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2 Feb

O’ My I just cannot wait until tomorrow for my next soaping shipment! I swear it feels like I’m waiting for Santa to come. Except there is No Santa just a big box of supplies..

YES!!!!!! So excited!!!

I just cannot wait! But I have to wait 😦


SO what’s going to be on the Soaping Board? These will be on the  soaping board:

FIRST SNOW (SOLD OUT) – I can see those SMILES already they’re SO big!

DRUNKEN STUPOR (SOLD OUT -special order)

Black Raspberry Vanilla WHIPPED Scrub (5 left)

Avocado Lavender Facial Bars

LOVE MY FEET Bars (Has fine pumice to remove calluses and a BEST seller!)

I just can’t wait!!!! Can you?


It’s Friday peeps! happy Friday….

6 Jul

Well, I’m not sure about you but I’ve had a short long week. (if you know what I mean) I’ve been trying to get my head in order. But I think the heat has got the best of me….

I’m trying to get the Soaps ready for tomorrow’s Farmers market. Sometimes, I feel as if I’m going into reverse. It’s going to be so HOT —-

Will there be anyone at the Farmers market? If people come …. Good time to sell right? What’s better than a Great bar of Soap to wash the Stink off of your Body when you’ve been sweating All Day. LOL

Here are pics of  a couple of soaps…I made this past week. The 2nd bar I believe I may have added a little too much titanium dioxide….O’ well. I think it still looks good…….What do you think?

Palm FREE Face Soap