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Busy like a bee!

4 Jun

Where have I been? I’ve been making lots of GREAT scrubs and soaps and I’ve been getting the new web store (Yesssss, new web store) up and running. SO we can have a SUPER SCRUB sale (coming soon)! My fingers are crossed that I have everything the way it should be.


Oh and guess what????? 

I’m SUPER DUPER excited about our new product this:

Activated Charcoal – Clay facial mask

Packed with Coconut Activated Charcoal and 2 kinds of natural clay that make your face do the, *happy dance* I swear your face will really be doing the, *happy dance* (LOL)!

  This facial mask glides onto skin like silk. Leave it there for 5 – 10 minutes and when you rinse it off your skin **POOF**  your pores will instantly look smaller and your face will look brighter!

I’m super excited about the results! 

Can you tell?




It’s happening!

27 Jan

Wow! I am SOOOO excited just got most of my supplies to make soap & scrubs Yippee!!!

 My head has been up in the clouds these days fantasizing about making soap. Unfortunately, I have to work on listing and taking orders.

But today is a mile stone…….. I made a

Pre-Order listing for The Original LOVE scrub! You ask what is The Original LOVE scrub? It the most moisturizing spa-like sugar scrub that has so many great beneficial oils like avocado, jojoba & argan! Plus it’s scented with Lavender Essential oil to really take you away!

Customers have been raving that’s it’s THE BEST Scrub EVER!!!!! since it’s debut in 2012! If you love scrub why not try The Original LOVE Scrub?



BIG Announcement coming JANUARY 1st!

2 Dec

Ahhhh, it’s already December 2nd. How did that happen? I mean really has does time fly by that quickly?

Anyway, life has gotten really stressful in a exciting & great way. Sometimes, we have to make the hardest decisions in order to move forward with the next chapter in our lives.


Come JANUARY 1st I’ll have a HUGE announcement!



HUGE day tomorrow, the day after and the day after that!

19 Nov

 I’m getting ready for 3 BIG days in a row!

Day 1:  November 20 (tomorrow)

The Mountain Lakes Club


10am to 3pm


6pm to 10pm

Where there will be high end crafter’s/products.  I have to say I’m a bit nervous that I’ll be with the best of the best AND I have to be honest that I secretly chuckle at the thought of P.S. I Love Soap Co. being one of them. I feel so honored! So, if you live anywhere near North Jersey particularly:

Mountain Lakes: 

(it should be a great show & great time!)



Join us at the Mountain Lakes Holiday Boutique on Thursday, November 20th at The Mountain Lakes Club, 18 Lake Drive, Mountain Lakes. I and 30 other vendors will be offering unique merchandise that is perfect for your holiday gift needs.

Daytime shopping hours are 10am-3pm for a low $5 admission price. We amp up the festive fun for the evening hours, so bring a couple of friends and make it a ladies night out!

From 6-10 pm, shop, wine and dine with us as you enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, appetizers and a raffle ticket included in the $20.00 admission. Admission is payable at the door.  All proceeds benefit the community grants program of the Town Club of Mountain Lakes.

Day 2:  November 21 (Friday)

Rockaway Valley School Harvest Festival

Hours 3:30pm to 8pm


It’s never too early to plan for the holidays! This season, consider Rockaway Valley School’s Class of 2015’s Harvest Festival Boutique as your shopping destination and save the date for Friday, November 21st for our newly revamped Holiday Boutique! The one-day only event will feature a wide array of vendors offering everything from apparel and jewelry to handmade wares and Food & Seasonal Treats—there’s something for everyone on your list! Admission is free and open to the public, and the proceeds from all sales directly support The RVS Class of 2015 trip to Washington DC.


Day 3 November 21 (Saturday)

Valleyview Middle School

Hours: 9:45am to 3pm


Holiday shopping at it’s very best! With over 30 vendors you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list! Plus, with a  raffle of over 70 prizes you’re sure to win!


And the best  is:

ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE VALLEYVIEW PTA: to help fund class trips, awards, scholarships and classroom equipment


Hope to see you there!


I (P.S. I Love Soap Co.) made the NEWS!

11 Jun

The beginning of the Farmers Market has begun. It’s a brand new year and this year we’re decided to do two markets. The Boonton Farmers Market – every Sat between 8:30 & 2 and the Pequannock Farmers Market – every Thursday between 2 & 7. It’s already been a lot of fun. I Love when customers come right up to the table look around and say ” okay, what’s new?” It just makes my day……

But, not only have the Farmers Markets opened but The Daily Record (local newspaper) did an awesome article about my journey  and my soaps! If you want to know why and how my business happened,   You can see the article here.

I’ve been incredibly busy and inspired this year in a great way! What inspires you?

Huh, What is Kokum Butter?

17 May

hahaha, Glad you asked. I love use using Kokum Butter (pronounced Coke-um) in everything to soaps to lip balms. But what is it? Well, It comes from the Garcinia Indica tree (that’s the botanical name) and it’s from the St. John’s Wort family. But, I like to just call it the Kokum Butter Tree. LoL


It’s  a tree that grows in the Western Ghats region of India.   The tree grows with dense glossy green leaves and produces fruits that look like small plums that are a brownish color.  Under the brownish skin is juicy white fruit with approximately  6 to 8 seeds. Supposedly, the fruit tastes yummy however I’ve never tried it so I have no clue how it tastes.

The Kokum Butter is made from the seeds of the fruit. The butter consists of up to 80% of triglycerides. Which is said to help prevent drying skin. And from what I’ve seen it certainly does. It’s one of my favorite “ALL Time” butters to use.

Soon you’ll be able to check  out our soaps with Kokum Butter here!

SUGAR = Healing?

30 Apr

I love when I find out why customers are using the products they do. I have one customer we’ll call her Blair (since I don’t want to reveal her real name.) Blair has been buying my Sweet LOVE scrub forever. She’s always bragging about it…


“Pam, you don’t understand how good it is. There is something about your scrub”

Who knew…? So one day I asked Blair why the Sugar Scrub and not the Dead Sea Salt Scrub….And she came back with Sugar is healing…

and I said “Really?”

She said “YES, and there was a study done using sugar to heal wounds”

See now that intrigued me. So I started Looking online and sure enough there have been studies saying that sugar indeed helped to heal wounds.

Basically, the gist of every article I’ve read is if you pack a wound with Sugar. The sugar will draw liquid from a wound. Bacteria need water to survive. So, no water no bacteria. Simple huh?

 Here are some links to check out… New York Times article here.  & Daily Mail UK article here.

All I can say is I think that’s amazing!

Where O’ Where have we been?

21 Apr

I know I’ve sort of been missing in action. Hope everyone had a Great EASTER! I’ve been trying to get the new Web-store up & running.  Thank God it finally happened!  YAY, We finally have  a web-store.


If you’re curious what it looks like you can see it HERE. I’ve been adding new products little by little.  Oh and since our busy season will be here very soon. I’ve been in the Soap Kitchen!

Culture Cabin(this sign comes out every time the kitchen turns into the Soap Kitchen)

I’ve been making lots of handcrafted soaps, bath and body products like sugar scrubs & *Customer Top rated LOVE Butta (body butter.)

Well, that’s the update!

back to the Soap Kitchen I go! have a GREAT DAY


 if you decide to go over to the store.



for 30% OFF

($15 Minimum Purchase expires April 30,2014)

It’s a New Day!

10 Mar

Today is a GREAT Day!

 Started making two HUGE batches of *LOVE Butta (The Best Moisturizer EVER, say customers) AND I have to admit when customers LOVE products that way  it gives me a nice warm fuzzy..

Okay back to the Butta…. So as its cooling I figured I’d let everyone know about our New Webstore.

Yep! we’ve taken the plunge and opened a Webstore.

Today is the Soft Opening!

You can see the store here.


if you’re interested in purchasing anything use this coupon code:


for 20% OFF of any $20 or more.

(expires March 12,2014)

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Life is passing at the SPEED of light!

25 Feb

Happy Tuesday!

Here on the east coast some of the snow has melted (not all) but some. 

Thank God!

But just to let you know as I’m typing this it’s snow flurrying.  ICK! I’m not sure about you but I’m in NEED of some warmth and sunshine. I think they call it SPRING! Yes, that’s what they call it Spring>>>>>

I can not wait to see the flowers pop and the leaves on trees and smell the fresh clean air. AHHHH….. it’s what I long for. In the meantime I make soaps that brighten my day. Hope they brighten yours too!     

LILAC – (in the mold)


Out of the mold:


Here’s another Lilac:




Greener Pastures1

 AND LAST, Before:

Citrus Cliantro1AFTER:


Hope you enjoyed these pics!!!! Hope you’re enjoying your day 🙂