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PART 1 – Beginner’s Guide to Making COLD PROCESS SOAP!

4 May

First let me say happy Friday! How your week…… Mine was quite long and I’m glad it’s almost over! Yipee!!!!!!

I had a little bit of time so Here’s  Part 1  of the Beginner’s  Guide to Making Cold Process Soap .

(If you have any questions feel Free to contact me!)

**Make sure to read LYE Safety** ALWAYS USE A LYE CALCULATOR!!!

The Equipment and things you need…. ****NEVER USE ALUMINUM the LYE WILL EAT THROUGH IT****

Instead USE ~~~High Heat plastic, Glass or Stainless Steel~~

  1. A Digital Scale preferably one that reads in Grams ( you want to be as accurate as possible) a Tare feature is also nice:) so, you can zero out…

Digital Scale that weighs in grams!

2. A Digital Thermometer…..(Instant read works best!)

Digital Thermometer…

3.Containers for Lye and Lye Solution. (These are the ones I use.)

Containers for LYE and LYE SOLUTION

4. Measuring Cups (I use Glass)

Glass Measuring Cups

5. Safety Goggles and protective Gloves & LONG Sleeves. (Lye is a caustic substance and you don’t want to burn your eyes or hands.)

Safety Goggles & Gloves

6. Spoons and Slotted spoons.

Spoons & Slotted Spoon

7. Stick Blender..

Stick Blender

8. Recipe – I’ll give you the recipe below!

9. Ingredients for this recipe…Olive Oil,

Olive Oil

10. Coconut Oil,

11. Distilled Water,

12. Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide (aka LYE)

Sodium hydroxide (LYE)

13. Fragrance and/ coloring….But if you are just starting leave it out.

Fragrance or Essential Oils

14. A Mold (you can use anything for a mold. A milk or juice carton will work!


Okay that’s it that is all the equipment you need. ….

Next Week is Part 2 of Making Cold Process Soap which I will show you what to do step by step.

If you want to follow along here is the recipe.

This will make 1.5 pounds. Again it is BEST to measure in Grams.

Distilled Water 258 grams

Lye  97 grams

Coconut Oil 204 grams

Olive Oil 476. grams

Come Back Next Week for Part2! Have a great Weekend!!!!!


In Need of a Palm Free soap recipe? If so, keep reading!

19 Apr

First let me say, Happy Thursday! I’m going to say that even though I thought it was Friday……Whew! Good thing my husband told me that it was Thursday.  It’s been an awful long WEEK. Anyone else think it’s been a long week?

Second here’s a picture of Goat milk soap scented w/ Lavender. (Made it yesterday)I also threw some Lavender buds in it and on top. Just for a little added something.

Now that I have that out of the way…

If you’ve been looking for a Palm Free Soap Recipe, I’ve got one for you! But first you may want to look at this recipe and then come back to this one……

This is probably going to be one of the easiest recipes ever! Why?

Glad you asked. This recipe has one oil and one butter. It is the complete opposite of everything you know about soap making. The INS# Iodine Number Saponification (which I’ll get into that on another post) is off the charts. With that being said it still produces a very hard & moisturizing bar………

Here’s a picture of Palm Free Soap. I made it  a few weeks ago, it has a layer of Black Hawaiian Lava Salt in the middle….

Palm Free Soap
Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
Scented w/ Drakkar fragrance

Okay, enough of that…….Make sure you read Lye Safety first! And if you haven’t made a batch you might want to consider one of these books Smart Soapmaking The Natural Soap Book


This is for a 2.5 pound batch.

Goat Milk (frozen) 15.2 ounces

Lye 185 grams

Coconut Oil 845 grams

Cocoa Butter 389 grams


That’s it that’s the whole recipe. Can you believe it? Anyway, Mix the lye slowly into the frozen goat milk (when I take the goat milk out of the freezer I put it into the microwave for approx. 20 to 30 seconds just to get it a bit slushy.)

Then let that mixture sit while you melt the Cocoa Butter. Then Take the melted Cocoa Butter and add it to the Coconut Oil. That should melt the Coconut Oil and bring down the temperature of the Cocoa butter.

***I like both the lye solution and the oil/butters to be around room temperature***


Make sure your mold is ready to GO!

Then add your Lye solution to the oil/butters and get the stick blender. This recipe will set up pretty fast…..Blend—When you reach trace Mold it. Unmold after 8 to 10 hours. Cut and then give this soap a long sure…….I like to give it at least 10 weeks! It’s well worth the wait. Let me know what you think!







Had a Palm Free soap week….

13 Apr
Thank God it’s Friday!!!! Wahoo!!!!!
I’ve been soooo busy this week I can’t believe it. Here’s my newly listed soap on Etsy: Pink Himalayan Salt soap check it out I have a 10% sale going on just enter APRILSHOWERS at checkout.
Anyway, thought I show you something I did over the week. This is what I call “The Dino Palm Free Soap” and it all started like this……….
I measured the oils:
Then I added the Lye Solution:
Took my stick blender and blended:
Then I separated the mixture into 3 measuring bowls and added coloring:
After mixing the coloring, I started pouring into the mold:
Added a layer of Hawaiian Black Lava Salt:
Continued adding more soap then I took a squirt bottle and dotted the entire top of the Palm Free Soap:
AND drum roll Please!!!!!! Check this out!
I am so proud of myself. Do you see the bumps on top? Don’t they look like a dinosaur? This is the recipe I used to make it: (don’t forget to run this and any other recipe through a LYE CALCULATOR) and make sure you know about LYE Safety before starting!
Here’s the recipe: (makes a 2.5 lb. batch)
Distilled Water 430 grams
Lye 155.0 grams
Olive Oil 624. grams
Coconut Oil 227. grams
Sweet Almond Oil  227. grams
Cocoa Butter 57. grams