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SUGAR = Healing?

30 Apr

I love when I find out why customers are using the products they do. I have one customer we’ll call her Blair (since I don’t want to reveal her real name.) Blair has been buying my Sweet LOVE scrub forever. She’s always bragging about it…


“Pam, you don’t understand how good it is. There is something about your scrub”

Who knew…? So one day I asked Blair why the Sugar Scrub and not the Dead Sea Salt Scrub….And she came back with Sugar is healing…

and I said “Really?”

She said “YES, and there was a study done using sugar to heal wounds”

See now that intrigued me. So I started Looking online and sure enough there have been studies saying that sugar indeed helped to heal wounds.

Basically, the gist of every article I’ve read is if you pack a wound with Sugar. The sugar will draw liquid from a wound. Bacteria need water to survive. So, no water no bacteria. Simple huh?

 Here are some links to check out… New York Times article here.  & Daily Mail UK article here.

All I can say is I think that’s amazing!


Just checkin’ in to show off my NEW CREATIONS!

10 Jul

Giving updates!

We’ve been working on a NEW PRODUCT! I can’t say what it right now. But I can say, you’ll be the first to know when it’s perfected and ready to go. I also can tell you that I’m SUPER excited..

Well I’ve been working on some new soaps.

Black SaltA

Pink HimA





AllNat BloodylangaPlumeriaa

What do you think?

These ALL need to cure for another 6/7 weeks.


after that they’ll be READY to ship!

Did you know if you’re interested in ANY of our soaps WE take PRE-ORDERS? All you have to do is Shoot us an email at


We’ll send you an invoice ~ You Pay ~ When the soap is ready we ship!

SPREAD the WORD, you have to be in it to WIN it!

24 May


It’s Friday and  Memorial Day Weekend  here in the USA!

It’s a time to rememberALL of the Men/Woman” that have died for our Country.

(I ask that you take a moment and say a pray)

It’s also the Unofficial start of Summer..YAY!!

and it’s the


time to:

memmorial day1

What will you WIN?

You will WIN 2 bars of SOAP your choice from our Store.

(**Excludes Salt & Loofah Soaps and Salt Scrub**)

***ENDS: TUESDAY MAY 28, 2013

 Don’t forget to


1. Sorry, Entries MUST have a USA address.

2. MUST Leave a comment below.

3. MUST Like our FACEBOOK Page.

4.Please Spread the Wealth and give friends and family an opportunity to WIN too!!!!!\

**WINNER Will be Picked May 28, 2013. I will announce the WiNNER on a new post.



P.S. I Love Soap Co.’s first “REAL” event!

5 Jan

Like I said in my last post things are changing for my business. This is just the beginning.

My friend Tiffany Palisi who owns the ( Domestic Goddess Ltd.) A candle company. Who makes the BEST candles in the world…

(She’s lucky to have a Dad that is not Only her Dad but a Perfumer.) To date I haven’t found a better scented candle. Well worth the price!

Anyway, she has been kind enough to work with me on a project Along with Erika Domanico (Culture Cabin.)

Here’s part of the project.

If you live around Morris county Save the date and join us for a night of FUN!


My First ever Newsletter!

4 Jan


I finally did it. my first newsletter! I didn’t know how to do it but I did it.


in the newsletter  I have a “Super Deal” for ALL of my customers whether there an Etsy or Local customer. If you are a customer that reads my blog you can sign up for my Newsletter here. and if you not a customer you can still sign up:)

Here are some soaps that I’ve worked on the past week or so.

These Soaps we’ll be selling at Culture Cabin Boonton,NJ Feb 9th

This one I called FRISKY!  (It’s a champagne soap scented w/ rice flower & peppermint)



This one I call  CHAMPAGNE & ROSES (It’s a champagne soap scented with tea Rose)



This one is MOUNTAINS of LOVE 

Mountains of love

Mountains of love

This one we call HEARTS! Obvious why, right?



These will be selling ONLINE after Feb 9th

This is my RAINBOW scented w/ monkey Farts



This is what I see for P.S. I Love Soap Co.’s Blog for 2013!

2 Jan

As I’m sure you can tell I’ve been sort of ALL over and disorganized on my blog.

I think one of the reasons for it being ALL over and disorganized is because I’m trying to be someone I’m not.

So, this year “2013” I’m going to start doing things a little bit differently.

This is how it’s going to be.

The New Beginning!!!New Beginng

1. When a new P.S. I Love Soap Co. soap is created I’m going to post pictures.

2. Every now and then I’ll post a recipe that I feel every soaper should make at least once.

3. I’m going to start telling you about ingredients that go into a bar of soap.

4. Keep you updated on the events & promotions of P.S. I Love Soap Co.

5. Polls (they’re always FUNJ )



Right now I’ll tell you about some of the exciting events that P.S. I Love Soap Co. have had in the past month or so.


#1 – P.S. I Love Soap Co.’s Soap has been purchased for a gift shop in a hospital (one of the largest hospital’s in Morris County.)

#2 – P.S. I Love Soap Co. will be having their First ever Newsletter January. You can sign up here.

#3 – P.S. I Love Soap Co. will be featured at Savannah’s Hope Vintage Boonton, NJ for the month of February!

#4 – P.S. I Love Soap Co. will be at Culture Cabin Boonton, NJ February 9, 2013.




Ah…The year is coming to an END!

19 Dec

I have been so busy these days it makes my head spin.

I can’t believe that Christmas is next week. Whew! I have so many things to do and not enough time to do them.

Last weekend (and this weekend)  I had my soaps at the Boonton Holiday Boutique. It’s a Boutique my town opens just for the holidays (around December)

This year someone donated an office type of building. So, it more like individual shops All in One place (like a mini mall without ALL the aggravation). It’s really cool. There is everything from

Domestic Goddess Candles

(So Yummy! she makes the worlds BEST candles ever!)

 Sister jewelry

Papyrus Home Design

Handmade ornaments

And lots more!

Today I have lots of things to do! Well, Lots of SOAPING to do. There are lots of new and exciting things to come. January will be a new year for me and this blog. Stay tuned for more……………….

Getting ready for the “Ginger Bread Wonderland” this weekend!

30 Nov

I’ve been so busy trying to get ready for this show.

2012 GBW CS individual postcard

It’s unbelievable.

This is the first show that I needed approval to even be a vendor. Since I’m a nut cake when it comes to detail, I’ve been trying to make sure I have everything and I mean everything.

Pens, paper, tissue paper, change (not sure how you even figure that out,) Table cloth and many other items. I hope I’m not bringing too much. But, I’d rather have too much than not enough.

I’m also getting a tad bit nervous on the time element. Set up begins at 8am so I have to make sure we’re there. Since I’ve never been to that venue I have no idea the distance between the parking lot and where the Craft Show will be. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Anyway, thanks for listening to my little rant. Wish me luck!

PS, if you happen to live anywhere near Morristown, NJ come by the Gingerbread Wonderland it’s supposed to be Spectacular!!!

The big day is almost here….

20 Nov

Turkey day is only TWO days away. Can you believe it?

So in the theme of Thanksgiving and before I unveil the “Black Friday” event —

I thought it would be nice to do a poll:)


28 Sep

Hi Everyone!

I know I say this a lot but boy have I been busy this week.

Today was a little bit different though. I’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit by watching “Saw” movies….(I know they are not for everyone -!)


I have to admit around October I enjoy watching them. Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system.

I have a quick Poll. I had it listed on my Facebook Page


so for those of you who already answered THANKS….and for the rest of you if you wouldn’t mind answering I’d really appreciate it:)

O’ and have a GREAT Weekend!!!!