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31 Jan


What’s your guess? ❤ to see comments below!


AND here it is…..

31 Jan

While I can’t say that I’m in with the first soap in over 2 years I can say I’m *in friend* with it. Although it didn’t come out the way I wanted it. It wasn’t a total disaster and that I’m thankful for.

I got up extra early this morning because I could NOT wait to find out how it came out. First, I took off all the covers and box. And I said well it looks great! Then I un-molded it and said “not bad” then I cut the bars and said “well, definitely not what I was hoping for but still okay.”


here’s the glorious pic!


And I’m SO happy and THANKFUL to say ALL Pre-Orders have been SOLD!


BIG Announcement coming JANUARY 1st!

2 Dec

Ahhhh, it’s already December 2nd. How did that happen? I mean really has does time fly by that quickly?

Anyway, life has gotten really stressful in a exciting & great way. Sometimes, we have to make the hardest decisions in order to move forward with the next chapter in our lives.


Come JANUARY 1st I’ll have a HUGE announcement!



Happiness = Getting rid of SOAP SCUM!

17 Nov

I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy!! Being the Soapmaker that I am I’m always using lots of Soap.

What comes with SOAP?


That dreaded chalk like substance that you just can’t get off of the tile, shower doors or the shower floor. It’s awful well I thought it was awful until I found Fabulessly Frugal.com and their fantastic tutorial about removing Soap Scum with 3 ingredients. I have to say I was skeptical but I figured it was all of 3 ingredients and a bit of my time. So, I tried it and guess what? It Works it really works! I’m  so excited I just have to tell everyone!

If I would have known how well it would work I would have taken before & after pics. Even the hubby noticed how clean and let me say Shinny the shower floor was. And the best part is you spray and walk away for about a half an hour, then come back and wipe it down. That’s it!

So you ask, what’s the recipe?

You can click here to see the original blog post  from Fabulessly Frugal.com  or keep reading and I share their recipe!


1 cup of Vinegar mixed w/ 1 tbsp of cornstarch heated in the microwave for approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Add 2 tbsp of liquid dish soap to a sprayer bottle.

Then pour the vinegar-cornstarch solution to the sprayer bottle. Shake. Now you’re ready to spray and get rid of that dreaded SCUM!

Don’t forget to tell everyone even your cleaning person!

I (P.S. I Love Soap Co.) made the NEWS!

11 Jun

The beginning of the Farmers Market has begun. It’s a brand new year and this year we’re decided to do two markets. The Boonton Farmers Market – every Sat between 8:30 & 2 and the Pequannock Farmers Market – every Thursday between 2 & 7. It’s already been a lot of fun. I Love when customers come right up to the table look around and say ” okay, what’s new?” It just makes my day……

But, not only have the Farmers Markets opened but The Daily Record (local newspaper) did an awesome article about my journey  and my soaps! If you want to know why and how my business happened,   You can see the article here.

I’ve been incredibly busy and inspired this year in a great way! What inspires you?


14 Mar

Ahhhh, a few days ago it was so nice and warm. I was actually able to sit outside and feel the sun on my skin. It felt incredibly  delicious!  AND then boom the bottom dropped on the temperature AND back to single digits AND winds we went. I don’t know many people that are excited about this weather. Ahhhh, for me I NEED warmth and sunshine. I NEED to hear the birds chirping through the open windows. I NEED to feel the warm fresh air coming through the windows. I NEED to be able to barbeque without a coat on. AHHHHHH…. Will it ever end? 

I can,


In the meantime I figured since it’s FRIDAY and it’s still cold it’s a great time to have a *SALE.



in our STORE at checkout and receive 20% off of a $15 purchase or more. (Mothers Day is coming…)


Life is passing at the SPEED of light!

25 Feb

Happy Tuesday!

Here on the east coast some of the snow has melted (not all) but some. 

Thank God!

But just to let you know as I’m typing this it’s snow flurrying.  ICK! I’m not sure about you but I’m in NEED of some warmth and sunshine. I think they call it SPRING! Yes, that’s what they call it Spring>>>>>

I can not wait to see the flowers pop and the leaves on trees and smell the fresh clean air. AHHHH….. it’s what I long for. In the meantime I make soaps that brighten my day. Hope they brighten yours too!     

LILAC – (in the mold)


Out of the mold:


Here’s another Lilac:




Greener Pastures1

 AND LAST, Before:

Citrus Cliantro1AFTER:


Hope you enjoyed these pics!!!! Hope you’re enjoying your day 🙂

Finally done!

6 Feb

I have finally finished the

*Wormie in Dirt soap*

I have to say they look more realistic than ever! and smell that way too. Sometimes things do happen for a reason.  

Worm1 What do you think????

btw, If you’re interested in purchasing one it’s SOLD Exclusively  on Opensky! and if you’re not on Opensky what are you waiting for? There are so many unique and different products from real people…. Hope to see ya there 🙂

Did they say more SNOW?

4 Feb

O’ yes they did. And to tell you the truth there is nothing worse than having to shovel. IK! That’s really one thing I could do without. Yesterday, after I was done shoveling I started going through the soaps I NEED to sell (to be able to restock for the spring)


I have two boxes with 20 mixed soaps in each. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these soaps other than the fact they are almost out of season. 

Each box is $39 and includes shipping. Wow! that’s under $2 a bar and it includes shipping. Unheard of!  What a great way to try our soaps if you’ve never had the opportunity because money is a factor. Or maybe you LOVE handcrafted soaps but are unable to afford them right now.

You’ll have to act quickly though I only have 2 boxes. Once there gone there gone!

If you are interested please email us at,


Super Sunday is….

2 Feb

This is a first for PS I Love Soap Co. What is the first you ask? Holly (sweetest girl ever) from The County Chick blog asked if I’d sponsor a giveaway for the 14 Days of Love Giveaway, How romantic is that? (here’s the link:  http://tinyurl.com/ohuy6vn ) and if I’d send her a bar also. I had to really think things over but I decided to sponsor the giveaway and send her the bar of soap.

She used the soap and has written the most awesome blog post! You can read it here.

THANK YOU, Holly!!!!!!!