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Why using Lanolin in Soap ROCKS! for dry skin…..

22 May

The Boonton Farmers Market  is starting June 7th, 2014. So, you know what I’m doing…I’m getting ready! This will be our third year. Wow, did I just say that? yes I did. I love being at the market. There are lots of great people!

Sometimes those people (our customers) give us reasons why they buy the soap they buy. There is one customer that gave me a lesson…..The first time she (I’ll call her Mary) Mary came to the table she asked if I had any Lanolin soaps.  Mary told me nothing beats Lanolin soap for dry skin and she won’t use any other kind. Thank God, I did have  some lanolin soaps that day because  she’s been buying them ever since.

Even though I had made some Lanolin Soaps I hadn’t really tested them out. To tell you the truth it wasn’t until recently when I had made some Lip Balms with a bit off lanolin in them. I had a test panel and one of the Testers told me that the lip balm was the best she’s Ever used. She went on to say that it stays on All Day and it moisturizes her lips like no other Lip Balm out there. (she’s a true Lip Balmer) That really peeked my interest.

So, what is Lanolin exactly and why does it Rock?

Well, I found out  it’s a waxy substance which can be called Wool Wax, Wool Grease or Wool Fat. It’s extracted from Sheep Wool….(don’t worry the sheep is not harmed in any way)


Eid_Sheep-coloredThere are chemical similarities between lanolin and human skin. AND it prevents moisture loss and it re-hydrates! Now, that ROCKS!!!!

No wonder that Mary and the Lip Balm Tester LOVE the products with Lanolin. No wonder Mary will only use Lanolin Soaps!

Because Lanolin is chemically similar to human skin it makes it perfect for Soaps, lotions and skincare products! You can READ more about Lanolin at Lanolin.com

****Please be advised some people are allergic to Lanolin****


Red Wine Soap?

25 Sep

Yes, can you believe it? Soap can be made from Red Wine.

Here’s a bar right here….finished barLooks pretty good right?

Check it out…..












Insulated overnight. Then un-molded and cut….

Here’ s the finished!!!!!!!15

LOOK the bars are done!

24 Sep

Well, I didn’t get the Beer Soap done. That’s because I answered the phone. *note to me – don’t answer the phone when soap is needed to be made.

I did get the Salt Bars made. Although, I didn’t think that was going to happen. I mixed all the ingredients. Filled the mold and was Super excited because the soap was coming out the way I had envisioned.

Then I went to do some cleaning up. That’s when it hit me! I forgot to ADD the Fragrance! I couldn’t believe it. How am I going to save this soap? I decided to just dump the soap batter into a stainless steel bowl (because you never want to use Aluminum) add the fragrance as gently as possible. Then dump it back into the mold. Well, it’s not exactly the look I was looking for but I think it came out okay……

Check them out!

Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt scented with Tuberose (customer Favorite)




and here is the other bar.

Pink Huimalayan Salt1

scented with SPA!

Today, it’s time to finish the Beer Soap and work on some others…..

Have a Fantastic Day!

What are you doing, It’s FALL!

23 Sep

fall1Happy Monday and first FULL day of FALL!

First, I want to say **Thank you** to whoever nominated me for the Good Neighbor Award….Thanks so much!!!

After I’m done with my morning coffee I have a Super Packed day ahead. First, I have to do inventory from over the weekend. To see how many Bars of Soap we sold. Then I’m off to make  Salt bars  – HUGE Seller this year!

Can’t quite keep them in stock.

One of the batches will be,

Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt scented with Tuberose (customer Favorite)

Red Alaea

Hawaiian RED Alaea Sea Salt


the other one will be 

Pink Himalayan Salt scented with Spa (another customer favorite)

Pink Himalayan

Pink Himalayan Salt

When I’m finished with those I need to make some

Cricket Hill American Ale Soap.

Cricket Hill is a Local Brewery that has their own soap! You can drink the Best Beer and Bathe in it too… How awesome is that? I’d say it’s pretty darn awesome!

I’m honored that we’re the ones that make it!

Cricket Hill

Have a GREAT day!

Sometimes, it happens!

9 Sep

This past weekend we were vendors at River Jam. It’s a festival that’s packed with 2 stages, 16 bands, food, beer, wine, and lots of crafters.  It’s a really great event especially if there’s good weather which it was! Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

We set up our booth and decided to take our normal stroll around to look at what the other vendors were selling. Then came back and sat until it was time to sell.

Right off the bat, 


We sold 5 bars of Clouds In the Sky!Clouds in the sky2a

I was thrilled because I LOVE this bar. I know how happy people are going to be with them. I’m not sure if they’re going to use them OR put them on a shelf to look at. I know that they all found great homes. 🙂


I’ve been making soap for over 8 years and every now and then I loose my mind. I had a potential customer come to the table and ask if I add Lauric Acid to my soaps? and I said “No.” Because I don’t……

She said ” Oh, not a problem, not a lot of soap people add it to the soap” and I was like okay….

When she walked away I started thinking that really All of my soaps have Lauric Acid in them. And I should have told her that… Dah….

You want to know what it is too, right?

What is Lauric Acid?

Lauric Acid is an unusual fatty acid that have saturation and a low Molecular weight. (Usually to create a hard, bar of soap you need a High Molecular) The exception to that rule are the oils listed below.  What does it mean to have saturation and a Low Molecular weight? It means it produces a hard bar of soap with great lather. These are some of the oils that are high in Lauric Acid.

Palm Kernel Oil

Coconut Oil

Babassu Oil

Busy, Busy, Busy and some pic updates….

21 Aug

This summer is flying by. I mean really flying by. I have no clue where the time goes. Being that the first part of the Summer here in New jersey was so stink-en Humid & Hot. You know the type of weather that you feel like doing absolutely nothing. The kind of weather that  zaps all of your energy.  The kind of energy that makes people shop….Which is great for me 🙂

There’s only one problem though, I fell a few batches behind. So, it was catch up time. I was on a soaping marathon. AND as of today I’m almost completely caught up. Yay!

I think now is a good time to say “THANK YOU” to All of our customers  and blog followers!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of new soaps!

(btw, if you are interested in ANY of our soaps email us at psilovesoapco@gmail.com put Blog Soap in Subject line……)


Acai Berry1



Rosemary Spearmint1

Dirt Soap w/ Worms (tutorial)!!!

30 May

This is how I make Dirt Soap w/ worms….

If you decide to make it and need help, ask. I promise I won’t bite your head off. 

**REMEMBER Run this and any other recipe through a LYE CALCULATOR! and READ LYE SAFETY!

Now, onto the Tutorial!


Coconut Oil:  181 grams

Olive Oil: 953 grams

Lye: 153. grams

Distilled Water: 375 grams

Instant Coffee 2-3 Tbsp

(you can replace distilled water w/ coffee, I ONLY had instant at the time)

1.5 ounce Dirt Fragrance Oil

Plastic WORMS

Cocoa Powder (enough to dust)















Worm in dirta

Hope you enjoyed! Remember if you have ANY questions feel Free to ask:)

It’s the start of a new WEEK!

11 Feb

I have a packed day ahead.

Lots of *Gonzo Pimple* soap  to be made along with my ever popular *CALLUS Remover* Soap. Plus, my creative juices started to flow again. I have a lot of new ideas that I hope will translate into some awesome looking soap. My fingers are crossed. As every Soap maker knows sometimes things just don’t happen the way you’d like them too……But I’ll keep my faith.

I’m hoping to post a New Recipe for ALL of my followers that love my recipes. Be on the look out. So with all that I said here are some new soap pics.

This soap I call the UPSIDE DOWN SOAP being that there are designs on both the up & down sides….

Upside down soap....This is Upside.

Upside down soap….This is Upside.

and This is the down Side but it still has a design on it!

and This is the down Side but it still has a design on it!


Ginger Lime

Ginger Lime

Sunny Side...

Sunny Side…


This is what I see for P.S. I Love Soap Co.’s Blog for 2013!

2 Jan

As I’m sure you can tell I’ve been sort of ALL over and disorganized on my blog.

I think one of the reasons for it being ALL over and disorganized is because I’m trying to be someone I’m not.

So, this year “2013” I’m going to start doing things a little bit differently.

This is how it’s going to be.

The New Beginning!!!New Beginng

1. When a new P.S. I Love Soap Co. soap is created I’m going to post pictures.

2. Every now and then I’ll post a recipe that I feel every soaper should make at least once.

3. I’m going to start telling you about ingredients that go into a bar of soap.

4. Keep you updated on the events & promotions of P.S. I Love Soap Co.

5. Polls (they’re always FUNJ )



Right now I’ll tell you about some of the exciting events that P.S. I Love Soap Co. have had in the past month or so.


#1 – P.S. I Love Soap Co.’s Soap has been purchased for a gift shop in a hospital (one of the largest hospital’s in Morris County.)

#2 – P.S. I Love Soap Co. will be having their First ever Newsletter January. You can sign up here.

#3 – P.S. I Love Soap Co. will be featured at Savannah’s Hope Vintage Boonton, NJ for the month of February!

#4 – P.S. I Love Soap Co. will be at Culture Cabin Boonton, NJ February 9, 2013.




Getting ready for the “Ginger Bread Wonderland” this weekend!

30 Nov

I’ve been so busy trying to get ready for this show.

2012 GBW CS individual postcard

It’s unbelievable.

This is the first show that I needed approval to even be a vendor. Since I’m a nut cake when it comes to detail, I’ve been trying to make sure I have everything and I mean everything.

Pens, paper, tissue paper, change (not sure how you even figure that out,) Table cloth and many other items. I hope I’m not bringing too much. But, I’d rather have too much than not enough.

I’m also getting a tad bit nervous on the time element. Set up begins at 8am so I have to make sure we’re there. Since I’ve never been to that venue I have no idea the distance between the parking lot and where the Craft Show will be. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Anyway, thanks for listening to my little rant. Wish me luck!

PS, if you happen to live anywhere near Morristown, NJ come by the Gingerbread Wonderland it’s supposed to be Spectacular!!!