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31 Jan


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Brrrr….It’s getting cold! Time for yummy recipes!

24 Oct

Good Morning!

Here on the east coast it went from a bit cool to ~  O’ My it’s darn cold! Good thing I took out the Down Comforter last night. How was your weather this morning?

Well, now that I’ve had my *morning Joe aka Coffee it time to get moving but before I do that I thought it would be a great day for a couple of recipes.

First up,


(If you’re never had them O’ boy then You NEED too!  They are so good)

Recipe Cards1And the second recipe is a YUMMY recipe for a bar of soap your skin will love!

Cold Process Lanolin Soap Recipe


Please if you’ve never made a batch of Cold Processed Soap before take the time to read Smart Soapmaking by Anne L. Watson and make at least a few batches then Make sure you READ * LYE SAFETY*


1. Coconut Oil   329 grams

2. Palm Oil          328 grams

3. Palm Kernel Oil 91 grams

4. Shea Butter   23 grams

5. Lanolin            57 grams

6. Olive Oil          397 grams

Distilled Water   360 to 390 grams

Sodium Hydroxide (LYE) 160 grams

Fragrance 42 grams

FIRST, Add the Lye **Slowly to the Distilled Water. Once dissolved put it to the side to let cool.

THEN, Melt the Coconut, Palm and Palm Kernel Oil together. Then ADD the Shea butter and the Lanolin to the warmed oil. Then ADD the Olive Oil..

When both mixtures have cooled to below 120* add the lye solution to the oils/butters. Pulse with your stick blender until trace. ADD fragrance. Pour soap batter into the mold. Insulate overnight!

If you have ANY questions please email us at psilovesoapco@gmail.com