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Boy, it really has been a loooooong time!

19 Apr

Today I decided to make a batch of


It’s a soap that smells exactly like:

The Jersey Shore (even looks like the ocean and has shells)

 if you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about -and if you haven’t THINK Hawaiian Tropics.

I have been making soap for 10 years (couldn’t make it for 2 1/2)I figured it would be like riding a bike…HA, the joke was one meeeeeeee…..

Never in a million years

 would I have thought I would have encountered SO many problems. —

(from now on: notes, lots of notes, and I mean lots of very, very, very detailed notes.)

I have written many notes that I thought were great the only problem is they’re on the first maybe second batch and then I never added it to the computer software. Dumb Dumb Dumb. But a lesson learned!

Here’s the flopped soap in the mold.

The next day when I went to go and check and this guy it was not  a happy feeling. It was the complete opposite. It was the feeling of OH MY!

Here is the flopped soap out of the mold.

It may not look that bad in the pic but believe me, It’s AWFUL! Just AWFUL! But that is okay because I remembered how I used to do it!!!!

Wish me luck on my second batch!


Whew! I’ve been playing with Soap All day!

30 Jul

Okay, I haven’t really been playing with soap! I’ve been playing around with my Website. IK…It always seems to take me ALL day and I have sooo many batches of soap to get done. Feeling a tad bit overwhelmed!

Anyway, just put this in my store!

Monkey Farts!

Everyone having a Good? Hope you are:)