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31 Jan


What’s your guess? ❤ to see comments below!


It’s happening!

27 Jan

Wow! I am SOOOO excited just got most of my supplies to make soap & scrubs Yippee!!!

 My head has been up in the clouds these days fantasizing about making soap. Unfortunately, I have to work on listing and taking orders.

But today is a mile stone…….. I made a

Pre-Order listing for The Original LOVE scrub! You ask what is The Original LOVE scrub? It the most moisturizing spa-like sugar scrub that has so many great beneficial oils like avocado, jojoba & argan! Plus it’s scented with Lavender Essential oil to really take you away!

Customers have been raving that’s it’s THE BEST Scrub EVER!!!!! since it’s debut in 2012! If you love scrub why not try The Original LOVE Scrub?



It’s a BATH Poll!

5 Jun

Bath Crayons?

24 Apr

There’s a little part of me that wishes she could turn back the hands of time and be a kid again. I mean really Bath Crayons? How COOL are those? Imagine playing in a bathtub and writing with a Bath Crayon that Super Cool!

Of coarse I’m not a kid


I must be getting old because I never knew you could make them. Dah! Of coarse you can make them. I learn something new every day……


Bath crayons happen to be one of those

learned something new today



and you know what? They are Super EASY to make. I found Great recipe on Bulk Apothecary Website. You can check it out here.