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What are these?

1 Oct


These are our lifelines when it comes to soaping…..

**(if you are soaping & selling you should be writing!)

It’s the place where we write ALL of the important information down. I know you may be asking why?

Why would you have to have notebooks to soap?

It’s actually simple.

These notebooks contain everything that goes into a batch.

They contain the following:

1. the SOAP RECIPE that has been assigned a BATCH # – 

(You should always assign a batch number so you’ll be able to track a soap back)

2.  Type of color / colors that were used (brand & color)

3. Fragrance / essential Oils (brand & type)

4. Any extras such as seeds, lavender buds etc.

5. clays or salts

Anything that goes into that particular batch gets written down on that sheet of paper.

Which then goes into the notebook. Then when you label the soap it will make life so simple!

**It’s IMPORTANT to know what went into every batch. If you are soaping and selling and aren’t writing. It’s time to start a good practice and get yourself a notebook. Start documenting your next batch. Remember you’ll want to assign a Batch # to each batch and write everything that goes into that batch down.. Have a question? click here!


Woo Hoo! It’s Friday..Time for an update and lessons learned!

22 Feb

First, I want to say Hello!

It’s been a very long few weeks.

I’ve learned a lot about who I am and what my product represents. I have also learned (and if you make a product and sell it please read this) that when you make and package a product the way you  want  (your vision)  don’t let anyone change your vision.

The past few weeks have been a huge learning lesson that I will never forget.

Here’s the story…..(names have been changed for privacy)

A shop owner named Lucy wanted “my soap” in her store for a year or so.  Let me back up a minute. Approximately, one year ago I heard of a charity run event that Lucy does to raise money for  the Leukemia Foundation. At the same time I read somewhere that she also raises money from products she sells. I had a light-bulb moment! to give her soap to raise money for her charity. So, I called her and made arrangements to drop off some soap. She couldn’t believe there was a soap-maker in town. She kept saying how she loved the way the soap looks ….BlaBlaBla.

Then when I started selling at the Farmers market she would come by and say she needs to get my soap in her store. I had always been against it because she doesn’t like the plastic sleeve that I put around the soap. She would rather have it wrapped in paper (which is fine it’s just not my vision.) I like my soaps wrapped the way I wrap them. She also wanted ALL – NATURAL meaning colorant, essential oils not fragrance oils. I can deal with that, it’s no big deal. I do carry ALL – NATURAL SOAPS…..

I did go against my own thoughts, ideas and way I want  to represent P.S. I Love Soap Co. AND wrapped the soaps the way she wanted them wrapped.

(JUST so I could have my soaps in her store for one month)

Stupid mistake! BIG MISTAKE! Will NEVER Happen Again!! EVER!!!

It took me much longer to package. It killed me that I was covering up my beautiful soaps ~ my feel good feeling was gone by wrapping them the way she wanted..

It took me much longer to do inventory because I had to pick every single bar up to see the label to know what kind of soap.

Here’s the BEST part

……when I dropped off the soap, after ALL of the time I spent on it packaging it. I could tell she wasn’t thrilled and she was saying that I could have left the sides open. Yes, I could have done a lot of things…….(like wrapped them the way I always do)

I told her my customers don’t have a problem with my packaging and I’ve sold thousands of bars w/ no complaints!


Lucy wanted “my customers” to go into her store. She thought by having my soap in her store she could gain clients. Unfortunately, I’m not proud of the way she wanted the bars wrapped. When I’m not proud of something it’s hard for me to try and sell something to someone if it’s (pardon my french) crap.

The real bottom line is:…..Lucy wanted her own soap.

I should have sold her the soap and then “she” could have packaged it any way she felt it should be packaged.

It was like she kept saying she likes McDonald’s Hamburgers


then described a square  hamburger which we all know is Wendy’s


  This is the way she likes the soap wrapped…



this is the way I like to Represent P.S. I Love Soap Co.

Soap 2

There is a HUGE difference!

I like to have people see what they are buying and to have a FEEL GOOD Feeling!  However, I’m am a bit of a germaphobe so I have to wrap the soap. Because I don’t want everyone’s fingers ALL over it! the plastic sleeve works…

Sorry, for the long post I have been extremely frustrated as I’ve gone against everything

P.S. I Love Soap Co. stands for….:)

School is right around the corner….Time to make Acne Soap!

16 Aug

Whew! Can you believe that it’s Thursday? August 16,2012?

I’m sure some kids will be going to school very shortly. Here in New Jersey the kids start around the first week of September. I’m a little late but I just came up with a new recipe to help with problem skin such as Acne-Pimples-Zits….

My soap recipe has:

Sunflower oil – Which contains vitamin E and is a natural Antioxidant

Neem Oil – Has antiseptic properties

Mango Seed Butter – regenerates skin cells and  is healing too!

Castor Oil – is a humectant by attracting moisture to skin

Coconut oil – contains lauric acid which  known to  be  anti-bacterial and helping to eliminate bacterial infections when taken orally or applied directly to the skin.

I’m also going to incorporate  a tiny bit of Dead Sea Salt & Sea Clay! I’m going to keep it unscented and Palm free!

Okay, so before I get moving on that…Here’s another pic of some Loofah Soap!

Loofah Soap

Do you Need Lye to Make Soap?

20 Jul

Happy Friday!

First let me say. This is Last day to receive 25% off your entire order at:

P.S. I Love Soap Co or My Etsy Shop



Okay now that I’ve said that I Hope everyone’s had a Great week.

So one of the questions I get asked at the Boonton Farmers’ Market is:

“Do you need LYE to make Soap ?”

LYE also called (Sodium Hydroxide)

If you don’t know what Lye (also called Sodium Hydroxide) is,  it’s a caustic substance. Years ago it was used as a Drain Cleaner. When it’s dry there’s no problem. But, if it comes in contact with the tiniest bit of moisture (humid days and lye don’t mix since the lye will attract the water) it gets very Hot.  How hot? Hot enough that if it comes in contact with your skin you can get Burned.

(This is why Soap Makers wear Protective eye-wear, gloves and long sleeves).

What most people don’t realize about soap is  it’s the  product of a chemical reaction.

At the Farmers’ market, I had an older gentleman customer. He said he used to make soap many years ago.  He the gave me  the Best description of Making Soap.

This is what he told me.

You take 2 separate substances combine them together and you end up producing a 3rd substance which would be soap…..

This was the Best description of Soap Making I’ve ever heard!

Do you Need Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) to make soap? the answer is “YES” you need lye to make soap. There are however less dangerous ways to make soap. You could buy a melt & pour base or use a pre-made base.

If you are interested in making soap the old fashion way check out Soap Making the Easy Way!