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Just listed!

15 Nov

Good Morning!

A few blog followers were asking about my listings.

Here’s one I just listed:

This one reminds me of cutting down a Christmas tree without the Tree or the Saw.


It’s packed with with moisturizing Olive Oil, unrefined Shea Butter (high in vitamin/mineral content to benefit dry skin) Plus,

I’ve added Silk for a luxurious feel.

Would make a great hostess gift!

Christmas Wreath Soap

~Colorants for COLD PROCESSED soap~

11 Oct

Hi everyone!  Hope your day is going well:)


Yes, I’m going to try and talk about colors a bit.


Who doesn’t LOVE colors?

Not me,

 I “LOVE” colors and I love colors that really Pop!

Most of the time I use  manufactured colors.

But, I have been trying to work with natural colors more.

For this Blog post I’ll be sticking to the manufactured colors though.

MICA”S:  (powdered) Natural minerals (quartz-like) that have a sparkle to them.  Colored mica’s usually have  been coated with  FDA approved dyes or pigments . They come in a wide variety of colors. Be careful when using them. You don’t want to use too much or your bubbles can be very colorful too…. You need very little to color your soap. 1/4 to 1 tsp per pound of soap. Depending on what your desired outcome is.

**I mix mica’s w/ a little bit of avocado or sweet almond oil**

OXIDES & ULTRAMARINE’S:  These are Pigments. Although, there are natural pigments from the earth (such as iron) the kind used in soap making are Man made and FDA approved. Here’s a list of  ingredients that may be in them: koalin, sodium carbonate, sulfur, silica, carbon & resin

**1 tsp per pound of soap** You can use more depending on your intended results

It’s FRIDAY!!! Yipee Yahoo….Some more Soaps!

5 Oct

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone has been having a Great week…

If not, don’t worry the weekend is here…YES!

I want to know what YOU want me to talk about in my posts…

If you could  leave your ideas in the comments section below. Then I’ll just write blog posts regarding your ideas. Sounds Good right?!

For now, here are some more soaps on the cure racks….4 to 6 weeks to go.





Pink Himalayan Salt


Black Hawaiian Lava Salt


This is my newest Cold processed Soap!

4 Oct

Hi Everyone!

I can not believe to tell you how busy my brain has been these days.

I’m hoping to get a really nice blog post with pics soon…

But for now……..here is my newest creation.

BAMBOO Scented CP Soap

BAMBOO Scented CP Soap

They’ll be cured in 4 to 6 weeks!

Now, it’s back to making soap and hopefully I’ll be able to get that blog post done!




More Cold Processed Soaps that are curing!

19 Sep

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This week is just flying by……..I feel like some kind of bird.

Anyway, here are some new soaps that are curing as I type. Sometimes, I’m not sure what I’m thinking with the colors and the scents. I like a surprise I guess. O’ well, that’s me:)

Lemongrass Verbena

Here are some more of the ever Popular loofah soaps…(the bright yellow one is scented with MONKEY FARTS)


Christmas Wreath

What a Week! with cold Process Soap……

7 Sep

My life has been so hectic all I can say is WOW!

This is what’s been going on.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a Professional member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.

Which is a Fantastic organization..They’ll are GREAT people. I can not say enough about them….

When you sign up as a Professional member you also have access to a Free web-store. That’s where I had my Domain forwarding too. I thought it was a Great idea. But I guess for someone like me that doesn’t know to much about the computer thing…It was turning out to be a nightmare.

New customers (if you were one of them I apologize) were not able to either

One: pay for the order

Two: open an account

or there were other things I’m just not in the mood to get into…

I was starting to get a little bit annoyed. (It’s not the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild’s fault, I want to make that clear)

So, this past week I have taken all (most of) my items/ inventory and moved them over the the Etsy Store.  There is something about writing descriptions that is so unappealing……

Anyway, now my Etsy Store has more items than it used to you can take a Peek here….

The weekend is almost here and I have inventory & writing  of the black boards before tomorrow’s Farmers Market…

O’ and here are some new soaps that are curing:

Acai Berry & Satin




Orange & Cinnamon



Cold process Soaps unveiled….

22 Aug

Hello there!

Just thought I’d share a few pics of my newest soaps…..

This soaps smells so good! I can’t wait to bathe in it. Walnuts, raisins, cinnamon & brown sugar. It smells like ” Home”

What’s more American than a Good APPLE Pie…?

This scent is a request from a customer “Pine” — If I do say so myself it smells so Good….Just like a freshly cut Christmas tree……

****Updates here’s some of the Cold Process soaps I’ve made recently……

6 Aug

I can’t begin to tell you have busy I’ve been.  Because for me I’ve been busy. But I’m sure no-one wants to hear that. So, here’s some of the things I’ve been doing….

The first has to do with charity! I have made the decision and arrangements that 2% of ALL of my sales will go towards food for the Boonton Food Pantry! I’m so excited to be a part of putting food on the table of people in need. I would hope that if I needed the Food Pantry that someone would be donating food to help my family.

It’s ALL Good!!!!!!

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my brain. Here are a few pics of some of the soaps I’ve made in the past few weeks. They’ll be ready in 4 to 6 weeks…..I’ll keep you posted:)

If you’re LOOKING for a CP Soap Recipe…..Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be posting one so stay tuned!











I’m going to have a Busy week making Soap, especially Loofah Soap!

24 Jul

I had another busy week at the Boonton Farmers market. The funny thing is that my online customers buy completely different soaps than my farmers’ market customers. I just can’t figure out why? But they do……

Anyway, I’m almost “Sold out” of all the Loofah soap I made. People are just  loving it. Who knew?

Loofah Soap

This is what some of them said:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the loofah soap

“Keep stock on that loofah boy, I love it!

(of coarse I’m not a boy but I understood what they were saying)

I’m just amazed and thankful that they are loving it! So guess what I’m doing the next few days? Yep! making Loofah Soap. I am so happy that people are loving my soaps. I guess it’s because I’m a people pleaser. It just bothers me when someone isn’t pleased w/ one of my soaps that I have to make it right……

P.S.  if you are interested in buying a bar – this is where you can buy Loofah Soap!

Have a great Day! I’m off to make soap:)

Bibb lettuce Soap REALLY?

20 Jul

Yep! can you believe it? Well it’s not really made with actual Bibb Lettuce  it’s the fragrance that makes it…..

 It’s fresh and clean. It’s become one of my favorite.

So, you’re probably saying ‘ what the heck would that smell like?”

Well it has notes of Arugula, Blooming Cyclamen, Soothing Bergamot, Fresh Basil, White Lily, Green Leaf Accord, Key Lime and it’s quite refreshing!  I love it! If you’re looking for the perfect gift or you are one of those people that love clean crisp scents this is it……

Crisp Scented Bibb

In case you’re interested in buying a bar…I’ve just listed a bar you can find it here.