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Looking for a Mechanic’s Soap Recipe?

11 Sep

 The number ONE search on this  blog is for a Mechanics Soap recipe.


So, I’ve decided to give you what you want. If you have any questions about the recipe feel free to contact us at psilovesoapco@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


If you have never made a batch of soap before please take the time and read SMART SOAP MAKING  by Anne L. Watson and actually make a first batch!

Please make sure you read LYE SAFETY and run “ANY recipe” you find over the net through a LYE CALCULATOR!

Okay, I said what I needed now onto the recipe!


Olive Oil   331grams

Coconut Oil  284 grams

Palm Oil  189 grams

Avocado Oil 142 grams

Shea Butter 142 grams

Castor Oil 46 grams

Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) 157 grams

Water 350 grams

Add these at trace….

1/4 cup Fine Pumice

1/4 cup Coffee Grinds

 Try this Mechanics Soap recipe too.

Have FUN with it!

You could add any other number of ingredients for the grit. Try ground nut shells, shredded loofah the possibilities are endless.


What are your Favorite Fall Recipes?

15 Oct

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Here in New Jersey we’ve had some quirky weather over the weekend.

It started off with the coldest Saturday morning that I haven’t felt in a year.

Ahhhhhh, Cold and refreshing that’s of coarse if you’re not standing at the Boonton Farmers’ market @ 7:30 am setting up. LOL. it did warm up on Sunday though


it got me thinking about Fall recipes.

I have 2 favorites! One of coarse is a soap recipe and the other is an absolutely fantastic Apple Walnut Bread w/ a streusel topping. (if you like that type of thing)

I’ll start off with the Apple Walnut Bread

(preheat oven 350*)



2 cups apples

2 cups sugar

3 cups of flour

3/4 tsp baking soda

3 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg (freshly ground)

3 eggs

2 sticks melted margarine

3 tsp Vanilla

1 tsp salt

3/4 cup chopped Walnuts

1/4 cup white raisins (optional)


1/2 cup flour

4 Tbsp Butter

4 Tbsp Sugar

1 1/2 to 2 tsp Cinnamon

Mix together to make a Crumble !

Putting it together:

1. Combine Sugar, eggs, margarine & apples.

2. Add ALL dry ingredients mix until moistened.

3. Divide mixture into 2 loaf pans & add Streusel to top

4. Bake for 1 Hour


Now onto the Soap recipe….If you have never made Cold Processed Soap before I suggest reading a book like:

Smart Soapmaking

Don’t forget to read  LYE SAFTEY and remember to ALWAYS use a LYE CALCULATOR!

(I can make mistakes too!)

I love this Salt Bar recipe.

Alaea Hawaiian Red Salt Bar


Distilled Water: 15 ounces

*pinch silk threads diluted into the lye solution

Lye:  164 grams

Olive oil: 397 grams

Coconut Oil: 341 grams

Palm Oil: 341 grams

Shea Butter: 56 grams

1 pound of Alaea Red Hawaiian Salt

Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil of your liking!

Coloring of you choice too.

Putting it together….

1 –  Add the Lye to the water (set aside to cool)

2 – Melt Coconut & Palm Oils together (I usually stick it into the microwave for 3 mins – if you do just make sure it doesn’t boil you just want to melt the oils)

3 – Add the Shea Butter to the warm oils  – dissolve the Shea Butter slowly into the warm oils

4 – Once the Shea Butter is Melted ADD the Olive Oil

5 – Add the Lye solution to the Oils

6 – blend to a light trace

7 – take approximately 3 to 3 1/2 cups out the mixture and place it in two other cups.

8 – add coloring to one of the cups

9 – Now, you are going to have to work quickly!

10 – Add fragrance or essential oil to the 3 mixtures

11 – Add Salt to the original container (it has most of the mixture)

12- Now pour 1 – 3rd of the salt mixture into the mold

13- then pour (stream) some of the colored mixture & uncolored unsalted mixture on top

14 – Then Add more of the Salt Mixture

15- do that until you’re finished with All 3 containers.

16 –  Cover & insulate – I usually un-mold and cut within 3 to 4 hours. That way I avoid cutting crumbly soap and getting aggravated. You can leave it longer. If you decide to un-mold early make sure to where gloves as the lye is still there!

HAVE QUESTIONS? Shoot me an email:)

It Tuseday! Time for updates…..

3 Jul


I’ve been so busy these days it’s overwhelming. But, I’m loving it!  Can you believe the 4th of July is here!

Whew! Feels like a Sale…when you spend $10.00 or more at www.psilovesoapco.com you’ll receive $1.50 off your purchase of $10. or more.

Enter Coupon CODE : july2102     HURRY ends July 6,2102.


—Okay, now that I’ve let you know about the sale time let me give you the updates. The Farmers Market has been a lot of FUN! Lots of Great people.

I’m learning that customers over the computer like different things than customers at the market! I’m fascinated by it! Maybe it has to do with location? I don’t know but I do know they like different things! Which is not bad it’s just different.

—-I’ve also been trying out different recipes for Shampoo bars. The problem I always have with shampoo bars is that they make your hair feel as if there is a coating over each strand..IK! I’m not into that. I like a Clean feeling product!

Yesterday was a Shampoo Bar trial day! I was  having no luck with my own recipes so I found one here. It was a good recipe! I have a lot of tweaking to do. We’ll see. I’m thinking of adding avocado oil or silk to it to see if that helps……….

I’m hoping to do that soon…….I’ll let you see my updates!

—Here are some pics of some new soaps on the drying racks as I type:)

Cool Water (for Men)










Bergamot & Grapefruit (YUM)









“FUN Monkey Farts”








Have a GREAT 4th of July!!!!!! Independence Day!

YAY! it’s the first full day of Summer…Good day for a 3 oil cold process soap recipe!

21 Jun

This is one of my favorite seasons….Although, I will say here in Jersey it’s  humid and hot! It’s kind of icky! But, other than that I love this weather.

Anyway, I figured today would be a Great day for a 3 oil soap recipe. Quick and simple and you only need 5 ingredients! But, before that I’d like to show you this……..My newest creation:)

Bazooka Bubble Gum cold processed soap!








Okay, since it’s so Hot I’ll cut through the chase and give the recipe! Have a Question, Please contact me:)

****Make sure and put this recipe or any other recipe through a Lye Calculator and Read Lye Saftey!****


Distilled water – 15 ounces

Lye – 6 ounces

Coconut Oil – 14 ounces

Hemp-seed Oil  – 13 ounces

Olive Oil – 13 ounces

Did you know? Mango Seed Butter………

30 May

Happy Wednesday! Hope your day and week are going Well:) Mine’s going somewhat slowly……but isn’t that what happens whenever there is a Holiday?

Did you know?

Mango Seed Butter:

Mango Seed Butter

is  rich in beta carotene, essential fatty acids and skin-loving vitamins that include A & E. It’s  ideal for helping to treat dry skin. It also protects your skin  from future dryness.

“my” Favorite Mechanic Soap recipe!

29 May

Mechanic Soap recipe has to be one of the most searched recipes ever. So, being that it’s after the Holiday….belated THANK YOU to All the military out there! Because without you “WE” wouldn’t be who we are today! THANK YOU!

I’ve decided to post my favorite Mechanic Soap recipe! When I started making soap years my husband needed something for his icky hands. He’s a mechanic and not one of the “new” mechanics that has pretty hands because they use gloves. Nope, he’s the old fashion type.  Down & dirty!


FYI – Did you know you could?



Don’t forget to READ LYE SAFETY and use a LYE CALCULATOR! ALWAYS!!!!!






Here’s the recipe:

Distilled Water 15.2 ounces

Lye 5.6 ounces

Olive Oil 13.3 ounces

Palm Kernel Oil 13.3 Ounces

Mango Seed Butter 6.7 ounces

Shea Butter 6.7 ounces


These you add at trace before sticking into the mold.

Pumice (fine) 1 tablespoon

Loofah (Shredded) 1 tablespoon


If you have any Questions feel FREE to Contact me:) I won’t bite:>




PART 2 – Beginners Guide to Making COLD PROCESS SOAP!

11 May

First, Hope everyone had a Great Week!

Can you believe it’s FRIDAY!???? I can’t where did the time go…..Well, I said I’d be back with Part 2 — and guess what? I’m back! Although, I’m missing a few pics because I kept forgetting to snap the camera. When I get them I’ll update! Ready!!!!Let’s go……..

Before anything ALWAYS! I can not stress this enough..ALWAYS  use a LYE CALCULATOR and read LYE SAFETY! Even with my recipes…..Sometimes, I make mistakes too! as someone brought to my attention this past week…

First, Put on your long sleeve shirt, Safety goggles and protective gloves and let’s go.

1. Carefully measure the LYE. (If you have static, take a dryer sheet and go around the top of the lye container and container you’re putting the lye into)

“Carefully” measure LYE

2. Measure the Distilled Water.

(will update with a pic soon)

3. SLOWLY & CAREFULLY Add the LYE to the Water……NEVER add the water to the Lye–It’s ALWAYS ADD the LYE TO WATER!!!!

Carefully and Slowly Add the LYE to the Water.

4. As you Slowly add the Lye to the Distilled Water it will become Cloudy! When it is thoroughly mixed you will not feel any grit. It will feel as if you are stirring water.

Stir the Lye Solution until you feel no grit.

5. Set the Lye solution in a safe place to cool. Put it somewhere where the kids or animals or you can’t knock it over!

6. Then measure the Olive Oil.

Measure the Oils.

7. and the Coconut Oil.

Measure the Coconut Oil.

8. Now, take the Coconut Oil and place it into the microwave. Put it on for 1 to 3 minutes. Making sure not to boil it. You just want to melt it.

Place coconut oil into the microwave. Heat for 1 to 3 minutes. Do not Boil!

9. Mix the Coconut & Olive oils together.

Mix the Coconut Oil & Olive Oils together!

10. Check the temperatures of the Lye & Oils. Should be between 90 to 100 degrees. If it’s too warm let it continue to cool.

Check temperatures of the Oils and the Lye. (90 to 100 degrees)

11. Carefully Add the Lye Solution to the Distilled Water. (ALWAYS add LYE to WATER! never the other way around)

Carefully ADD the LYE Solution to the Distilled Water….

12. Take the stick blender and immerse it into the oils & lye solution. Tap it onto the bottom of the container to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Stick Blend

13. Start Blending……

Start Blending…..

14. Keep Blending…..until you reach a trace

Keep Blending…

15. Here’s what a Trace Looks like. I tried to get a good shot. See how the mixture leaves a trail behind? (If you have any questions please ASK)

Here’s trace…See where those lines are?


16. Now, it’s time to pour it into the mold. ( this would also be the time to add fragrance or coloring)

Pour the solution into the mold.

17.  Now, place of plastic wrap over the top.  (to be updated with pic)


18. Now, it’s time to insulate. Take a towel and go around the outside of the mold. Place a piece of cardboard or wood on top the mold. Place another towel on top of the cardboard or wood. (to be updated with pic)

19. Now, it’s time to let it do it’s thing……Place it somewhere where it will not be disturbed for 10 to 12 hours…


Next week  PART 3! Have a Great day!!!!!!!! and hope you’ve learned something:)

I Had a Guinness Stout & Hops Soap recipe kind of weekend!

30 Apr

First let me start off with the Farmer’s market updates….We finally got our canopy see:


And we got the Banner!


I have to say I kind of like it (the banner.) Of course what else would I say? The picture doesn’t really do it justice! It’s a simple yet powerful banner……That you can see from a mile away. Makes me happy:)

With all of the running around we’ve been doing I thought it would be fitting to make a Guinness Stout and hops soap. This can be done either Cold Process or Hot Process — I prefer to do it Hot! But you could do it whichever way you’d like. One of these days when I get some time I’ll actually go over the process to making soap……But for now here’s the Guinness Stout & hops recipe!

This recipe produces lots of lather, bubbles and moisture….It’s awesome!!!

Make sure you read LYE SAFETY and always run this and any other soap recipe through a LYE CALCULATOR!

Makes 2.5 lbs.


Boiled Guinness Stout (or any other beer) 388 grams

(When you boil the beer it will release the bubbles because you do not want bubbles)

Lye 164 grams

Palm Oil 363 grams

Olive Oil 363 grams

Coconut Oil 363 grams

Castor Oil 45 grams

1/3 cup whole leaf hops

2 to 3 tbsp powdered hops

This is how you put it together….

  1. Boil the Beer

    Boil Beer Until it looks like this....

  2. Measure the Oils.

    Measure Oils

  3. Melt the Oils. ( I put mine in a Crock-pot)

    Melt the Oils

  4. Measure the Lye.

    Measure the Lye.

  5. Add the Lye to the Beer. SLOWLY and stirring as you go….

    Add Lye to Beer.

  6. Add the Lye solution to the Oils. Take your stick blender and Blend!

    Add Lye Solution to Oils and Stick Blend.

  7. Blend until you reach thick Trace.

    Continue blending until you reach thick trace!

  8. Then put the lid on and cook. (I leave it on Low) It will separate and look a little wrong but it’s not. It will eventually look like Vaseline. When it does pick some up between your fingers. At that point I usually do the zap test. If it zaps then I let it cook more if it doesn’t it’s time to add the hops!
  9. Add the Hops! (I use 2 different kinds)

    Pellet Hops - Need to be crushed into powder..

    Whole leaf hops ( I cut them up some before adding)

  10. When you are finished adding the hops it’s time to put it into molds. Then I the soap cool off and then I UN-mold.
  11. Here’s the Finished Product!

    Guinness Stout & Hops Soap

Had a Palm Free soap week….

13 Apr
Thank God it’s Friday!!!! Wahoo!!!!!
I’ve been soooo busy this week I can’t believe it. Here’s my newly listed soap on Etsy: Pink Himalayan Salt soap check it out I have a 10% sale going on just enter APRILSHOWERS at checkout.
Anyway, thought I show you something I did over the week. This is what I call “The Dino Palm Free Soap” and it all started like this……….
I measured the oils:
Then I added the Lye Solution:
Took my stick blender and blended:
Then I separated the mixture into 3 measuring bowls and added coloring:
After mixing the coloring, I started pouring into the mold:
Added a layer of Hawaiian Black Lava Salt:
Continued adding more soap then I took a squirt bottle and dotted the entire top of the Palm Free Soap:
AND drum roll Please!!!!!! Check this out!
I am so proud of myself. Do you see the bumps on top? Don’t they look like a dinosaur? This is the recipe I used to make it: (don’t forget to run this and any other recipe through a LYE CALCULATOR) and make sure you know about LYE Safety before starting!
Here’s the recipe: (makes a 2.5 lb. batch)
Distilled Water 430 grams
Lye 155.0 grams
Olive Oil 624. grams
Coconut Oil 227. grams
Sweet Almond Oil  227. grams
Cocoa Butter 57. grams

***Important LYE Safety*** Read this before attempting Cold Process Soap!

23 Mar

Are you new to the Cold Process Soap Making world?

Then I would suggest first you read either Smart Soapmaking by Anne Watson or The Everything Soap Making Book by Alicia Grasso.

Okay, so why is Lye safety important? Well how important are your eyes or skin? Lye is extremely corrosive. Years ago —I’m not sure if it still in use now—but people used to clean out clogged drains with Lye……That is how powerful this chemical is.

Lye is activated by water. Meaning it’s a dry chemical but once water hits it. It changes and starts to heat up. Water could mean sweat, humid day any type of moisture in the air…. This is why when you work with Lye you have to be extremely careful.

Safety Goggles, Long Sleeves, Long Pants & Chemical Resistant Gloves are ALL a MUST! No exceptions!

—Make sure you have Poison Control ph# handy.

***For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222****

—If you somehow ingest this chemical DO NOT Induce vomiting. Instead drink water and CALL 911.

—If you accidentally get some into your eyes…If you wear contacts get them out of your eyes and immediately start rinsing your eyes with water… Get Medical treatment!

Never use Aluminum with Lye as it will eat right through it. Instead use STAINLESS STEEL or PLASTIC that can withstand HIGH HEAT!

If you have any questions, please contact me!