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Woo-hoo, Valentine’s Day & Updates!!!!

14 Feb


Oh, don’t you  just LOVE the day of LOVE! I mean really is there anything better? I don’t think so and btw no you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate. It’s a day to show everyone you know (even complete strangers) how them being in your presence matters. 

For me getting up Valentines morning  and seeing my soap creations works for me. Because as many of you know I’m  a positive please-er type of gu-rl. I love to make people feel good. And with my soaps as they lay there curing on the racks I know that when customers receive the bars they will be thrilled! AND to tell you the truth that makes my ❤ SMILE!

This is also a day for some updates! So here I go…..

You already know LOVE Scrub, First Snow, FRESH,  Drunken Stupor (special order) are SOLD OUT! There are going to be some happy customers just look at them!










Black Raspberry Vanilla (1 jar left click on the pic if you’d like to purchase)


Avocado- Argan Facial Bars w/ Lavender Essential Oil PRE-Order

(Only 8 left click on pic if you’d like to pre-order)


LOVE MY feet Callus Soap Pre-Order (ONLY 2 left to pre-order click the pic)


AND the final update is,

I will be making LOVE Butta once again! CUSTOMER FAVORITE for helping them with dry skin. AND I’ll also be making Oatmeal & Honey Facial Soap. Again another CUSTOMER FAVORITE!

Keep an eye on the ETSY SHOP!

AND if you’re dying for me to make something feel free to contact me OR leave a comment down below 🙂

Okay well I think I’ve given a pretty good update! Thanks as always for being here!!!!! ❤

It stinks….

9 Jan

happy Tuesday! (Did I just say Tuesday?)

I meant to say Happy Thursday!


Happy Thursday!!!

Where does that time go?

After inventory and making a production schedule I wait! Wait for what? I’m waiting for supplies to come…Have you ever felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. Well, that’s me right now.

I have so many soaps to get moving on but am missing ingredients: Ah……..

Soaps like Customer Favorite’s that I can not keep in stock no matter how many batches I make!

Callus Soap which is packed with and I mean packed with Lots & Lots of fine pumice and Shea Butter! I’ve never used it but my customer’s LOVE it! and every time I tell someone I’ve never used it they look at me like I had 12 heads. Then they usually buy a bar. They use it and when there done they come back and say

” I NEED another bar because I LOVE it!”  Who am I to argue with that?


Coffee Mocha hand soap that can also be used on the body if you wish. This soap happens to be one of MY favorites….. A bit exfoliating and super moisturizing! It’s packed with everything that a cup of coffee has like: Coffee, Cream, Sugar, Coffee grinds. AND it’s also packed with lots of Shea butter… 

So I WAIT!!!!

The GingerBread Wonderland was a success!

4 Dec


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What could be better than Gingerbread  every where?

I got a chance to peek at the gingerbread creations before the Craft Show started. But, I forgot to take pictures. Duh!

So, since it was a two day event I had my husband go and take some pictures.  You’ll notice they are just pictures. I forgot to tell

him to take pictures of the actual scenes. He did however manage to take a picture of one that I loved…If you scroll down you’ll see it…




Here’s my favorite…..


We had such a great time meeting new people…. it was just fantastic!


I was completely amazed at how the kids listened to their parents. the number ONE phrase of the day

“Do Not Touch”…lol

It was just great!

Here’s a list of my 3  Best Sellers at the Craft Show.








Happy Monday! Thank God the Exessive Heat is Gone…Time to make some CP Soap!!!!!

9 Jul

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m so Happy that the Heat – Humidity is Gone. I’m ok with the heat it’s the humidity that kills me. It must just be me though because this past Saturday was My Busiest Day at the Farmers’ market (to date).

I couldn’t believe it! and the compliments were overwhelming (and I even got emails!) I have THE BEST customers ever!!!!

My most popular item this past weekend was my Callus Remover Soap w/ pumice. I sold out over the weekend.

Guess what I’m doing today?

Callus Remover Soap w/ Pumice

Yep, you guessed it…making Callus Remover Soap w/ pumice! and lots of it. My customers are going Crazy over it!