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The BEST moisturizing Facial/Body bar EVER!!!

18 Nov

SoapBoxCan you believe that the winter’s almost here! I can’t. You know what comes with the winter? Heat. And what comes from the heat? Dry skin and do you know why? because

Dry heat = Dry skin


You know what the BEST cure for dry skin is? It’s a bar of my customer *Top Rated moisturizing soap.

This soap recipe is extremely moisturizing and can be used as a Facial bar or a body bar.

Okay, enough with my babbling lets get to the recipe:


( This recipe is for a 2.5 lb batch)


run this and any recipe

through a LYE CALCULATOR!!

& if you’ve never made a batch please read this.

Coconut Oil   363g     (32%)

Olive Oil          340g    (30%)

Hemp Oil        272g     (24%)

Shea Butter    108g    (9.5%)

Castor Oil        34g       (3%)

Beeswax           17g       (1.5%)

Lye (sodium hydroxide) 159g

Mix together Buttermilk 250g  Distilled water 141g then freeze to slushy stage!

As always if you have ANY questions give me a shout 🙂

Happy Soaping!!!




Looking for a Mechanic’s Soap Recipe?

11 Sep

 The number ONE search on this  blog is for a Mechanics Soap recipe.


So, I’ve decided to give you what you want. If you have any questions about the recipe feel free to contact us at psilovesoapco@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


If you have never made a batch of soap before please take the time and read SMART SOAP MAKING  by Anne L. Watson and actually make a first batch!

Please make sure you read LYE SAFETY and run “ANY recipe” you find over the net through a LYE CALCULATOR!

Okay, I said what I needed now onto the recipe!


Olive Oil   331grams

Coconut Oil  284 grams

Palm Oil  189 grams

Avocado Oil 142 grams

Shea Butter 142 grams

Castor Oil 46 grams

Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) 157 grams

Water 350 grams

Add these at trace….

1/4 cup Fine Pumice

1/4 cup Coffee Grinds

 Try this Mechanics Soap recipe too.

Have FUN with it!

You could add any other number of ingredients for the grit. Try ground nut shells, shredded loofah the possibilities are endless.

and the WINNER is?????

28 May


I want to say


for participating in our giveaway.  Check back often as there may be more to come….

Now onto the fun part finding out the winner.

This is how we picked a name:

(Sorry about the blurry image but we’re having computer hardware problems and can’t get a new pic on the computer–Hope to have it fixed soon)

Names went into the baggie!

Names went into the baggie!

Hand went into the baggie....

Hand went into the baggie….

Name was picked..

Name was picked..


And the WINNER is….

Melissa Biles!


Please contact me ASAP via:


Having a “Special Tuesday” Sale!!!!

8 Jan

Hi everyone because it feels like this week will go on forever….

I’ve decided to break up the week by having a Tuesday


I’m not sure about you but a sale always makes me HAPPY!!!!! Especially one after 2 short weeks…This week feels like it’s taking forever. AH!!!!!

Buy ONE bar of Soap get ONE FREE!

This is how it works! When you buy two or more bars of soap at P.S. I Love Soap Co.

I’ll reimburse you the cost of the lower bar or bars.
buy 3 bars get one for FREE
buy 4 bars get 2 bars for FREE
You will initially get charged for the Free bar/bars but I will reimburse you!

The GingerBread Wonderland was a success!

4 Dec


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What could be better than Gingerbread  every where?

I got a chance to peek at the gingerbread creations before the Craft Show started. But, I forgot to take pictures. Duh!

So, since it was a two day event I had my husband go and take some pictures.  You’ll notice they are just pictures. I forgot to tell

him to take pictures of the actual scenes. He did however manage to take a picture of one that I loved…If you scroll down you’ll see it…




Here’s my favorite…..


We had such a great time meeting new people…. it was just fantastic!


I was completely amazed at how the kids listened to their parents. the number ONE phrase of the day

“Do Not Touch”…lol

It was just great!

Here’s a list of my 3  Best Sellers at the Craft Show.








I’m going to have a Busy week making Soap, especially Loofah Soap!

24 Jul

I had another busy week at the Boonton Farmers market. The funny thing is that my online customers buy completely different soaps than my farmers’ market customers. I just can’t figure out why? But they do……

Anyway, I’m almost “Sold out” of all the Loofah soap I made. People are just  loving it. Who knew?

Loofah Soap

This is what some of them said:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the loofah soap

“Keep stock on that loofah boy, I love it!

(of coarse I’m not a boy but I understood what they were saying)

I’m just amazed and thankful that they are loving it! So guess what I’m doing the next few days? Yep! making Loofah Soap. I am so happy that people are loving my soaps. I guess it’s because I’m a people pleaser. It just bothers me when someone isn’t pleased w/ one of my soaps that I have to make it right……

P.S.  if you are interested in buying a bar – this is where you can buy Loofah Soap!

Have a great Day! I’m off to make soap:)

Just Listed ~ Fresh Ginger Lime scented Soap!

19 Jul

Hello Everyone!

I was going to post some pictures of my newly created soaps. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble taking those pics because of the light. It’s somewhat cloudy here today in New Jersey. Every time I try and take a picture it comes out looking awful…..So, I decided to list a new item in my shop instead…..**Fresh Ginger Lime**

Fresh Ginger Lime

Just a reminder Tomorrow is the last day to get 25% off entire order at

P.S. I Love Soap Co. or  My Etsy Shop



I’m having a Sizzling HOT Soap Sale!

17 Jul

Good Morning Everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day so far………

Well, here on the East Coast it’s going to be another sizzling day. If you read my post yesterday you know I couldn’t get moving. (Although, I did manger to make a few batches of soap.)

The funny thing is I feel exactly the same way today (I can’t get moving!)……

So,  I figured it would be a Great day for a Soap Sale!!!!

25% off any order on order at  www.psilovesoapco.com or http://www.etsy.com/shop/PSILoveSoapCo



But you have to Hurry offer ends July 19, 1012

For ALL who live in the on the East Coast make sure to drink Plenty of water..It’s going to be a HOT one!

Happy Hump Day! It is Hump Day right?!

27 Jun

This is going to be short and sweet….just listed this in my Etsy Shop! Why not take a PEEK:)

Peppermint Skylines!

I think this is a Great Day to talk about Sea Salt in soap……

26 Jun


Hope everyone is having a Fine week. Mine going fairly well…….No complaints…thank God!

I thought today would be a Great day to talk about Sea Salt in Soap………..Why? because One of the frequently asked questions I get at the Farmers Market is why Salt Bars?

The first few times I gave  “duh” kind of answer and then I realized that wasn’t the answer I should be giving. The answer I should be giving is this:

1) Sea salt contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and iodine which are nourishing to your skin.

2) The salts exfoliate your skin. Which leaves  your skin soft and moisturized.

3) Salts can detoxify your skin.

4) Salts can relax muscles.

*****Dead Sea Salt  is  however different since the Dead Sea has a higher concentration of Salt****

Did you know The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth? Yep…It is! AND the evaporation rate is higher than the water that flows into it.

It’s called the Dead Sea because no life can live it…..No plants, fish, sharks nothing! But, it’s great for people with Skin problems such as eczema.

I like using all kinds of Salts! Here’s what I have listed in My Shop:  Salt Soaps….


Now, onto other things: I’ve started a Soap of the Month Club. It’s a way to sample some of the different kinds of soaps I make. I have a 3, 6 & 12 month club…….

Soap of the Month Club!


Here’s the soap I was making yesterday..Didn’t come quite like I wanted but it’s acceptable:)

White Tea Scented Soap