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The BEST moisturizing Facial/Body bar EVER!!!

18 Nov

SoapBoxCan you believe that the winter’s almost here! I can’t. You know what comes with the winter? Heat. And what comes from the heat? Dry skin and do you know why? because

Dry heat = Dry skin


You know what the BEST cure for dry skin is? It’s a bar of my customer *Top Rated moisturizing soap.

This soap recipe is extremely moisturizing and can be used as a Facial bar or a body bar.

Okay, enough with my babbling lets get to the recipe:


( This recipe is for a 2.5 lb batch)


run this and any recipe

through a LYE CALCULATOR!!

& if you’ve never made a batch please read this.

Coconut Oil   363g     (32%)

Olive Oil          340g    (30%)

Hemp Oil        272g     (24%)

Shea Butter    108g    (9.5%)

Castor Oil        34g       (3%)

Beeswax           17g       (1.5%)

Lye (sodium hydroxide) 159g

Mix together Buttermilk 250g  Distilled water 141g then freeze to slushy stage!

As always if you have ANY questions give me a shout 🙂

Happy Soaping!!!




Make a gift Monday!!!!

25 Nov

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!!!!

Today is ALL about the Gift of,

*Lotion Bars*

First let me say this:

If you have no clue what I’m talking about don’t worry I didn’t either. hahaha. Lotion bars are a solid lotion. What does that mean? it means no sloppy lotion ALL over the place. It means a mess free lotion using oils, butters and essential oils.


here’s a Tutorial so you can make your own and give them as gifts! OR you can purchase them here.

(as always if you have any questions – please give us an email)


ALL ingredients can be purchased from Essential Depot

Beeswax –  9.8 ounces

Coconut Oil –  9.8 ounces

Mango Butter 9.8 ounces












if you don’t feel like making them you can always purchase them here!

Super Simple Christmas gift…..

20 Nov

Hi, I’ve been super busy. But I wanted to share with you a super simple fantastic quick gift great for anyone!

WHAT is that great gift?

SUGAR scrubs,

They’re easy to make and can be customized for anyone!

Here’s what you need.

1.SUGAR (1cup)

(can use white, light or dark brown sugar OR even Salt)


2. OILS (1/2 Cup)

(any of these will work Avocado, Sweet Almond, Olive oil and the list goes on)


3. MIX Together


Add fragrance, coloring Lavender Buds etc. Oh, and don’t forget to put it into a great looking jar!


Have fun Be CREATIVE!!!!

Brrrr….It’s getting cold! Time for yummy recipes!

24 Oct

Good Morning!

Here on the east coast it went from a bit cool to ~  O’ My it’s darn cold! Good thing I took out the Down Comforter last night. How was your weather this morning?

Well, now that I’ve had my *morning Joe aka Coffee it time to get moving but before I do that I thought it would be a great day for a couple of recipes.

First up,


(If you’re never had them O’ boy then You NEED too!  They are so good)

Recipe Cards1And the second recipe is a YUMMY recipe for a bar of soap your skin will love!

Cold Process Lanolin Soap Recipe


Please if you’ve never made a batch of Cold Processed Soap before take the time to read Smart Soapmaking by Anne L. Watson and make at least a few batches then Make sure you READ * LYE SAFETY*


1. Coconut Oil   329 grams

2. Palm Oil          328 grams

3. Palm Kernel Oil 91 grams

4. Shea Butter   23 grams

5. Lanolin            57 grams

6. Olive Oil          397 grams

Distilled Water   360 to 390 grams

Sodium Hydroxide (LYE) 160 grams

Fragrance 42 grams

FIRST, Add the Lye **Slowly to the Distilled Water. Once dissolved put it to the side to let cool.

THEN, Melt the Coconut, Palm and Palm Kernel Oil together. Then ADD the Shea butter and the Lanolin to the warmed oil. Then ADD the Olive Oil..

When both mixtures have cooled to below 120* add the lye solution to the oils/butters. Pulse with your stick blender until trace. ADD fragrance. Pour soap batter into the mold. Insulate overnight!

If you have ANY questions please email us at

It’s Friday and a GREAT Day for a….

18 Oct


One of the MOST searched terms on this blog believe it or not is for a Palm Free soap recipe.  So, I’ve decided to give you what you want a Palm Free recipe section. ( this will be the first recipe in this section)

If you’ve never made a batch of soap before you might want to read Smart Soapmaking by Anne L. Watson. It’s ONE of my ALL time favorite books…..

If you have made a few batches then you can proceed~  You may want to Read  LYE SAFETY one more time!

Okay, Are you READY?


Coconut Oil 10 ounces

Cocoa Butter 10 ounces

Rice Bran Oil 10 ounces

Avocado Oil 2 ounces

Canola Oil 2 ounces


Distilled Water 11 ounces

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)  4 ounces

(remember always add lye to the water)

Looking for a Mechanic’s Soap Recipe?

11 Sep

 The number ONE search on this  blog is for a Mechanics Soap recipe.


So, I’ve decided to give you what you want. If you have any questions about the recipe feel free to contact us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


If you have never made a batch of soap before please take the time and read SMART SOAP MAKING  by Anne L. Watson and actually make a first batch!

Please make sure you read LYE SAFETY and run “ANY recipe” you find over the net through a LYE CALCULATOR!

Okay, I said what I needed now onto the recipe!


Olive Oil   331grams

Coconut Oil  284 grams

Palm Oil  189 grams

Avocado Oil 142 grams

Shea Butter 142 grams

Castor Oil 46 grams

Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) 157 grams

Water 350 grams

Add these at trace….

1/4 cup Fine Pumice

1/4 cup Coffee Grinds

 Try this Mechanics Soap recipe too.

Have FUN with it!

You could add any other number of ingredients for the grit. Try ground nut shells, shredded loofah the possibilities are endless.

LOOKING for a PALM FREE recipe? Well, I’ve got one!

18 Jun
Palm FREE Soap Recipes are one of the Most sought soap recipes.
So, I’ve decided to post another GREAT Palm Free recipe!

If you’ve never made soap before Id suggest reading Smart Soapmaking  by Anne L. Watson it’s a GREAT starter book.

If you’re not new to soap making don’t forget to run this and any other recipe through a Lye Calculator  and it’s always nice to brush up on Lye Safety!



Now onto the PALM FREE Soap Recipe:

Coconut Oil   397 grams

Olive Oil  284 grams

Cocoa Butter 227 grams

Avocado Oil 170 grams

Beeswax  57 grams

LYE 159 grams

Distilled Water 390 grams

You’ll want to melt the Coconut Oil. Then Slowly Melt the Cocoa Butter & Beeswax into the warm Coconut oil.

Stir until the Cocoa Butter & the Beeswax are fully melted. Then add the Olive and Avocado oils…

Remember have fun! Let me know how it turns out:)

Dirt Soap w/ Worms (tutorial)!!!

30 May

This is how I make Dirt Soap w/ worms….

If you decide to make it and need help, ask. I promise I won’t bite your head off. 

**REMEMBER Run this and any other recipe through a LYE CALCULATOR! and READ LYE SAFETY!

Now, onto the Tutorial!


Coconut Oil:  181 grams

Olive Oil: 953 grams

Lye: 153. grams

Distilled Water: 375 grams

Instant Coffee 2-3 Tbsp

(you can replace distilled water w/ coffee, I ONLY had instant at the time)

1.5 ounce Dirt Fragrance Oil

Plastic WORMS

Cocoa Powder (enough to dust)















Worm in dirta

Hope you enjoyed! Remember if you have ANY questions feel Free to ask:)

Happy MONDAY, Massage BAR Soap Recipe!

20 May


Do you ever feel like you NEED a massage but don’t have the time to get one?

Here’s a soap that will make your skin and muscles feel as if they are getting one


all you have to do is jump into the shower to do it –

( Sorry, my mind just somewhere it shouldn’t have)

Anyway, It will feel as if you’re getting a massage!

You’ll have to make 2 batches. Start with Batch #1  and follow the tutorial below..

Don’t forget to READ LYE SAFETY  and use a LYE CALCULATOR!


(you can make whatever size batch you’d like, just use the percentages mentioned below)

Olive oil : 17.7 %

Wheat Germ: 7.8

Almond Oil, Sweet: 7.8%

Coconut Oil: 31.4%

Cocoa Butter: 7.8%

Palm Oil 27.5%

Measure LYE to your specific recipe.

Tapioca Pearls approximately 1 cup

Fragrance or Essential Oils









(you can make whatever size batch you’d like, just use the percentages mentioned below)

Olive oil : 17.7 %

Wheat Germ: 7.8

Almond Oil, Sweet: 7.8%

Coconut Oil: 31.4%

Cocoa Butter: 7.8%

Palm Oil 27.5%

Measure LYE to your specific recipe.


Fragrance or Essential Oils








Bath Crayons?

24 Apr

There’s a little part of me that wishes she could turn back the hands of time and be a kid again. I mean really Bath Crayons? How COOL are those? Imagine playing in a bathtub and writing with a Bath Crayon that Super Cool!

Of coarse I’m not a kid


I must be getting old because I never knew you could make them. Dah! Of coarse you can make them. I learn something new every day……


Bath crayons happen to be one of those

learned something new today



and you know what? They are Super EASY to make. I found Great recipe on Bulk Apothecary Website. You can check it out here.