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The BEST moisturizing Facial/Body bar EVER!!!

18 Nov

SoapBoxCan you believe that the winter’s almost here! I can’t. You know what comes with the winter? Heat. And what comes from the heat? Dry skin and do you know why? because

Dry heat = Dry skin


You know what the BEST cure for dry skin is? It’s a bar of my customer *Top Rated moisturizing soap.

This soap recipe is extremely moisturizing and can be used as a Facial bar or a body bar.

Okay, enough with my babbling lets get to the recipe:


( This recipe is for a 2.5 lb batch)


run this and any recipe

through a LYE CALCULATOR!!

& if you’ve never made a batch please read this.

Coconut Oil   363g     (32%)

Olive Oil          340g    (30%)

Hemp Oil        272g     (24%)

Shea Butter    108g    (9.5%)

Castor Oil        34g       (3%)

Beeswax           17g       (1.5%)

Lye (sodium hydroxide) 159g

Mix together Buttermilk 250g  Distilled water 141g then freeze to slushy stage!

As always if you have ANY questions give me a shout 🙂

Happy Soaping!!!




You say you want a Cold Process Soap Recipe? Well here it is……

7 Aug

I can not even begin to tell you how busy I’ve been. Besides making batches and batches of soap, Life still goes on and cleaning the house is just part of that. I finally got to vacuum the house which so desperately needed to be done. Whew! weight off of my shoulders.

The poll from a few days ago that asked what would you like for me to write about.   Well I want to Thank the 3 people who voted. Since 2 of you voted for recipes I’m starting with a recipe.

I will also start going over the ingredients too….Since I think it would be good for people to know why handmade soap is sooooo much better than any Store bought brand.

This recipe is for a moisturizing bar of soap. If you’ve never made a batch of soap you could read this.

Also, Please-Please-Please run this and every other recipe through a

Lye Calculator & Lye Safety


Moisturizing Soap Bar

Distilled Water 14. oz

Lye – 5.7 oz

Hemp Oil – 2 oz

Coconut Oil – 11 oz

Palm Oil – 8.6 oz

Olive Oil – 15.2 oz

Lanolin – .8 oz

Palm Kernel Oil – 2.4 oz

Silk 2 tsps

Well there it is —- Hope you enjoy:)

***Important LYE Safety*** Read this before attempting Cold Process Soap!

23 Mar

Are you new to the Cold Process Soap Making world?

Then I would suggest first you read either Smart Soapmaking by Anne Watson or The Everything Soap Making Book by Alicia Grasso.

Okay, so why is Lye safety important? Well how important are your eyes or skin? Lye is extremely corrosive. Years ago —I’m not sure if it still in use now—but people used to clean out clogged drains with Lye……That is how powerful this chemical is.

Lye is activated by water. Meaning it’s a dry chemical but once water hits it. It changes and starts to heat up. Water could mean sweat, humid day any type of moisture in the air…. This is why when you work with Lye you have to be extremely careful.

Safety Goggles, Long Sleeves, Long Pants & Chemical Resistant Gloves are ALL a MUST! No exceptions!

—Make sure you have Poison Control ph# handy.

***For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222****

—If you somehow ingest this chemical DO NOT Induce vomiting. Instead drink water and CALL 911.

—If you accidentally get some into your eyes…If you wear contacts get them out of your eyes and immediately start rinsing your eyes with water… Get Medical treatment!

Never use Aluminum with Lye as it will eat right through it. Instead use STAINLESS STEEL or PLASTIC that can withstand HIGH HEAT!

If you have any questions, please contact me!