap off the table.

Now, when we create a soap we keep  the drain in our minds…. the more we thought about it the more we would hate to hear that a soap clogged a drain. Now, we don’t put anything in our soaps that could possible clog a drain.

We want our customers to be happy!!


Crafter’s this is for you!

18 Jul

Good Morning!

Here’s what’s happening today! I’m in the process of making a Soap Basket for a tricky-tray.  I decided to search the internet for some Great Ideas..


I found one right off the bat. It’s definitely not what I was looking for but it’s pretty awesome.

It’s called a Braided Soap basket! (A Budget Craft)


Meijoy’s Joy

and I’m quite sure ANY crafter will see endless possibilities! CHECK it out….

Did you ever have One of these days????

6 Jun
I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself!
(Where’s my husband when I need him….LoL)
I’ve been out of sorts these days not sure why but I have…. Anyway, this morning with a blink of an eye things changed. (don’t you love it when that happens?)
I was flitting around Facebook.When I saw a post that had a PBS short documentary on handcrafted soap and The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild (by the way I’m a Member). That will be airing on PBS starting this month. 
So, as I was watching the short documentary —
There it was …….
around the 3:15 mark…..check it out below!

MY SOAP! My Green Seaweed Soap!!!!

YaY!! I actually Feel like a movie star!(not sure why..LoL)
Have you ever had a Moment like this??? or am I out of my mind?

Bath Crayons?

24 Apr

There’s a little part of me that wishes she could turn back the hands of time and be a kid again. I mean really Bath Crayons? How COOL are those? Imagine playing in a bathtub and writing with a Bath Crayon that Super Cool!

Of coarse I’m not a kid


I must be getting old because I never knew you could make them. Dah! Of coarse you can make them. I learn something new every day……


Bath crayons happen to be one of those

learned something new today



and you know what? They are Super EASY to make. I found Great recipe on Bulk Apothecary Website. You can check it out here.

Are Handcrafted Soaps SAFE for Kids with NUT ALLERGIES?

23 Apr

This is one of those questions that I get asked every now and then.

And thought maybe there are others out there with the same question.



The simple fact is,  someone that has a


should probably NOT be using a bar of soap that is made  (for example with) Sweet ALMOND oil.

Here is a Quick reference to common tree nut names   it’s from the Kids with Food

If there is ANY doubt ask your Physician.

I know many soap-makers (me included) use lots of nut oils in our soap-making ventures.

For example here are some of the Nut Oils I use (that a person with NUT ALLERGIES shouldn’t be using):

Sweet Almond Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Shea Butter

Coconut Oil

Hope that little bit of information helps. Remember if there is ANY DOUBT ASK your DOCTOR!