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24 Jan

If you read my post from the other day you know the nightmare in the *LOVE kitchen  that took place. You can read about it here. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

After a long hard talk with myself after making 3 failed batches and having no clue why? (other than a hunch)

I went with my hunch and this is what I did with the three failed batches….

Since there were three layers I had to divide them and cut them into pieces. Then I added a bit of Distilled water (not too much) and placed into the microwave and melted them.



I started laying the layers back into the mold.







Then I insulated and left it there overnight. While I was biting my nails in the hopes it would turn out as expected.



YES!!!!!!They came out fine! Now, it’s a  matter of time. I’ll check them periodically but they LOOK Great  🙂

Moral of the lesson: I NEED to get used to the feeling of the new hand blender!

Just in case you’re LOOKING for an answer right now for some other type of soaping problem Go and check out this Anne-Marie is a wealth of information!


Nightmares in the *LOVE Kitchen……..

22 Jan

In case you have no idea what the LOVE Kitchen is, 

it’s the place where P.S. I Love Soap Co. comes to life.

I have so many things going on right now it’s really hard for me to focus on anything. Although, I’ve always been able to soap when I have things on my mind. But, lately……

AH!!! is the ONLY way I can describe it.

I have been making Coffee Mocha Kitchen hand soap for years and I mean years. It’s one of my BEST sellers of ALL- Time! I’m getting frustrated batch by batch because bad things are happening….AND I’ve checked the recipe 80 million times and can’t figure it out.



See where the arrow is pointing? Well, that’s oil and that’s not a good thing.  Still can’t figure it out. That was the first batch. The second batch I said  to myself…”self, maybe you didn’t mix it long enough?” So, I mixed it longer to make certain it was at trace. (and again, I’ve made this soap multiple, multiple, multiple times…..)


Guess what happened again? YEP, you got it. It looked the the picture above. AH>>>>

As I type this I have a third batch that will be ready for the unveil tomorrow. I have my fingers, toes and places I can’t talk about crossed…Wish me luck!

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What are these?

1 Oct


These are our lifelines when it comes to soaping…..

**(if you are soaping & selling you should be writing!)

It’s the place where we write ALL of the important information down. I know you may be asking why?

Why would you have to have notebooks to soap?

It’s actually simple.

These notebooks contain everything that goes into a batch.

They contain the following:

1. the SOAP RECIPE that has been assigned a BATCH # – 

(You should always assign a batch number so you’ll be able to track a soap back)

2.  Type of color / colors that were used (brand & color)

3. Fragrance / essential Oils (brand & type)

4. Any extras such as seeds, lavender buds etc.

5. clays or salts

Anything that goes into that particular batch gets written down on that sheet of paper.

Which then goes into the notebook. Then when you label the soap it will make life so simple!

**It’s IMPORTANT to know what went into every batch. If you are soaping and selling and aren’t writing. It’s time to start a good practice and get yourself a notebook. Start documenting your next batch. Remember you’ll want to assign a Batch # to each batch and write everything that goes into that batch down.. Have a question? click here!

One thing that really gets to me….

12 Sep

 I have the oils, butters, colors. fragrance and the mold ready to go. I have a vision in my mind of what I’d like to do in the mold. I’m ready!!



AND then it happens,

I go to get the distilled water

and boom.

NO Distilled Water.

Ah, really no distilled water? Yep, as I look again in disbelief — It’s true I have no distilled water. Needless to say it does take air out of my balloon a tiny bit.

Right away, I start thinking Milks, Beer, Apple juice, Aloe Vera and which liquid will best fit my needs.

 I make my decision Buttermilk it will be.

So, I measure it out and put it into the freezer asap. Now, I wait! Hoping to get this batch done. I’ll post pics tomorrow (if it comes out, lol)

Can shredded Loofa (Luffa) in soap clog a drain?

30 Jul

This was a question we got asked a lot last year at the Farmers Market. Then when we were looking at our Blog statistics we noticed people were searching for the same answer.  I’m guessing it’s because other soaper’s (people who make or sell soap) use shredded loofah in their soaps.

I admit last year we made one batch of soap that had shredded loofah in it.  Clogging the drain never came into my mind when I was making it. The first day we added the shredded loofah soap to our table Our customers noticed….

They would ask ~ well they would state I think this will clog the drain. For us it was better to be safe than sorry and we pulled the soap off the table.

Now, when we create a soap we keep  the drain in our minds…. the more we thought about it the more we would hate to hear that a soap clogged a drain. Now, we don’t put anything in our soaps that could possible clog a drain.

We want our customers to be happy!!


What is the best way to store the soap between uses?

18 Mar

The answer to that question is super easy.

A Soap Dish.

soap dish

Yep, that’s what I said a soap dish. But not Any soap dish.

You’ll need one that will keep your Natural soap out of standing water.

See, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a soap dish is making sure the soap will sit above the run off of water.

Below, is an example of a  common wooden soap dish.

Many people use these types of soap dishes.  I personally don’t like them. I find that the  soap sticks to them


the soap is not far enough away from the water.

So, the soap doesn’t dry as fast.

Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden Soap Dish



See how the soap sits on the Wooden dish…..?

Now,  onto the type I prefer.

It’s more like little finger tips or pegs holding up your bar of soap. (see the last picture below)

Plus, you can’t see them but there are some holes between those fingers / pegs.

The holes make sure the water drains.

Keeping your bar of soap lasting longer.



IMG_4335Soap dish 1

Can you see how the soap sits on those fingers/pegs? The soap will dry faster which will make your bar last longer.


That’s a good thing:)

Getting rid of the Dreaded Soda Ash!

8 Nov

Did you just read the title of this blog post and have no clue what I’m talking about?

Well, first off Soda Ash has absolutely nothing to do with this….


It has to do with this……

Soap with Soda Ash

Do you see the white coating that’s on the soap?

That’s soda ash.

Some people spray 91% rubbing alcohol on the top of the raw soap in the mold prior to insulating (to prevent soda ash.)

others use Plastic wrap. With the example above I didn’t use anything. So needless to say I have soda ash.

Now the question becomes can I get rid of it? and the answer would be Yes! I can get rid of it.

It’s pretty simple.

First boil some water.

Boil Water

Then take the bar in you hand and carefully I’ll say that again carefully place it in front of the steam.

“Carefully” place bar in front of the steam.

Then take a Clean rag or paper towel and gently rub  to dry the bar.

The soda ash should be a thing of the past! See…..

Soda Ash Gone!

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Trouble with a Batch of Soap?

29 Oct

You have your lye solution ready. The oils & butters are melted. All the extras such as fragrances and colors are ready to go.

You start putting it all together



it seizes….and becomes UN-pourable.

It’s happened to all of at one point or another. It can be very frustrating.

Can it be avoided?

For me most of the time it’s a fragrance that I’m not familiar with that gives me the problem.

The number ONE thing to do is (believe it or not) write every detail of your soap process down.This way if you come across a fragrance that speeds things up you know not to use it for certain techniques.


Number TWO check your Temperatures! Sometimes oils & butter & lye solution need to be a certain temperature. Some oils/butter work better at a cooler temps and sometimes they work fine at a higher temp.

Make sure and Write Everything down. It will help you in the long run….:)

~Colorants for COLD PROCESSED soap~

11 Oct

Hi everyone!  Hope your day is going well:)


Yes, I’m going to try and talk about colors a bit.


Who doesn’t LOVE colors?

Not me,

 I “LOVE” colors and I love colors that really Pop!

Most of the time I use  manufactured colors.

But, I have been trying to work with natural colors more.

For this Blog post I’ll be sticking to the manufactured colors though.

MICA”S:  (powdered) Natural minerals (quartz-like) that have a sparkle to them.  Colored mica’s usually have  been coated with  FDA approved dyes or pigments . They come in a wide variety of colors. Be careful when using them. You don’t want to use too much or your bubbles can be very colorful too…. You need very little to color your soap. 1/4 to 1 tsp per pound of soap. Depending on what your desired outcome is.

**I mix mica’s w/ a little bit of avocado or sweet almond oil**

OXIDES & ULTRAMARINE’S:  These are Pigments. Although, there are natural pigments from the earth (such as iron) the kind used in soap making are Man made and FDA approved. Here’s a list of  ingredients that may be in them: koalin, sodium carbonate, sulfur, silica, carbon & resin

**1 tsp per pound of soap** You can use more depending on your intended results

The Tip I learned today for using LYE…

5 Sep

Wow! Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? Those holidays really make the week Fly by……

I’ve been making soap for years. So, I’m still scratching my head with this one….

I can’t believe what I did. I had lye ALL over the place. AHHHHH…..

I’m going to share with you what happened to me. Then maybe you’ll remember my short story the next time you make soap.

Do you see the girls hair above? The static electricity makes her hair stand up….
Well, I decided to wipe the counter down one more time with a very damp cloth. ( I’m a little bit of a germ nut)


I neglected to dry it thoroughly (not sure where my head was)

so when I was weighing the Lye it was going ALL over the place.

I should also mention,  I usually use a DRYER  sheet to go around the rim of the Lye bottle and the container I add the Lye to….So, that I don’t have any problems with static electricity & the LYE.

Here’s my Tip!

Use a Dryer Sheet to go around the rim of the Lye bottle & container you’ll be using for the Lye AND  always make sure your counters are dry!