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31 Jan


What’s your guess? ❤ to see comments below!


It’s happening!

27 Jan

Wow! I am SOOOO excited just got most of my supplies to make soap & scrubs Yippee!!!

 My head has been up in the clouds these days fantasizing about making soap. Unfortunately, I have to work on listing and taking orders.

But today is a mile stone…….. I made a

Pre-Order listing for The Original LOVE scrub! You ask what is The Original LOVE scrub? It the most moisturizing spa-like sugar scrub that has so many great beneficial oils like avocado, jojoba & argan! Plus it’s scented with Lavender Essential oil to really take you away!

Customers have been raving that’s it’s THE BEST Scrub EVER!!!!! since it’s debut in 2012! If you love scrub why not try The Original LOVE Scrub?



Life is passing at the SPEED of light!

25 Feb

Happy Tuesday!

Here on the east coast some of the snow has melted (not all) but some. 

Thank God!

But just to let you know as I’m typing this it’s snow flurrying.  ICK! I’m not sure about you but I’m in NEED of some warmth and sunshine. I think they call it SPRING! Yes, that’s what they call it Spring>>>>>

I can not wait to see the flowers pop and the leaves on trees and smell the fresh clean air. AHHHH….. it’s what I long for. In the meantime I make soaps that brighten my day. Hope they brighten yours too!     

LILAC – (in the mold)


Out of the mold:


Here’s another Lilac:




Greener Pastures1

 AND LAST, Before:

Citrus Cliantro1AFTER:


Hope you enjoyed these pics!!!! Hope you’re enjoying your day 🙂

Woot Woot!

12 Feb

Happy Wednesday,

As I wait for another snow storm that’s headed this way. I remembered I never added the finished pic from the other day. So here it is:



and here’s another soap I made:



AND here’s the



How do you think they LOOK???

Dove really Irritates me!

8 May

Not this poor little Dove…


Dove as in Moisturizing bars (so they say)

A few weeks ago (maybe a little longer) I saw an AD for Dove is went something like this:

SOAP Strips your Skin DOVE is different.


There are NOT many things in this world that really get under my skin.


I have to admit this got under my skin. Not at first because when I originally saw it  I said “well isn’t that the biggest lie” and then I forgot about it.

That is until I saw it on Good Ole’ Facebook. Someone had taken a picture of a bus that had Dove’s advertising  on it.

Most SOAPMAKERS (like me) steer away from adding detergents to our soaps. Detergents dry your skin. Dove uses detergents and then they add some oils to it to make you believe it’s going to help your dry skin. I can not tell you how many customers have told me that our soaps are so much better than Dove.


Alabu Skincare has a Great article  that Explains Dove Ingredients you can read it here.

Wet my Whistle Wednesday…..New Soaps!!!

25 Apr


These are our newest Soaps….All soaps will be ready for sale by June 15,2013.

This is

Monkey Farts

it’s a multicolored soap with a loofah piece sticking out the top.

Monkey Farts

Here it is with a Full piece of LOOFAH…(For ALL of our Loofah Soap Lovers!)

Monkey Farts1

Here is our MILKY SEA – It’s our Unscented Goat Milk soap with copious amounts of Dead Sea Salt!

Milky Sea


this is our

Bergamot Grapefruit Essential/Fragrance Oil Blend simply scrumptious!

Bergamot Grapefruit

Did I tell you  We’re having a “SALE” @  psilovesoapco.com



for 20% off ANYTHING!!!