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“my” Favorite Mechanic Soap recipe!

29 May

Mechanic Soap recipe has to be one of the most searched recipes ever. So, being that it’s after the Holiday….belated THANK YOU to All the military out there! Because without you “WE” wouldn’t be who we are today! THANK YOU!

I’ve decided to post my favorite Mechanic Soap recipe! When I started making soap years my husband needed something for his icky hands. He’s a mechanic and not one of the “new” mechanics that has pretty hands because they use gloves. Nope, he’s the old fashion type.  Down & dirty!


FYI – Did you know you could?



Don’t forget to READ LYE SAFETY and use a LYE CALCULATOR! ALWAYS!!!!!






Here’s the recipe:

Distilled Water 15.2 ounces

Lye 5.6 ounces

Olive Oil 13.3 ounces

Palm Kernel Oil 13.3 Ounces

Mango Seed Butter 6.7 ounces

Shea Butter 6.7 ounces


These you add at trace before sticking into the mold.

Pumice (fine) 1 tablespoon

Loofah (Shredded) 1 tablespoon


If you have any Questions feel FREE to Contact me:) I won’t bite:>





I Had a Guinness Stout & Hops Soap recipe kind of weekend!

30 Apr

First let me start off with the Farmer’s market updates….We finally got our canopy see:


And we got the Banner!


I have to say I kind of like it (the banner.) Of course what else would I say? The picture doesn’t really do it justice! It’s a simple yet powerful banner……That you can see from a mile away. Makes me happy:)

With all of the running around we’ve been doing I thought it would be fitting to make a Guinness Stout and hops soap. This can be done either Cold Process or Hot Process — I prefer to do it Hot! But you could do it whichever way you’d like. One of these days when I get some time I’ll actually go over the process to making soap……But for now here’s the Guinness Stout & hops recipe!

This recipe produces lots of lather, bubbles and moisture….It’s awesome!!!

Make sure you read LYE SAFETY and always run this and any other soap recipe through a LYE CALCULATOR!

Makes 2.5 lbs.


Boiled Guinness Stout (or any other beer) 388 grams

(When you boil the beer it will release the bubbles because you do not want bubbles)

Lye 164 grams

Palm Oil 363 grams

Olive Oil 363 grams

Coconut Oil 363 grams

Castor Oil 45 grams

1/3 cup whole leaf hops

2 to 3 tbsp powdered hops

This is how you put it together….

  1. Boil the Beer

    Boil Beer Until it looks like this....

  2. Measure the Oils.

    Measure Oils

  3. Melt the Oils. ( I put mine in a Crock-pot)

    Melt the Oils

  4. Measure the Lye.

    Measure the Lye.

  5. Add the Lye to the Beer. SLOWLY and stirring as you go….

    Add Lye to Beer.

  6. Add the Lye solution to the Oils. Take your stick blender and Blend!

    Add Lye Solution to Oils and Stick Blend.

  7. Blend until you reach thick Trace.

    Continue blending until you reach thick trace!

  8. Then put the lid on and cook. (I leave it on Low) It will separate and look a little wrong but it’s not. It will eventually look like Vaseline. When it does pick some up between your fingers. At that point I usually do the zap test. If it zaps then I let it cook more if it doesn’t it’s time to add the hops!
  9. Add the Hops! (I use 2 different kinds)

    Pellet Hops - Need to be crushed into powder..

    Whole leaf hops ( I cut them up some before adding)

  10. When you are finished adding the hops it’s time to put it into molds. Then I the soap cool off and then I UN-mold.
  11. Here’s the Finished Product!

    Guinness Stout & Hops Soap

3 reasons Why handcrafted Soap is better?

26 Apr

First let me say Happy Thursday!

Whew….It’s been quite a Week of torture for me. Not that you need to know or want to know but I had two Optical Migraines on Tuesday. For me an Optical Migraine is when I have trouble focusing and then out of the clear blue sky comes a rainbow looking zigzag pattern that stays in my vision for around 20 to 30 minutes and is followed by a Full Blown Migraine….That was Tuesday! Glad Tuesday is OVER!!!!

Wednesday I cut my finger and I mean Cut my finger… AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Anyway, I didn’t have to go to get stitches.So I guess that’s Good…..It just has not been a good week I Can Not Wait for Friday!!!!!!……….

Alright now that I have that off of my chest! I can get onto those 3 reasons! Are You Ready???

"Beneath The Stars"


1 – Handcrafted Soap Contains NO Detergents! (Can you imagine bathing in detergent!)

2 – Handcrafted Soap contains Lots of great Food Grade Oils & Butters…(My favorite are Olive, Shea, Cocoa Butter…Oh, I could keep going there are so many Great oils & butters)

3- Handcrafted Soap contains Glycerin! (Glycerin is a Humectant = attracts and retains moisture on your skin–Who doesn’t Need that?)




Coconut cream eggs for Easter? Nah, I’ll think it’s time for a Coconut Milk Soap recipe…..

6 Apr



With Easter just a few days away my mind starts thinking about those coconut cream eggs…you know the ones I’m talking about? You either love them or hate them…O’ how I loved them as kid. Now, so much now…..What I love now is Coconut Milk soap. I have a bar listed in my Etsy shop click here to take a peak.

I’ll tell you, there’s nothing better than a really great Coconut Milk Soap Recipe. The bubbles are awesome and moisturizing. Anyway, now that I’ve babbled a little here’s my recipe.

***Before you start read Important Lye Safety***

***Make sure to run this and any other recipe through a Lye Calculator***

Temps: Lye Solution 90 to 100

Temps: Oils  90 to 100


the RECIPE: Coconut Milk Soap Recipe (2.5 lb)

Coconut Milk Powder 2 oz

Distilled Water 15.2 oz

Lye 5.7 oz

—Mix the Coconut Milk Powder into the distilled water. Then pour it through a strainer to make sure there are no lumps. —-Then I like to pop it into the freezer for a bit so it’s really cold. When the coconut water is cold enough I add the Lye.

Castor Oil 1.6 oz

Coconut Oil 12.8 oz

Palm Oil 12.8 oz

Olive Oil 12.8 oz


Melt the Coconut and Palm oils together. Add them to the other oils. Then add your lye solution. With your hand blender blend until you reach trace. Put it into your mold. Leave it be for about 8 to 10 hours.

Hope you enjoy this Coconut Milk Soap recipe! Have a Happy Easter……





***Important LYE Safety*** Read this before attempting Cold Process Soap!

23 Mar

Are you new to the Cold Process Soap Making world?

Then I would suggest first you read either Smart Soapmaking by Anne Watson or The Everything Soap Making Book by Alicia Grasso.

Okay, so why is Lye safety important? Well how important are your eyes or skin? Lye is extremely corrosive. Years ago —I’m not sure if it still in use now—but people used to clean out clogged drains with Lye……That is how powerful this chemical is.

Lye is activated by water. Meaning it’s a dry chemical but once water hits it. It changes and starts to heat up. Water could mean sweat, humid day any type of moisture in the air…. This is why when you work with Lye you have to be extremely careful.

Safety Goggles, Long Sleeves, Long Pants & Chemical Resistant Gloves are ALL a MUST! No exceptions!

—Make sure you have Poison Control ph# handy.

***For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222****

—If you somehow ingest this chemical DO NOT Induce vomiting. Instead drink water and CALL 911.

—If you accidentally get some into your eyes…If you wear contacts get them out of your eyes and immediately start rinsing your eyes with water… Get Medical treatment!

Never use Aluminum with Lye as it will eat right through it. Instead use STAINLESS STEEL or PLASTIC that can withstand HIGH HEAT!

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Looking for the “Best” Milk Soap Recipe?

9 Feb

When I started making soap 6 1/2 years ago, I was always looking for the best milk soap recipe or any recipe for that fact! You know that one perfect recipe that has everything. Bubbles, moisture and long lasting. I tried probably hundreds of recipes until I came up with this one……It’s a fairly easy recipe —Which makes it great for the Beginner. Ready?

Let’s start with safety first. Please make sure you are wearing protective eye wear, long sleeves and gloves. If you have never made soap before you can read this for the list of equipment.

****Make sure you run this recipe through a Lye Calculator****

Now, here are the ingredients:
•10% Castor Oil
•30% Olive Oil
•30% Palm Oil
•30% Coconut Oil

420 grams Frozen Goats Milk
162 grams Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

This recipe will make 11-  4 ounce bars

Weigh and melt the oils —- I like to have the temperatures of the oil and lye solution (lye and goat milk) at around 100degrees. Set them aside.

Add the lye “SLOWLY” to the frozen goat milk. You want to add it slowly so it doesn’t have a volcano effect. Be cautious when working with LYE……..

After you have the Lye completely dissolved into the Goat Milk. Set that aside until the oils and the lye solution are both around 100 degrees.

Get your mold lined and ready to go if you haven’t already done so!

Now, for the fun part.

Take the lye mixture and add it to the oils….Take the stick blender and blend. You are going to blend until it traces. Which means the mixture will adhere to the stick blender sort of like a thick gravy on a spoon…..

Then you are ready to pour it into the mold. Let it sit in the mold 12 to 18 hours. Un-mold and let cure a few weeks (approx. 4 to 6 weeks.)

Now, you have just made the best milk soap recipe ever! Let me know what you think…….

Here’s a question I get asked a lot…..Why Should I use Handmade Soap?

3 Feb

The answer is pretty simple. First off, anything is better handmade. I mean think about, really think. Would you rather have bread in a package or would you rather have “fresh” bread out of the oven? To me it’s the same with soap. It’s like comparing apples and banana’s…..You can’t.

So, back to that question. Why should you use handmade soap. Well for starters it has glycerin. See, when you have a bar of handmade soap the glycerin is not removed. Grocery store soap though they remove the glycerin. That’s why if you have dry skin it’s the worst type of soap to be using.

Plus, when you have a bar of handmade soap the soap maker usually super-fats the soap. What does that mean? Well, they leave extra oils in the finished product. That way your skin is always moisturized. My soaps are between 5% and 7% superfatted.

The best part is you have a wide variety of soaps. You can get goat milk, sea salt, tea and countless others…..Why should I use handmade soap because it’s Awesome~!