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AND here it is…..

31 Jan

While I can’t say that I’m in with the first soap in over 2 years I can say I’m *in friend* with it. Although it didn’t come out the way I wanted it. It wasn’t a total disaster and that I’m thankful for.

I got up extra early this morning because I could NOT wait to find out how it came out. First, I took off all the covers and box. And I said well it looks great! Then I un-molded it and said “not bad” then I cut the bars and said “well, definitely not what I was hoping for but still okay.”


here’s the glorious pic!


And I’m SO happy and THANKFUL to say ALL Pre-Orders have been SOLD!



Well here it is……

23 Dec

This has not been easy but  I made the Major Announcement a few weeks ago.

But for those of you that don’t know here’s the link to explain.

Major Announcement

I hope to get soaping sooner than later!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & May each of you have the BEST New Year ever ::

Happy November 1st!

1 Nov

I just can not believe how time fly’s!


I’ve been extremely busy with the soap business and my personal life. And I just realized at this very moment (well, probably  ten minutes ago) that it’s November 1st! It’s November 1st and I haven’t written a post in like forever.

So I started thinking what could I share with you that would be a wealth of information.  AND Boom I remembered reading this awesome blog post about *ORGANIC and what that means written by The Sirona Springs Blog. You can read the post here. You need to go and read this post! Ruth Esteves really tells you everything you need to know when it comes to ORGANIC and soap products! She is the owner of Sirona Springs onlne and the co-owner of The Nova studio where she gets to teach what she loves to do.

Anyway, I hope you do go and read her post about what ORGANIC really means!

This is awesome…….!

11 Jan

Happy Saturday!

As some of you may or may not know…. we have an ETSY store and OPEN SKY store and we’re very active on Facebook. Plus, we sell at the local Farmers market during the Spring/Summer. It’s been an absolute ride this past year. I can not believe how we’ve picked up! 


it’s because of our Customers (THANK YOU!)

that we were able to donate this food (well, that was the last donation of the year) to FOOD PANTRY!

(IF, you didn’t know we donate a percentage of ALL sales for food for the pantry)



See this soap?


This is  White Zinfandel, made with 100% Pure White Zinfandel and even smells like it! I have to say I Love the way it turned out!

This is an Exclusive Soap on OpenSky! But, there are Only 3 left. Could you imagine giving this to the woman of your dreams? a daughter? a Lover? a Man? heck I’d buy this one for myself…

Hope you’re off to a GREAT DAY!

YES! it’s Wednesday don’t you think it’s a good time to….

18 Dec

Finish shopping!

(Well, maybe not for others but maybe for yourself)

Christmas is exactly one week (yep, that’s what I said) one week from today! Can you believe it? To tell you the truth I can’t. I know you’ve probably finished everyone on your list. So, why not grab a gift for yourself.



Any soaps in our ETSY store. *excludes Salt Bars

Here’s what you’ll do,

Add the 3 you’d like to the cart and pay then email me with your choice of FREE bar!

*excludes Salt Bars

Halloween is coming! and dirt soap does just the trick…

25 Oct

I can’t believe it’s almost


can you? Anyway, I’ve been cleaning off some shelves to make room for some new soaps. I have 4 Bars of soap that SMELL just like dirt, it’s the weirdest thing. But, the kids and Adult Men love it for some reason although they like the little worm that comes with it.

Ingredients include Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Coffee and Cocoa Powder

These 4  lonely bars NEED a home. I’m asking $13 and it includes the shipping (USA ONLY)Worm in dirt1 If you are interested send us your email address at psilovesoapco@gmail.com so we can send you a Paypal invoice!

Have a great weekend!

This post is ALL about Halloween….

14 Oct

For some reason this year I’m really into the Halloween thing. I’m not sure why, other than it’s just a Fun day! and for ALL ages.  I’ve been on a search for the worms I use in our Dirt soap this is the TUTORIAL…and this is the Etsy listing it’s an older version but still Great with ALL ages..

But, I haven’t had ANY luck trying to find them. We usually purchase them at Michael’s. The last time we bought them there were only two packs left. AND to some surprise it doesn’t look like there coming back. AHHHH… I need those worms for that Dirt Soap. I don’t think it would be safe to use fishing bate. So, I’m on a hunt! If you know of any place I’d be very grateful if you left a comment below…….

While I was looking I came across these worms…If you’re into Halloween like I am maybe you’ll make them. they look like so much fun!

Is it a bird, a plane?

10 Oct

Nope, it’s none of those….it’s

*Monkey Farts*

Monkey Farts soap that is! 

(lol) and yes you did read correctly!


believe it or not it’s One of our *BEST sellers with Kids and Adults.

It has a Clean Berry scent. Here’s a few Pictures……

Monkey Farts2aMonkey FartsaMonkey Farts1a

Today I’ll be making another Kid favorite. Dirt soap w/ worms! It one of my favorite soaps to make. I’ll post pics tomorrow.

Have a GREAT Day 🙂

Please, Please ~ I Need a Name…….

9 Oct

This is NOT something I normally do but I figured what the heck. This is a  soap I made yesterday. I can’t figure out what to call it. Have ANY suggestions? The fragrance is a blend of fresh mint, blooming jasmine and pine needles. The colors are aqua, purple, black & white.

b firstsnow1

Here’s another view:

Afirstsnow1What would you call it????

Happy HUMP day!

9 Oct

Have you seen this commercial?  … It just cracks me up every time I see it…..

I have so many things to get done before November & December.  We went to a meeting regarding a Holiday Boutique that will take place in our town. It’s a Pop-Up Shop just for the holidays. The Holiday Boutique will be carrying unique handcrafted items from local artists & vendors….


With their hand burned wood items and upcycled items – Amy Dipalma handcrafts each piece free hand! Her pieces are truly amazing!

 Domestic Goddess Candles Ltd

I personally can not say enough about these candles! Tiffany Palisi Hand pours each and every candle she makes.  The scents are unmatchable! She has her own signature scents made just for her.  The candles burn a LONG time and the scent stays until the very end.


Sisters Jewelry

Two sisters that make the most incredible High End Custom jewelry! Pattie & Barbara know what people want when it comes to jewelry! and no one can beat their prices. They make you anything you want….

Not sure if the,

Culture Cabin 

will be there. Erika makes the most incredible sassy scraps!

Not only am I focused on the Boutique but I’m also focused on:2013 GBW CS POSTCARD JPEGWe did one weekend last year and sold lots. This year we’re going to be there for BOTH weekends.

I can’t wait I’m so excited!!!!