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It’s Monday! Happy Monday!!!!!

14 May

Okay, so last night was a seen out of the movie My Cousin Vinny. Remember the part when their at the cabin and the Owl starts screeching? Vinny runs out of the house and starts shooting the gun into the air. The Owl continues to screech……

Well, I was sound asleep with the windows open — when all of a sudden this Blood curdling Screech woke me up! Then kept me up for at least a half an hour……AH!!! It just happen to be the Eastern Screech-Owl. Small owl with a Wicked Screech!

Well at least Monday’s here……LOL. Here are two of my newest Soaps!

Cold Processed Soap


I even put color on the Bottom…



This picture doesn’t do this justice………

Do you see the Hearts?


Anyway, those are my 2 newbies!