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It’s time for a……

11 Mar

Well it’s been weeks since I’ve made and taken orders for soap. Just the other day when I was working in the yard pulling out vines pricky vines with large,large,large thorns (ouch!) I was thinking I need to give some updates because I’m sure everyone wants to know whats going on.

I have been faithfully turning and checking on the batches of soap. I want to make sure when you receive your orders that the soap is that long lasting bar you remember. I want to make sure you are 100% happy. Because if you’re not happy either am I ❤

Drum roll please!!!!!

The soap should be done and ready to ship the:

week of April 10th!

In the meantime if you have ANY questions you know you can always FB message me or Email me @ psilovesoapco@gmail.com