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3 reasons Why handcrafted Soap is better?

26 Apr

First let me say Happy Thursday!

Whew….It’s been quite a Week of torture for me. Not that you need to know or want to know but I had two Optical Migraines on Tuesday. For me an Optical Migraine is when I have trouble focusing and then out of the clear blue sky comes a rainbow looking zigzag pattern that stays in my vision for around 20 to 30 minutes and is followed by a Full Blown Migraine….That was Tuesday! Glad Tuesday is OVER!!!!

Wednesday I cut my finger and I mean Cut my finger… AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Anyway, I didn’t have to go to get stitches.So I guess that’s Good…..It just has not been a good week I Can Not Wait for Friday!!!!!!……….

Alright now that I have that off of my chest! I can get onto those 3 reasons! Are You Ready???

"Beneath The Stars"


1 – Handcrafted Soap Contains NO Detergents! (Can you imagine bathing in detergent!)

2 – Handcrafted Soap contains Lots of great Food Grade Oils & Butters…(My favorite are Olive, Shea, Cocoa Butter…Oh, I could keep going there are so many Great oils & butters)

3- Handcrafted Soap contains Glycerin! (Glycerin is a Humectant = attracts and retains moisture on your skin–Who doesn’t Need that?)





In Need of a Palm Free soap recipe? If so, keep reading!

19 Apr

First let me say, Happy Thursday! I’m going to say that even though I thought it was Friday……Whew! Good thing my husband told me that it was Thursday.  It’s been an awful long WEEK. Anyone else think it’s been a long week?

Second here’s a picture of Goat milk soap scented w/ Lavender. (Made it yesterday)I also threw some Lavender buds in it and on top. Just for a little added something.

Now that I have that out of the way…

If you’ve been looking for a Palm Free Soap Recipe, I’ve got one for you! But first you may want to look at this recipe and then come back to this one……

This is probably going to be one of the easiest recipes ever! Why?

Glad you asked. This recipe has one oil and one butter. It is the complete opposite of everything you know about soap making. The INS# Iodine Number Saponification (which I’ll get into that on another post) is off the charts. With that being said it still produces a very hard & moisturizing bar………

Here’s a picture of Palm Free Soap. I made it  a few weeks ago, it has a layer of Black Hawaiian Lava Salt in the middle….

Palm Free Soap
Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
Scented w/ Drakkar fragrance

Okay, enough of that…….Make sure you read Lye Safety first! And if you haven’t made a batch you might want to consider one of these books Smart Soapmaking The Natural Soap Book


This is for a 2.5 pound batch.

Goat Milk (frozen) 15.2 ounces

Lye 185 grams

Coconut Oil 845 grams

Cocoa Butter 389 grams


That’s it that’s the whole recipe. Can you believe it? Anyway, Mix the lye slowly into the frozen goat milk (when I take the goat milk out of the freezer I put it into the microwave for approx. 20 to 30 seconds just to get it a bit slushy.)

Then let that mixture sit while you melt the Cocoa Butter. Then Take the melted Cocoa Butter and add it to the Coconut Oil. That should melt the Coconut Oil and bring down the temperature of the Cocoa butter.

***I like both the lye solution and the oil/butters to be around room temperature***


Make sure your mold is ready to GO!

Then add your Lye solution to the oil/butters and get the stick blender. This recipe will set up pretty fast…..Blend—When you reach trace Mold it. Unmold after 8 to 10 hours. Cut and then give this soap a long sure…….I like to give it at least 10 weeks! It’s well worth the wait. Let me know what you think!







Looking for the “Best” Milk Soap Recipe?

9 Feb

When I started making soap 6 1/2 years ago, I was always looking for the best milk soap recipe or any recipe for that fact! You know that one perfect recipe that has everything. Bubbles, moisture and long lasting. I tried probably hundreds of recipes until I came up with this one……It’s a fairly easy recipe —Which makes it great for the Beginner. Ready?

Let’s start with safety first. Please make sure you are wearing protective eye wear, long sleeves and gloves. If you have never made soap before you can read this for the list of equipment.

****Make sure you run this recipe through a Lye Calculator****

Now, here are the ingredients:
•10% Castor Oil
•30% Olive Oil
•30% Palm Oil
•30% Coconut Oil

420 grams Frozen Goats Milk
162 grams Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

This recipe will make 11-  4 ounce bars

Weigh and melt the oils —- I like to have the temperatures of the oil and lye solution (lye and goat milk) at around 100degrees. Set them aside.

Add the lye “SLOWLY” to the frozen goat milk. You want to add it slowly so it doesn’t have a volcano effect. Be cautious when working with LYE……..

After you have the Lye completely dissolved into the Goat Milk. Set that aside until the oils and the lye solution are both around 100 degrees.

Get your mold lined and ready to go if you haven’t already done so!

Now, for the fun part.

Take the lye mixture and add it to the oils….Take the stick blender and blend. You are going to blend until it traces. Which means the mixture will adhere to the stick blender sort of like a thick gravy on a spoon…..

Then you are ready to pour it into the mold. Let it sit in the mold 12 to 18 hours. Un-mold and let cure a few weeks (approx. 4 to 6 weeks.)

Now, you have just made the best milk soap recipe ever! Let me know what you think…….

Ever wondered How To Make Milk Soap?

17 Jan

In these past few years soap making has become more popular. Soap-makers are adding virtually anything to soap. Salt, oatmeal, poppy seeds and I’ve even seen bananas. Could you imagine people from back in the day? They’d probably have a heart attack (I’m trying to be funny)…..

But some things haven’t changed, for instance people still make milk soap. I think there is absolutely nothing better than a good bar of old-fashioned Milk Soap. It nourishes the skin in ways other soaps can’t. There is also variety with goat, sheep and cow.

Imagine a nice bar of milk soap with colloidal oatmeal added to it. Talk about your skin being pampered. Just picture it!
You take a bar of Milk Soap and go over your skin. While your doing that your Skin is Saying “AH!!!!! That Feels Good

The best part to milk soap is it’s so easy to make. You still use oils & butters the exact way that you would with your regular soap recipe. The only difference is you will add milk instead of your liquid.

I have learned that the best thing you can do is Freeze the Milk first. Why? Well, it’s just easier to work with. Trust me you want to Freeze the milk. Then do as you normally except you will be using frozen milk. Remember to follow all the safety guidelines for Soap Making.  Now you know how to make Milk Soap!